Thursday, September 22, 2022

Happy Fall!!!


This is my favorite time of year!  the leaves are starting to fall and although it was 97 yesterday, it is only 68 today!  Yippee!!!

I got some treasures in the mail today too........some floss for some Fall stitching......

more floss bags for organizing.....


.....and a harvest table runner pattern

I also picked the last of the flowers...........I have no idea what those pink ones are.  Does anyone know?  They come  up every year...

I am so sorry I have not been around to visit.  It was another crazy week!  Monday I spent watching the Queen's funeral and then caught up on chores on Tuesday and yesterday the water softener started leaking  so I spent the day trying to find a plumber.  He can't come for a week but he did tell me how to bypass the softner and it has stopped leaking....whew!  I have been back in the craft room and at least the sofa bed is now accessible for when the grands come at Thanksgiving.  My financial "people" are merging with another so there is "paperwork" and document signatures etc. to take care of and phone calls.  Tomorrow I have a doctor appointment and Monday I'll be gone all day at the eye doctor.  Junk day pickup is coming up on October 3rd and I have lots to  get rid of.  It's a busy time of year!  Plus, there's outdoor chores to do now that it has cooled off.  I will be by to visit as soon as possible!  I miss knowing what you all are up to!

 Happy Trails!!!

Sunday, September 18, 2022

YOP Week #12 Year 12

Since the temps have cooled the flowers are doing much better!  Evidently they don't like the extreme heat either.  But  unfortunately this coming week we will be back in the 90's.

As for "making all the things" it was a good week.  I have a final finish.........

This is the back..........

I finished my Sampler September still needs to be "final finished".....

I tea dyed the fabric for the Halloween ornaments and it turned out darker than I thought it would but I'm going with's my's the witch but it's hard to tell at this stage......

Since I finished the sampler I got a new of the tomato pin keeps.....I am using 36 count even weave fabric...the smallest I've ever stitched..........

I worked on my Star XS which is my focus piece.........when I finish that star I will be 1/2 way finished as there are 16 total and it is full coverage...........

I have been crocheting 1 granny square each evening while I watch the news/podcasts....I think there are 22 but I need more I know that.............

I spent a good deal of time organizing my flosses and putting them in floss bags.....I had a package of 100 bags and I had to order more! LOL!  They hang on an old belt hanger I've had for years.  The new bags should be here this week so I can  "carry on".

Speaking of "carrying on". I have watched everything I could about the Queen's passing.  I am so sad for her family and all who mourn her loss.  She was one of the greatest women that ever lived.  She gave her entire life to her people.  She will be greatly missed by me and many others here in the U.S. too. To my U.K. friends, I am so sorry for your loss.  I will be watching the funeral tomorrow.

This week was another healthy/feeling great week and I was able to get much done again.  I continue working on the craft room.  I was able to clean out all my garden containers and move my benches into the garage.  I spread some gravel I had in the front and cleared out the tomato and pepper plants as I can't eat them anyway.  I made more potato soup and I made pudding and also had ketchup on my scrambled eggs!  I'm getting brave with my food choices! LOL!  I keep packing up more books and things for the Thrift Store and we have Junk Day October 3rd where you can throw out anything and they will pick it up....except for electronics and paint.  I have lots to get rid of....yay!

This week my goals for YOP are  to final finish something....I am planning on one per week of final finishes.  I will keep working on Star XS and Halloween ornaments for the grands and the granny squares.  I would like to make another Scrappy Star and a project bag but we will see.  

I hope you had a great week and another one on the horizon!

Happy Trails!!!

Monday, September 12, 2022

YOP Week #11 Year 12

 It's tomato season!  Actually, since I can't eat tomatoes I decided to stitch them's some new patterns that I will be making in the future..........these are tomato themed pin keeps................

here's a needle book and scissor fob pattern...........

This is a free pattern from Colorado Cross Stitcher.  She has lots more cute free patterns.  

