Thursday, August 13, 2020

Treasures for sure!!! Thank you USPS!

 I got everything at once yesterday it seemed although I try to stagger my orders to protect my pocket book.

First of all I have a mystery I'm hoping someone can solve.  There is a scrub fern tree growing in my yard and I noticed this yellow mass on it that seemed to attract butterflies.  Does anyone know what it is?  I've never seen anything like it.  Is it seeds?  Blossoms?  Oh!  I think maybe it is a Mimosa tree as they have furry blossoms like what I'm seeing in this picture.  I answered my own question! LOL!

 From Thrift Books I got the 2nd book in the Nancy Drew series; The Hidden Staircase..........

 A quilting book I have looked at for a very long time............

 The rest is from Fat Quarter Shop........

another book I've had my eye on for several years.............

Some project for my Prim project........

and one for my Mistletoe Lane project..........

floss for Mistletoe Lane.........which will be my Christmas project or at least one of them........

some cross stitch fabric........
and some cute charm squares for the Christmas season...........very vintage!

Here's the ham and beans from last night that I forgot to post and the chocolate chip cookies.........
I hope you are all safe and well and have plenty of whatever you need!
Happy Trails!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Bad storms in Iowa and all over!

 My family lives in Iowa and thank goodness they are all okay but they had some bad storms!  It wreaked havoc all over Cedar Rapids where they live and Nebraska, Des Moines, Chicago and Northern Illinois.where I have relatives also.  They have no power and couldn't get cell phone service either for's sporadic.   Plus they don't have a chain saw so they have been sawing things by hand.

All over Cedar Rapids it's the seems no one was spared although some had damaged roofs and Amy and Tracy are waiting for the insurance adjuster to come inspect the roof.  Tracy had just returned to work for his first day and they were on the way home when the storm hit.  They made it inside and they all went to the basement.  Amy said they could hear things hitting the house.

This is the top of a big pine tree in their front yard that got sheared off.

  Thank goodness everyone is alright.  I think there was only 1 fatality and that was in Indiana.  

Amy said they were told not to expect power for a week so they are cooking outside with wood as there was a run on charcoal and ice but I think they have plenty of TP! PTL!

It rained here yesterday and this morning so I made a pot of ham and beans in the crock pot, made some chocolate chip cookies and did 2 loads of laundry.  I'll be back tomorrow with some treasures I got in the mail today!

Happy Trails!!!

Monday, August 10, 2020

It's Monday! What are you reading, watching and/or listening to?

 I don't think I blogged about books last week but if I'm repeating myself I apologize.  I finished several books recently............this one which was not very well written and for a self-reliant woman she sure had a lot of men helping her

Of course, I loved this one from one of my favorite mystery authors

This was an excellent book, well written and it was hard to put down...very good!  Thank you to Lavender Dreamer for recommending it.

This was my non-fiction and it was written by a minister about prayer.  It was very down to earth and actually reflected my views so of course I liked it! LOL!

 I'm still reading my Backwoods Country magazine........I've read quite a bit about sourdough and then how to build an outhouse and the next article is on guns.  I like to learn something new every day or many things..............

These are the books I am reading fiction...............another recommendation by my friend, Lavender Dreamer

and this is my non-fiction...............

So far they are both very good! As for t.v. mostly podcasts on You Tube of Misty Pursel of Luminous Fibers and Suzy Reno and some other Floss Tubers.   

I hope you had a good Monday.  I have done pretty well since Mondays are pretty busy days after resting over the weekend.  I got some ironing done and I need to wash a load of clothes yet, water outside, vacuum and do my 15 minute cleanup.

Here's a little humor for you......


Happy Trails!!!

Sunday, August 9, 2020

YOP Week #6

 I have 2 finishes!!!  I've caught up to my goal of 1 finish per week!  We'll see how long this lasts! LOL!  I finished my Liberty cross stitch which was  a SAL with Jeanna of Slamminthescreendoor blog.

This was a fun stitch.   Although you can see the green fairly well in this photo, in real life it is not as bright.  I would use a brighter green if I had thought of it.  Also, I used 'chalkboard' Aida cloth and it is more charcoal gray where I would prefer a black.   Just personal preference but FYI's in case you are planning on stitching it.

 My other finish is the little Dala horse for one of my daughter's advent gifts.  This cross stitch and the one above still need to be Final Finished but that counts as another 'finish' and is a separate project.

I worked on my first sock a bit and finished the cuff and have started the leg.........

I also went down another rabbit hole this week.  All of a sudden I have gotten enamored with cross stitch samplers.  In all my years I have never been interested in them at all.  Something happened and now I want to stitch samplers!  I could not justify buying one and most of them are large so I ran across a free little one on Blackbird Designs and decided  that would satisfy my wanting to delve into the world of samplers; for now anyway! LOL!

Here's my progress.........

I received my silk floss for my Gathering Berries pattern by Misty Pursel and it is a dream to stitch with but this will probably be the only time I do as it is very expensive!

I received more treasures this week too.  In the cross stitch world there's a saying when you buy cross stitch patterns that "no pattern should travel alone".  So, they didn't! LOL!  Here's some haul.....

Remember when I made the little ornament of the little boy skating last year?  Well, it was a Prairie Schooler pattern that was no longer in  print so I did my best to copy it.  Since then they have reprinted it!  So, I bought it..........

I love this pattern as it reminds me of when my children were cute!

Then "because no pattern should travel alone", I got this one for Halloween.......this will be my Halloween stitch for this year...Misty stitched this one and as in all cross stitch, if you thought it was gorgeous on the pattern photo, it's always prettier once it is stitched.

