Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Things are going pretty well...............

 On the 24th it was 2 years since my son passed away.  I had company that week so I didn't blog about it.  Sometimes it amazes me that I have come through it all but then there are days when I am right back there as if it just happened.  I  have realized that there are moments in life that you never get over.  You may seem like you're okay but all it takes is a memory or a reminder and your heart cracks open.  It never really heals over.  I have a picture I drew of my me I'm no artist...but at my age my heart looked like swiss cheese! LOL!  I guess when we live to this age there are bound to be scars from life.

A few weeks ago, right before the anniversary of his death, I was going through some VCR tapes from our family Christmas's etc.  I pulled one out of the sleeve and 2 pictures of Jim fell out.  They were his id cards from Junior High...I think he was reminding me he is still around.............

He was such a cutie and he had such a great sense of humor...he could make me and Amy laugh and when the 3 of us were together it was just a constant laugh session.  I miss him but God has given me strength and grace and I know I could have never gotten through it without him/her.  

I have been getting things done around here though....busy hands are happy hands!   I called the city and they picked up all the brush from all the trimming this past month.  I've got my grocery order in for tomorrow pickup and I made my menu for the next 2 weeks to a month.  I've been cleaning my bedroom and polishing the woodwork.  My quilting supplies come tomorrow and I have finalized my Christmas Gift list and ordered most of the supplies/gifts etc.  

There's been some great t.v. series (Netflix) that have come back since COVID stopped them last year.  One of my favorites is Virgin River which I started over again just to remind's so good!  I also watch Heartland which has ended after 215 episodes.  It seems I've been watching it for years......and I have! 

I got my Celeste Creates quilt along material in..............


I think I am going to order the gold fabric for the backing.  I can't wait to get started.

Oh, I've been stitching on the Halloween ornaments and I ran out of a particular floss so for the heck of it I tried ordering it on my Walmart order and I'll be dipped!  I was able to order it and I'll pick it up tomorrow with my groceries!  That was awesome!  Otherwise I'd have to order from 123 Stitch and it wouldn't pay to order just one floss so I would have to make it worth my while and order more.....not that it would be a bad!  I'll see if it shows up in my grocery order.  

I need to go out to the highway and get gas in the SUV now.  It's cooled off into the lower 80's.....nice!

I hope you are having good weather and enjoying yourself this summer!

Happy Trails!!! 

Sunday, August 1, 2021

YOP Week #5

 I missed 2 weeks while I had sorry but there was no time for much except cooking and washing dishes just to keep up with those boys! LOL!  I certainly had a great visit with them and my daughter.   Lots of laughter for sure!  But now I'm welcoming some creating time.

I did work on my giant granny square but you've see it enough.  Let me just say I am nearing the end as I am measuring against the last one I made.  I did finish the one washcloth but forgot to take a picture.  I also forgot to photograph the last Halloween ornament I finished.  I did get my doll and beading needles in the mail.  Unfortunately, the beading needles are just pieces of wire....not sure why they call them needles.  Here is the ornament I am working on now..........

I thought I would have a finish for you today as I was planning on finishing up my mini-quilt but I couldn't find my rotary cutter.  I ended up ordering a new one with extra blades and I ordered some plastic baskets to start sorting my fabric scraps like Lori Holt does.  She has a You Tube video where she shows you.  She is very  organized and that is what I am trying to be.  I also ordered her Farm Girl Vintage quilt book.     

Here is my little quilt that did not get finished....yet.       

This was my first time quilting using my sewing machine and I didn't even use a walking foot!  I was pretty pleased although I maybe should have used a thread color that would have blended more?
I found some green gingham fabric in my stash that I will use to make bathroom curtains.  It doesn't match the shower curtain but I think it will be's green gingham at least.and I have it in house without having to buy anything.

I made a "scrappy" binding for my mini quilt.  I've never done that before but they didn't send me enough material in the kit so I got creative.........I like it and it is already to go when I get my new rotary cutter in the mail!

