Sunday, April 11, 2021

YOP Week #41

This is all I worked on this week.  I got 10 of the 20 inches done............

Spring has sprung even more............violets smells so good!

and last but not least...the dogwoods are blooming in the woods!

Friday night we had storms that woke me up so many times that I was dragging on Saturday and got little done.  I ended up taking a nap in the afternoon.  Today I am rested and got going!  I wanted to make a crock pot meal so I ran up to our local grocery here in town (where no one wears a mask... not even the employees!) I wore a double for them and one for me!  I got some groceries and came home and threw together white chicken chili.  It should be done around 5:00 p.m.  I fed the birds and filled their suet and added a stacker plus birdseed.  I think they must be busy "nesting" as I don't see them as much.  When I was at the store I splurged and bought a hanging basket of purple and white edged petunias.  I had no flowers last year.  I took a picture but for some reason it didn't turn out.

I hope you are all enjoying good weather and staying healthy and well!

Happy Trails!!!- 


Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Wednesday already?

 We are under a tornado watch until 8 p.m. tonight.  So far, it's just dark out but no rain or anything yet.  It's to the West of us and should arrive about I always get anything to do with water done and out of the way before a storm.  My Mother was hit by lightening once during a storm while washing dishes in a metal sink.  Knocked her clean out!  She came to and was fine but it was pretty scary!  In reality, you should not be in a tub, flush your toilets, run your washing machine or your dishwasher during a storm.  Just an F.Y.I.

Meanwhile,  I went out this morning and got the rest of the brush to the ditch and took all the firewood back out to the stack outside.  I keep a bunch in the house during the winter in an old washtub along with kindling.  

I've gotten all my supplies now to start gardening gray totes......

A bolt of green tulle for covering my plants so the critters can't get to them

shepherd hooks for bird feeders and plants

My soldering iron, power bank for cordless water pump and the pump!

I will use the soldering iron to poke holes in the totes and the water pump will be a "bubbler" that the humming birds will enjoy and other birds too.

I'm reading this Guide to Food Preparedness...she has a website, The Food Organizer and an Etsy shop.  It will be a slow process to build a food pantry but I will be working towards it every month.  I'll keep you updated.  I'm also downloading the LDS Preparedness Manual for free but only 30 pages at a time as it is 509 pages altogether!

I am trying to get back to the Flylady cleaning method with Zones but so far I haven't started.  I'll let you know when that happens.

I did try a new recipe which I like for a fairly healthy was a recipe from one of my Hannah Swensen mystery books called Imperial Cereal........

Here's the recipe:

Preheat oven to 300 F...rack in middle position

9 cups dry cereal any combination (I used rice chex and cheerios)

1 cup nuts (I used pecans)

1/4 cup orange juice concentrate

1/4 cup brown sugar packed

Note: You can use any cereal, any nut, any fruit juice concentrate, and any dried fruit you want)

1/4 cup salted butter (1/2 stick)

1/2 cup Craisins

Place the cereal and the nuts in a 9 X 13 pan and mix together.  In a microwave-safe bowl, combine the orange juice concentrate, the butter and the brown sugar.  Heat for 1 minute in the microwave or until the butter is melted.  Stir thoroughly.  Pour the mixture over the cereal and nuts in the pan.  Mix it all together until the cereal is evenly coated.

Bake uncovered, at 300 F for 15 minutes

Take the pan out of the oven and mix in the Craisins.  Leave the pan to cool until room temperature. Stir it again to make sure it is not stuck together in big pieces.  Store in a tightly covered container at room temperature.

Yield:  approximately 10 cups

I finally got a picture of the red headed woodpecker!

Well, it's thundering and raining now...time to turn on the weather radio!  Stay safe and well where ever you are.

Happy Trails!!!


Sunday, April 4, 2021

YOP Week #40


What a great week but it flew by as usual!  I worked on the same  projects but made some progress........