Since Halloween is like my favorite holiday (no cooking or gift giving or house cleaning wonder it's my favorite!) I decided there would be 2 Halloween stitches.  Mostly because I couldn't make up my mind.  This one was gifted to me.......

This was also done in silk floss but it would take about $60- $80 worth so I'm pretty sure I'll be using a less expensive floss! LOL!  BTW, I dyed my own fabric for both the sampler and Gathering Berries.  I have more fabric to dye and I really enjoy that process.

 So, that's all for this week.  I did work on Candy Kisses and the Brill shawl but there's not much difference from last week.  I've been watching a lot of Floss Tube videos and this week I watched mainly Susie Reno.....she has so many tips and tricks and she also quilts and travels and does lots of interesting things.  She's from Minnesota and they have a cabin up North too.  She's a respiratory therapist so she is keeping busy!  Respiratory Therapists are in high demand nowadays.  Keep her in your prayers along with everyone and anyone who has to deal with the public much less Covid patients.

Stay safe and well everyone!

Happy Trails!!! 




Thursday, August 6, 2020

Lawn mowed and it's August!

 How did August slip up on me?  I even noticed some leaves turning.....the real early ones which all of a sudden I cannot remember the name of.  Sassafras?
 I was in my pj's last night getting ready to fix my dinner when the mower man called me and said he was on his way over!  What?  So, not one to question a gift horse...I threw my clothes back on and moved my car.  I left a blank check on the porch and told him so.  He fixed it pretty fast and only charged me $30!  PTL!!!  So, today I finished mowing and I also cleaned out my freezer.  I need to go out and water as the rain has been postponed...those silly weather people.
I've been watching cross stitch podcasts and all of a sudden I am wanting to stitch a sampler.  I have never been interested in them before but now I am.....especially ones with birds!  I have my eye on this one.........isn't it pretty?  Some samplers are huge and take years to finish.  I don't think I have that much time. LOL!

  I need to go out and water my plants now and wind down.  Here's a bit of humor for you........especially since I cleaned out my frig today..............

Happy Trails!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Nothing good to blog about..........

I've not been blogging because there just hasn't been much good to blog about.  I've been arguing with the "pool" company and now I've submitted a complaint to Amazon.  The pool that I bought the grands cost $135 not counting shipping which was about another $30 I think.  They asked for pictures.  Well, my daughter was smart and at the time it started leaking she took 2 videos so I sent them.  They said they couldn't open them which I said was strange since my daughter sent them to me and I could open them.  They asked for still pictures so she took them and I forwarded them on to the company.  They came back and said they would reimburse me 10% not counting shipping.  That's $13.50.  I did not answer them back but filed a complaint with Amazon.  The pictures and video clearly showed that the break was right on the seam.  There was no puncture.
Then I went to mow today and the mower caught the netting that I had put over the beans and it sucked it into the mower, tore my beans off in the process and killed the mower.  I can start it but the mower won't engage because the netting is all wrapped around the blades.  So, I called my mower man and he will be over in a few Friday when it's supposed to rain.  I was so happy to mow because it;s in the 70's.  After Friday it is going back to the 90's. 
The wall paper is falling down and my planner is a big disappointment....I wonder what my horoscope was this week?  I hate to complain as I know I am still so fortunate but when it comes all at once it builds up and by the 3rd or 4th thing I want to throw in the towel.  My motivation and happy-go-lucky attitude goes right out the window.  I'll be fine but it sure takes the wind out of your sails.
I did have a little good fortune if you want to call it that.  I had ordered a package of organic English muffins when i made my grocery order to Walmart and they said they had to substitute Thomas's and I said that was fine.  When I got home I discovered they had given me 6 packages of Thomas's English muffins.

I checked and I had only ordered 1 organic English muffin package for $4.56.  They only charged me .76 each for the Thomas muffins (I know they are more than that!) but .76 x 6 = $4.56
Not sure how they worked that out but I have some muffins to freeze!
I also bought another hummingbird feeder as the other one leaked.......
I have been cleaning and clearing and organizing so I haven't totally wasted my time but it has felt a bit disappointing this week.  I have some treasures coming soon, I hope.  I need a little "pick-me-up".
I hope your week is going better than mine.  But I have food and a roof over my head and a bed to sleep in and I am healthy so far so I need to remind myself of that.
Happy Trails!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2020

YOP Week #5

Week #5 already but I feel like I am off to a good start.  I didn't do so well with Jolly July; still working on Chicken Joy but that's okay.  Liberty is coming along well and I hope to finish this week...not a final finish but a finish of the cross stitching.  It's been a fun stitch so far.
I did have a finish this week but I am still behind one finish as I am trying for one finish per week.  This was a mandala pattern from my Boho Crochet book and they changed colors every row just about but I wanted something simpler.  I think I still prefer the doily pattern I made last year although I do like the scalloped edge on this one.  The double crochets for each row and the counting at the end of each row were a bit boring yet you couldn't watch t.v. because you had to count all the time.
I am showing you my Candy Kiss shawl as I have finished the first skein and started on the second and last skein so I am halfway..............I do love the colors of this yarn for sure.....

I'm also halfway finished with the edge of the Brill shawl and I love working on this.  I can't watch t.v. with this one either but I am not bored with it at all...........I just love this edging and the Quince and Company yarn.

I've been doing a little cleaning and decorating this week...........

and then experimenting with some fairy lights in my newly papered entryway.........
 That's all for this week.........for this next week I will continue to work on Brill and Candy Kisses.  I hope to finish Liberty and something else to catch up on my finishes.  I hope you had a good week and that you have plans for another one this coming week!
Happy Trails!!!