I've been reading Lori Holt's blog archives and buying a few things to add to my quilt knowledge and my stash............this is a Moda All-Stars book by multiple designers and all the projects use 1, 2, or 3 Charm packs.  I have lots of Charm Packs so this will be wonderful!

I also bought some more charm must be the color for me this month............

Oh, I almost forgot to show you the Fox Scarf that I finished and that my daughter loved!  There's a tab under the fox's nose that allows you to slip the tail in so it stays around your neck.

I watch Celeste Creates podcast and she is having a QAL (quilt along) which I have joined and you can too!  It's for beginners and she just gave out the material list.  I ordered material but not for the backing yet.  I'm excited and definitely have the quilting bug!  I can't do any one thing for very long as Arthur(itis) gets irritated so it's good that I have a variety of projects.

Today, I am finalizing the Christmas Project/Gift List and ordering materials for least some  of the materials.  I'll keep you informed along with my YOP project goals.

I missed you all and hope to catch up and see what you all have been making and creating!

Happy Trails!!!

Friday, July 30, 2021

It's amazing what a little spray paint can do!

 I finished painting the table and it turned out just like I imagined it would.  That doesn't always happen with my "big ideas"! LOL!  It was just a  wood table I've had for years and of course bought at a sale somewhere.  It goes perfectly in my bathroom with the new shower curtain.  Like I said...I need to find more green gingham to make curtains.

This afternoon I did some mending and sewed some binding together for my little mini-quilt.


That's all for today folks!  I hope you are having a nice's still my favorite day of the week!  All those years I worked......Fridays always felt good!  Not that I didn't work plenty of weekends too and was on call 24/7 but now I'm free as a bird!  It's 97 here and the heat index is like 110 -115!  I went out this morning and watered and once again to get the mail.  The heat has burned up all the humidity that we usually have! LOL!  Bless the person who invented AC!

Happy Trails!!!

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Some decorating accessories!

 I have 2 showers in this house but since I am a bath person I have never put up a shower curtain.  I decided it would be nice for those people who would rather shower and maybe for me if the day comes when I cannot traverse the tub.  So, I bought one...........just what I gingham!  I love it!  Now I need to make curtains to match.

I also spray painted a little table for my bathroom but it needs another coat so I'll show you tomorrow.

This little cute, is from my grandson Grayson but one of the drawers fell out so he will be sending it to me.  He's always giving people things...mostly his own things!  He gets his generosity from his Mom.

The tomatoes are coming in but the weirdest thing is they are bright red but hard.  They look like they are ripe but they're not.  I did take few over to my neighbor but the rest will have to ripen more.  I've already cooked one batch of banana peppers.  I split them down the middle, take the seeds out and cook them in garlic and olive oil.  I make a sandwich of them  on my rustic bread........yum!  The grands loved them too.  They are big vegetable and fruit eaters.

Celeste Creates (a podcast I watch) is having a quilting series/tutorial so I thought I would join her.  It will be 6 sessions and the intro was today with the material list.  So, of course I had to go find the 8 fat quarters required so I could join in!  Here's the fabric I ordered......Christmas in July!  It's vintage....just like me!

I hope you are all well and having a great summer!

Happy Trails!!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

I'm back!

 My company was here for 2 weeks and they left yesterday.  The house is awfully quiet.  We had a great time together.  Here is a picture of my daughter, Sam who is taller than his mother and just turned 14 and Grayson who just turned 10.  Amy had a birthday too so we celebrated all of them.

I made each of them their favorite meal and dessert for their birthdays along with some presents. 

They were so helpful why they were here too!  Amy cut down all the weed trees, Sam cleaned my garage and Grayson was my kitchen helper.  They also replaced light bulbs for me and installed the solar path lights that they had given me for Mother's Day.  