The Giant Granny Square is getting giant and I am thinking of finishing it off.

I did about 4 or 5 rounds this week.......

I did order and I received the crochet border book I wanted from Thrift Books........I'll be choosing a border from this book for the Giant Granny Square..........

I finished the heel flap and the heel turn on both socks......on to the gusset!   Plodding along........

For the fox scarf I finished the section of ribbing and now I have 20 inches of garter!

As for stash, I did get some fat quarters of this luscious fabric.....Cherry Lemonade from the Two Thimble Quilt Shop.............perfect spring/summer fabric!

I made French Breakfast Muffins this morning...delicious!  A Pioneer Woman recipe.....I'll be making these again for sure.  I'll be freezing some too as she said they are great for freezing

My Easter lily opened up just in time for Easter!  It smells divine.......there's at least 4 more buds on it too............

The Bradford pears are all done blooming but now the red buds are stealing the show!  The dogwoods are right behind them!

This was blooming on the edge of my yard but although it looks like an apple blossom I'm fairly certain it isn't.

I finally broke down and hired a man to mow and trim my yard.  My neighbor uses him and he is reasonable and does an excellent job.  He did it yesterday and it looks better than it has in a long time.  The weed whacking makes such a difference!  I love to mow but not when it gets hot and it's just getting to be a bit much for me to stay on top of everything.  It was a real gift to me!  I mentioned I would be cutting down some weed trees that had taken hold and he said he would take care of it for me.  I told him I would pay him extra.  He is truly "an angel among us".  I hated to admit I needed help but I needed help!  I am very grateful.

This week I got all my gardening supplies in so this next week will be planting.  I'm also going back to my old Fly Lady routines and zone cleaning that I still do some of but needed a refresher.  You can google Fly Lady if you want to learn more or if you haven't heard of her before.  I also started watching a podcast called "She's in Her Apron" and she is very motivating and enjoyable to listen to.  She and her family are Mormons and they follow their churches methods of food storage.  They have a lovely family and she cooks some mighty delicious looking dishes!  You can download the LDS Food Preparedness manual for free but it is 509 pages so I would only print about 30 at a time! LOL!  You can buy the manual also for about $26.  They're not back woods survivalists but it is part of their faith to be prepared.  I've always kept quite a bit of food on hand but I didn't really keep track of it or cycle through it plus I didn't have a lot of the basics like water.  So, these are the things I am concentrating on this week along with the coming July birthday plans.

Today I am baking an Easter ham, Party Potatoes in the crock pot and green beans!  I  usually sit down Sunday afternoons and plan my week ahead too.  It is 75 here today and beautiful.  I may do my weekly plan outside!  Happy Easter!!!

Happy Trails!!!

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Swamped with so many interesting projects!

 This week has swept by so fast....tomorrow is Friday already!  I haven't done much but I've been busy!  What an oxymoron.  Monday was catch up from the weekend, Tuesday it rained and I cooked.  Yesterday I went to Walmart and The Dollar Tree and could hardly breathe with the double mask I wore.  Since it was supposed to freeze the next 2 nights I decided to buy all my garden plants at once. My Walmart usually doesn't take care of their plants and once they die off they don't order   I didn't find the tubs I wanted to plant my potatoes nor did they have seed potatoes.  The Dollar Tree had no stacking planters or tomato clips  that I wanted.  I was able to get some stuff for the grands for Easter although they won't get it until after Easter.  I did get my smart phone and I was able to get it connected to my wi-fi but that's as far as I've gotten.  I've been to busy to mess with it anymore.

I got a ham for Easter and an Easter hasn't opened yet but it will!

I got an Easter surprise in the mail from my daughter...........unbelievable goodies! Some great nut treats and a couple of hand sanitizers in wonderful scents...

Then, these realistic battery operated candles with a remote no less!