I've been busy cleaning and clearing.  I did lots of errands this past week; out to the highway for gas, Thrift Store to drop off a car load, took a big container and more of change to the bank and got over $200, did grocery shopping and today I did some yard work.  The temps are really nice now and it was 50 this it!  I've been cleaning the crafts room and spent the afternoon yesterday listening to the Bear's football game on the radio and they won!  Unfortunately, the Iowa Hawkeyes did not on Saturday.  While listening to the games I worked on organizing my embroidery floss.  I  have decided not to use the cards that you wrap with floss.  It's too time consuming and they come off the cards all wrinkled.  I'm going to use floss bags that have a place where you can write the number.  My hand-dyed flosses are put on rings along with the bags.  They're divided into several number ranges.  I may decide later to organize by color but I haven't made up my mind yet.

Here are my hand dyed flosses divided by brand.........

I also finally decided on my rotation.........I will be focusing on my Star XS until done......

I'm almost halfway...........

My small will be the 2022 Halloween ornaments and I cut the fabric yesterday.  I need to tea dye it yet.

There is my Sabbath stitch on Sundays and Sampler September piece which is almost done.  After Sampler September I will be making a Halloween or tomato project.  That's it for this week.  It was very productive and I hope it was for you also.

Happy Trails!!!

Sunday, September 4, 2022

YOP Week #10 Year 12

 It was a very busy and tiring week!  My garage door opener has been broken for years but I have always been able to open it by hand.  Well, not any more.  I lost over 20 lbs. and I am weak so when I went to open the garage door to take the garbage out to the street....I couldn't do it.  So, I finally had to bite the bullet and call a garage door company to come out and replace the opener.  When I explained the situation to the gal  on the phone she said she would send someone out that day even though they were booked up.  The guy showed up at 5:00 and worked until 7:00!  I was so appreciative and he had to drive 1 1/2 hours to get home and then through a thunderstorm!  They were so nice and it is a real treat to not have to lift that garage door anymore!  With all the medical bills pouring in and then the garage car's sensor light went on to have it serviced.  I took it in and they said it is the gas venting system.  It's not dangerous but they will have to put it up on the lift and spend more time on it.  So I have to take it in again on Wednesday morning.  Whew!!!  

Needless to say, I haven't gotten too much done craft-wise.  I only worked on things that I could do with the my feet elevated! LOL!

I did a couple Thanksgiving smalls.........I did not iron them yet.  This was a free pattern from Plum Street Samplers

and this was a pattern I purchased last year from Country Rustic Primitives on Etsy and it was a WIP......she gives excellent instructions and even tells you how to antique it and sew it into a pillow.  She has lots of cute small XS projects and I highly recommend her.  Her prices are very fair also.  Again, I apologize for the wrinkles.............

I worked on some granny squares....I just do 1 each evening while watching the news.......

I received my wooden blocker in the mail but realized it is only for circular projects.  So, I will have to order another one for the granny squares.

It is Sampler September so I started my Fanny Griswold Sampler reproduction 1863

I just realized I didn't set any goals for last week....just as well!  Hopefully, this week I will continue on the granny squares, and the sampler.  I also, would like to block the ghost doily, and sew a project bag plus get back to my Multnomah!

Have a great week and enjoy the long Labor Day weekend if you live in the U.S.!

Happy Trails!!!

Sunday, August 28, 2022

YOP Week #9 Year 12

 Here I am again!  I had a busy and tiring week...but no reason for the tiredness really.  I did get some crafting done.  I forgot to take a picture of the ties for the grands but they were just knitted black ties.  So I wrapped them up and sent them off.  I also sent one of the I Spy quilts to Grayson as I didn't think Sam would appreciate it.  Sam just started high school and Grayson is in 5th grade.  I also sent my daughter the Summer cross stitch pillow I made and a set of crocheted scrubbies. 

Having  finished those projects I got back to my Multnomah shawl........I put a progress keeper in. I think I got about 3 rows in.

I also got some granny squares done.........

I got a few books from Thrift Books.........2 quilting books.....

Sampler September will be starting September 1st where you work on a cross stitch sampler.  I've chosen this one but I still need to get the fabric and floss together.......

I'm still working on my rotation and have some Fall things lined up but it's not written in stone yet.

