YOP 2020 - 2021

Here we are...another YOP!  So exciting as always!  Every year I think I will get more organized and get more done and this year is no different.  Hope is a wonderful thing!
I have categories and a long list of projects I want to make in each one but for now, I am only listing 1 or 2 projects for each category and then as I finish them they will be replaced by a new project which could be an old WIP and most probably should will be!  So here goes....get on your mark, get set and GO!!!  Happy YOP 2020-2021!

ADVENT  (12 or 25 gifts that my daughter and I exchange, we haven't set the rules for this year yet) 
WIP    1.  Dahla Horse pin cushion - This was part of Stitch Maynia 2020 so it is a WIP  It is a purchased pattern from Helen Philipps on Etsy.  My daughter has a collection of Dahla horses
FINISHED    2.  Cell Phone Cover - This is from the book Boho Crochet published by Martingale Press featuring a variety of designers.  Advent gift.

     1. This is a Buttermilk Basin pattern that I have had but have not started......

     1.  Mexican metal tray - you'll  have to wait and see what I do with this!  I have 5 of them so if it works out I may make more.
  I picked these up at a garage sale a few years back as I loved the bright colors.

 WIP    1. Candy Kisses Scarf (Ravelry) plus there is a free pattern on her website and a You Tube video

    1.  WIP Jolly July - Chicken Joy This is  a WIP leftover from last Christmas

    2. WIP Stitch Maynia 2020 #1 -  The Luck of the Irish; another WIP

     1.  WIP This is a WIP also........

     1.  WIP Amy's Frida Kahlo basket - WIP

     1.  WIP Brill Shawl from Pom Pom Quarterly, Issue 8: Spring 2014

     1.  I finally have all my supplies for this endeavor so I should be all set to go on this new project!  I love the pattern!

     1.   I know and you know that I have other quilting projects on the go but I am desperately in need of a quilt for my bed.  The one that is on it now I won in a raffle about 10 years ago and it is falling apart.  I have made quilts for others but never for my own bed!  Duh!  I think it's time and I have all the materials.........this will be a summer quilt and hopefully I can make others for the different seasons but for now this one is enough.  Lots of 30's fabrics which I adore!

     1. WIP This is a WIP  that I am sure some of you will remember.  I need to sew more strips together and get busy!  I also need to start cutting more strips.  I love this rug and how it's turning out.

     1.  Cobblers apron like this one and need to make my own pattern

     1.  Rose City Rollers on Ravelry

FINISHEDSurprise, surprise!  I have a finish for this week too.  Now, don't laugh but I started this 4 years ago and all it needed to be finished was 3 buttons sewn on the back!  That's all and it sat there waiting for 4 years!  Shameful! In my defense sometimes things get "buried" around here.  But here it is!  Some of you will remember this too......it will be the first make to go into my new crafts room whenever that is done! LOL!

That's all folks!  I've got to get busy on all these projects!
Happy Trails!!!

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