I saved the best for last although they were all great gifts!  This sweet little blue bird is motion activated and sings......every once in awhile he will tweet out a song like  Old MacDonald's Farm....adorable!  My daughter should be a professional shopper as she loves to shop and she always finds the neatest gifts!


Well, I best get going as I have miles to go before I sleep!  I hope you are all doing well and enjoying whatever season you are in.

Happy Trails!!!

Sunday, March 28, 2021

YOP Week #39

It's been a really good week on all fronts.  I felt like I  made progress in all kinds of areas.  That doesn't happen very often either!  I met almost all my goals in my makes..........

9 " on the fox scarf.........

both heel flaps done on the socks............

several rounds on the Giant Granny....those rounds are taking longer and longer...note the progress keeper from my grandson...................

Some lattice work for a final finish on my first cross stitch sampler............

and the final finish.............

a little more progress on my Happy pillow..........loving it!

The rest of the time I was clearing and cleaning and planning my garden.  Yes, every year I say I'm not going to try gardening down here anymore and then I catch the bug and research methods to overcome my gardening pests and problems and away I go!  Last year I tried the kiddie pools which cracked and broke....especially when I ran into them with the lawnmower.  Then there were the squash bugs which ate my cukes, spaghetti squash and zucchini and the tomatoes which got eaten by birds....who knew birds would eat tomatoes?  All the years I gardened in Iowa I never had any of these problems.  People who are successful gardeners down here are miracle workers!  So, I've been watching Robbie and Gary Gardening Easy on You Tube and I am going to try their methods of composting in place, gardening in storage totes, and using tulle fabric to protect seedlings and plants from "critters".   I've ordered the totes, a soldering iron, a rechargeable pump for a bird bath, a power bank to charge the pump, and a bolt of tulle material. Now, I need to buy seeds and plants and away we go!  Wish me luck!

Plus, my neighbor got a smart phone that actually works in her house and it wasn't as expensive as I thought.  She got hers at Walmart.    We've never been able to get any cell phones that worked in our neighborhood but now we do!  Yay!  So, Tuesday I am going to Walmart to get myself one!

I have no stash this week but I do have some on the way which hopefully I can show you next week.  Are any of you gardening this year?  

Happy Trails!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Catching up!!!

 I finally feel like I  might be back in the driver's seat again!  I am crossing things off my list and of course, adding more things to it but it feels like real was do some cleaning and finalize the menu and grocery list.  I'll be ordering tomorrow.  I caught up with the mending yesterday and today I finished the ironing....I think....unless I unearth some more! LOL!  

These are some old favorite tablecloths and dresser scarves..........

This dresser scarf I made probably 30 some  years ago...............

I love the embroidered ones..............I got this one in an antique store.....

The Bradford Pear is at it's peak so I thought I better get a picture of it as storms are coming tonight and that might take a lot of those blossoms right off the tree!

Now that  they cleared out that lot across the street I can see the lake!

It's a beautiful day here in the Ozarks....I wish Spring would stay all Summer! LOL!  No humidity!

Happy Trails!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

I bought my first Christmas gift for 2021

 When I saw this I could not resist getting this for my SIL..........I laugh every time I see it!  It wasn't cheap price-wise but in reality it is "priceless"! 

As for other news...I'm trudging along trying to make progress around here.  I did a grocery list and menu today but I don't need much so I may wait to order.  I also moved the bird feeder and made hummingbird food and hung out their feeder just in case.  They can show up as early as the middle of March here.  I'm wondering if I could hang the bird feeder next to the hummingbird feeder or would it scare the hummers?  Does anyone know?  I don't think the birds like it over on the clothesline.....especially the little ones.  It might be too much out in the open.

I did get my 9" inches on the fox scarf done which was my goal for this week.  Now I'm working on the heel flap of the sock and tonight  I'll work on the giant granny.

I also managed to catch up with the mending, clean the litter boxes and clean the tub.  Not bad for an old lady! Oh, and a load of laundry too.  I hope you are having a great Tuesday!

Happy Trails!!!