Saturday, May 18, 2024

Books I've been reading.......

 I'm like 9 books behind in my Good Read's Challenge but I'll catch up.  I think I told you I read Barbara Kingsolver's book, The Poisonwood Bible...I did not like it at all 

Then I read this book which was really good...........

I was also reading this book and if you want to understand what the Palestinians have gone through for the last hundred years....this is the book to read.  It is very well-written and so sad what these people have had to go through for generations and now it is horrific.  Plus, our police are arresting and man-handling these peaceful student protesters.  You won't hear the truth from the mainstream media either.  Our government wants to ban TicTok because that's where you can actually see what is going on.  Netanyahu and the Israeli lobby tell Biden what to do and he does it!  From what I can see it is the United States of Israel.   We'll have a choice come November between 2 criminals running for president.  I won't be voting for the first time in my life.

I did find some cute cozy mysteries that take place on a farm...there are only 3 so far and I read all 3 but the author has other series that I'm going to try.  These were very good and hard to put down........

Sorry for the blurry photos....I copied them from Good Reads....never again.......the clear one was copied from and learn!  Happy reading and ......

Happy Trails!!!

Friday, May 17, 2024

Finally a day at home....

 I went to the lawyer the day after the car place.  Both are 45 minutes away but it's done.  I went to the lawyer to make a new will as it has been 25 years since  the last one or more.  Things change.  I spent more money this month than I do all year above and beyond the normal monthly expenses.  Now, back to the Swedish Death Cleaning!

I forgot to show you rotation item #2 for my cross was Grayson's Wolf.......I hope I am able to finish this before he graduates from high school!  He's in middle school now...  

The next 5 days was supposed to be Jim's memorial  piece but evidently I did not kit it up with all the floss so I had to order some.  I switched his to Coffee and Eggs for now until the floss comes in.

I did start some crochet circles after watching Lori Holt's You Tube tutorial....I'm going to make 7 for now and stitch them together for a little doily.........the one with the gray edging is the only one completely done.  I'm using cotton yarn but not Lori's.  I find her things so much more expensive than anyone elses. 

The other day I watched a You Tube podcast by Clutterbug on her favorite cleaning tools and hacks and it was very good.  There are several I am going to use!  Here's a link to  her podcast if you're interested and she has links to the products too.  I'm definitely going to use the cardboard tube extension on my vacuum cleaner and I'll be getting the window washing tool!  You'll have to cut and paste the link.

Happy Trails!!!

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Expensive month!

 I took my car in today for the system maintenance and for the work last week on the AC it was $568.   They wanted to do $2,000 worth of more work on the AC as he said when it gets really hot it's not going to be cool enough.....we'll see.  It felt pretty cool to me the other day when I went to Salem and it was 86 degrees.  

I had ordered some towels as most of mine are really old....I have some that are 40 years old!  I kid you not.  That was back in the day when they made things to last.  My stove, refrigerator and oven are over 50 years old.  My car is 22 years old and still doesn't have 100,000 miles yet...but close!  My neighbor thinks I should buy a new one....she also thinks I should get a new mail box....I told her if she wants to pay for it go ahead!  Nosey neighbors!

My new towels are a bit brighter green than I expected.....I was going for more of a vintage green...oh well....they seem very nice....that's the only thing about buying online....the colors aren't always like the photo...............maybe I could dye them to make them darker or more faded?

I told you I had figured out a rotation for my cross stitch and I think I have 6 that I am working on.  Anniversaries of the Heart gets worked on daily in the afternoon breaks and the morning break is a rotation piece which gets worked on for 5 days..........this week it was the Star XS.........after I finish this square I only have 4 more stars to go.........

Remember I told you I had some tests at the hospital and then a doctor appointment to discuss the results?  I was pretty confident all was well except my cholesterol as I had been imbibing in some ice cream.  Well, my cholesterol was great, blood pressure was great but lo and behold, I have an enlarged heart, low sodium, COPD, and a non-working brachial artery!  Whoa Nelly!  That all came as quite a shock but then nothing is serious at the moment and he said he will be keeping a close eye on me.....obviously somebody needs to! LOL!  I feel great...never better!  But then I look in the mirror and see how much I've aged so it makes sense that the insides are aging too.  It's sort of a trust issue you have with your body and it's disappointing when it lets you a betrayal by your best friend.  I know that's a bit dramatic but I know I felt that way when my eyes were failing me but I trust them again now.  I feel great and I am in no pain so I am blessed for now.  All I have to do is think of the Palestinians and I have nothing to complain about.

That's all for today!

Happy Trails!!!