I must admit....I cooked more than I have all year! LOL!  Those kids eat 3 squares a day and then some! LOL!  Now the house is quiet and yesterday I did laundry, changed sheets and ironed.  It's hot's what I call my winter....I stay inside.  But they all went to the lake every day in the afternoon and swam.  I stayed home and cooked! LOL! I go out early and water.  I've been getting tomatoes and banana peppers and there is eggplant coming.  I didn't do much handwork while they were here but there's plenty of time for that now.  I miss them already!

I hope you have all been fine and enjoying your summer.  I'll try and catch up with you all this week!

Happy Trails!!!  

Sunday, July 11, 2021

YOP Week #2

Off to a good start considering I have company coming.  I don't know if I will blog next week.   I'll see how it goes.  I worked on my socks and I'm almost done with the foot on the first sock.  I also worked on the Giant Granny Square blanket and it is growing.............

I finished the Fox Scarf and dang if I didn't forget to take a picture of it before I wrapped it up for my daughter's birthday present!  I'll take a picture when she unwraps it.  I started on a Waffle Knit dishcloth.............I like the pattern but I hate pooling!  I don't think a variegated yarn is good for this pattern.  I'll finish it and keep it for myself.

but I was able to get some solids at Walmart and they will be the next ones...........

I also received some beautiful Malabrigo worsted 33g mini's for the linen stitch scarf............

In addition, I have some 2.75 straight needles coming to start the Jell Roll blanket!  They should be here Monday.

In other news...........I made my rustic bread this week ......

and started some sourdough............which is coming along...........I'm hoping to make sourdough pancakes for the grands.....they are so good!

I made another batch of Veggie Cassoula which is just roasted vegetables that I love........there are 3 things that I can make when  I clean out my frig.........scrambled eggs,  pizza, and roasted vegetables.  I had some vegetables that were going to go South if I didn't do something...I had an eggplant, some peppers, a zuchini and you can use anything else you  might have on hand.  I threw in an onion and some broccoli too.   I toss with  olive oil, salt and pepper and I throw in some spices like oregano or thyme and some fresh can't mess it up.  I roast it at 300 F for an hour or an hour and a half.  I'll eat it cold or heated up with my rustic bread or you could make a sandwich out of it.  

My daughter sent me a present..........this is the picture on the box.  It's an infusion pitcher and I have wanted one to make flavored water and/or tea.  I have recipes I got off Pinterest.  Such as mint and watermelon, cucumber and all sorts of other combo's.  We'll try it while she's here.  She got it on Amazon...where else?

That's all for this week....I hope you all had a great week and that you have another one this coming week!

Happy Trails!!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Camp Grandma is OPEN for business!

 It's official!  Except for grocery shopping, cleaning the entire rest of the house, cooking, and wrapping birthday presents.....I'm ready!

Here's what I've been prepping.....


There's a couple pictures to hang but I am waiting for those dry wall hooks I ordered.

All the birthday presents have arrived except one.  I have a new bathrobe coming...the other one was pretty threadbare and I didn't want to scare the grands! LOL!  They've emailed me with their birthday dinner and dessert requests which I ask them for. 

I also dug up  43 VCR tapes of family gatherings although my ex didn't label but about 4 of them.  I can get them transferred to DVD's for about $465....Whoa Nellie!   I'm thinking some might be blanks and I wonder if I would have to pay for those?  It's $35 for the first one and $10 after that for each one.  But it will cost more because I can't afford to get them done all at once!  Walgreen's does it and my daughter would take them back with her.  

Other than that I've been cleaning the living room so the boys will have a place for the queen size air mattress they are bringing.  I'm roasting some Brussel sprouts to go with some sausage I had on the 4th.    They're so easy and so delicious this way.  Heat your oven to 425, toss halved sprouts  in olive oil, sprinkle with sea salt and place halved side down on cookie sheet lined with parchment paper.  Bake for 17-25 minutes....YUM!  Be sure and cut off the ends and leaves that fall off.  Enjoy!

Happy Trails!!!