I hope you all had a good week.  I went to the doctor Friday and he's concerned I'm not getting enough protein so I now eat peanut butter and I need to get some chicken or turkey lunch meat and chop it up finely and put it in my potato soup.  I've lost 17 pounds on this liquid diet!  I should write a book! LOL!

That's all for now.....enjoy the coming week!

Happy Trails!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Fall is coming!!!

 I have proof of it too............the first sassafras leaf to turn!  They are the first sign of Fall down here.  It will be awhile before the other trees follow suit but it's a start!

Today I wrapped presents and wrote cards and sent 3 packages off  in the mail....2 for the grands and 1 for a friend.  

I also finished the first 2 books in the Phryne Fisher series........Cocaine Blues and Flying Too is Murder on the Ballarat Train.   These books are excellent mysteries and take place in the late 20's or 30's.  I love that time period....I also love the Maisy Dobb books.  I highly recommend these books if you like a good "who done it" without too much gore.

I can now start my granny squares as the yarn arrived!  It is fingering weight cotton yarn and they have a zillion colors.  I was going to use Lori Holt's Chunky Thread (same weight) but it's pricey and most is never in stock so this should do just fine.  I ordered it from Hobbi in Denmark and they seem to have great service and very reasonable prices.

I will leave you today with this darling picture that will melt your heart.....a baby dachshund..........too cute and those big eyes!

Happy Trails!!!

Sunday, August 21, 2022

YOP Week #8 Year 12

 Well, I was humming along when the last three days I started experiencing some pain again.  I called the Home Health nurse and she was actually the nurse that saw me the first time at the hospital.  She told me since it was the weekend (yesterday) that I should go the ER.  My neighbor drove me as they won't give me a pain shot if I am driving.   It just so happened my doctor was doing a rotation at the hospital!  Lucky me!  I got blood work and all the required testing of vitals.  It ended up I had a slight infection again and so I got a pain shot and some "drugs" and I am good to go again.  I was going over in my mind what could have caused it as I have stuck to the diet.  But he had said I could have cream of potato soup about a week ago so I've been pureeing it  (Campbell's) and having that twice a day.  When I got home from the hospital I was going to have some and for some reason, which I have never noticed before...there was black pepper floating on the surface.....I stopped eating it.  Pepper is something you're not supposed to have while you're trying to heal.  I am fairly certain that may have caused it.  So, I am feeling great again and I will be making homemade potato soup today with no pepper or any other spices except salt!  I hope that's what caused it otherwise it's a scary proposition as to when it might happen again.  But I will enjoy a pain-free Sunday!

Up until the other day I was getting a lot done in all areas around the homestead so I have some things to show you today........I final finished my Summer XS...........

I also made one Scrappy Star for my Scrappy Star quilt..............only 80 more blocks to go.....this is a  long range project that I will try and schedule so many blocks per week.  
I've been working on Sam's tie and there are only 8 stitches on the needles now and it is 40 inches and I need to get to 58 before I'm done so, once again, hopefully this week!  I finished the 2 sets of scrubbies so I will be wrapping them up and sending them off in the mail this week.........

I did get my supplies for hand quilting my Christmas quilt but the needles are not going to work so I ordered some different ones that should hopefully work better.  I am doing "big stitch" quilting so the regular tiny quilting needles won't work.  I decided to work on some project bags....gosh knows I need them!  I had purchased Lori Holt's bag panels but all I got done was cutting them out.  I think there are 4 small and 4 large and I purchased the matching zippers too.........

There are tags for the bags.........

and last but not least.....I received a beautiful hand painted card from my dear friend Far Side of Fifty............thank you so much, Connie....I think it boosted my immune system!

That's all for this week.  Plans for this coming week are:  I still need to make that rotation schedule, finish Sam's tie, hopefully get some hand quilting done if the needles arrive, final finish another XS, and sew some scrappy stars and some project bags.  It's time to pick out the annual 2022 collectible ornaments for Halloween and Christmas too.  Plus, a crochet project....granny squares?  There's some yarn coming in the mail soon, I hope!

I hope you all had a great week and that this coming week will be even better!

Happy Trails!!!