Monday, May 13, 2024

Mother's Day

 First of all I want to thank all of you for your sweet words of comfort regarding really helped and I appreciate it.

I had a nice relaxing Mother's Day and I hope you all had a nice one too.  Amy called me twice which was really nice and she got me some lovely gifts.....some antique buttons.....

and a big stack  (112) 5" squares of Civil War Reproduction fabric........

I had a Mother's Day cross stitch start of Coffee and Eggs by the Artful Housewife...a fairly new cross stitch designer and I love her patterns.  She had a sale a while back so I picked up 2 of  her patterns.  The other one is a crow.

I didn't get too far but she's in my rotation so she'll be making another appearance down the will be for my kitchen when it gets done......

Oh, I also finished the Susan Branch was fun but a toughy!  So cute....

Today was busy as  it was garbage day, laundry, soup making, bills, and more.  Tomorrow I take my car in again for the regular maintenance and then Wednesday I go to the lawyer and then I hope I can finally stay home for a few days! LOL!

Happy Trails!!!

Saturday, May 11, 2024

Rough week............

 We lost Grace, the cat I gave to Amy when they lost their cat, and she and Miss Peeps didn't get along.  She was constantly hiding from Miss Peeps (the bully) and I knew she would be happier and get lots more attention at their house.  Miss Peeps was so jealous I could never pay much attention to Grace because Miss Peeps would chase her off.   Anyway, the past month Grace got sick, she was diabetic and so there was special food and BIG vet bills!  I had promised to pay all those bills and food when Amy took Grace.  So last week, it was $600 and then they wanted to hospitalize her for several days which they said would cost $3,000-$4,000 which I did not think I could do as I thought Grace was getting on in  years but the vet said they though she was about 7 or 8...... I was pretty sure she was older than that!  They taught Amy how to give her an IV for fluids since she was dehydrated, and how to give her insulin shots.  Sam helped her as he is very interested in that and loves Grace and he is her favorite!  Anyway, Monday she passed away and we were all pretty heartbroken because she was a sweetie.  I looked for photos of her to send the boys and I found this one from 2009 so she was 16 years old at least!  I felt better then about not spending the money to hospitalize her because it probably wouldn't have made a difference.

So, here's a picture of her in 2009 and she was probably 2  years or more then so who really knows how old she was.  She was a rescue so they never told me how old she was but she was full grown when I got her.   She will be missed by all!

We love you Grace!!!

Happy Trails!!!

P.S.  There was more to the "rough week" so I'll be back to tell you in the next blog.

Saturday, May 4, 2024

The Prism blanket is finally done and it's a biggy!!!


This is all that is left of the big skein of the multi-colored yarn and there is no black yarn left at all.You could use a different main color instead of black.  I'd like to try yellow as a background color.

I bought the huge round of the multi-colored but if you wanted a smaller blanket then just get the smaller one.  If anyone wants the details or where to get the pattern just email me.  I've been working on it so long I don't remember! LOL!

I was having a hard time storing the blanket projects I work on so I bought this laundry bag which was only about $12 and it fit all my yarn and the Prism blanket and still wasn't halfway filled.  Plus Miss Peeps can't get into it.  I keep it in my closet and pull it out when I want to work on it.  Right now I have the yarn for my next project in it.

That's all for today! 

Happy Trails!!!

Thursday, May 2, 2024

Strange and lovely birds are visiting!!!

 I had, of all things, a road runner in my back yard!  Thank goodness for my neighbor who called and told me about it.  She was asking me what it was and I recognized it as a road runner but I had no idea they were in Arkansas.  I've lived here 20 years and have never seen one.  On the web they said they are a southwest bird and as far east as Oklahoma but they didn't mention Arkansas.  They run fast too just like in the cartoons!  I had a hard time getting a picture.  Today I called Fish and Game and they connected me with their Biologist and bird specialist and she cleared it all up.  She said they have been in Arkansas for 20  years....they must have moved here when I did! LOL!  She said the web doesn't always keep up with the latest info.  They don't fly much which is why I wondered how they got here.  She said the warming temps up North from climate change have encouraged the birds to come  up here.  Also, she said they can only share so many resources and then go looking for more somewhere else.  She said they feast on snakes, frogs and lizards.  She said it's good to have them around your house.  I have not seen him again though.  They do not migrate either.  

 There was another bird that I never saw before and I'm hoping my good friend Connie, the bird whisperer, can help identify it.........we do get a lot of birds passing through on their way North....this one was a pretty coral color with a long curved beak.....

That's all for today...

Happy Trails!!!