Saturday, July 20, 2024

Back in the saddle again!!!

Another "unusual" week.  Retirement is a full time job when you're as old as I am! LOL!  I had 2 tests this week at 2 different hospitals.  Monday I had a bone density scan and Friday I had a CT scan.  I managed to keep up with meals, laundry, and watering, walks, and caring for Miss Peeps but not much else.  I  have no results yet but I'm pretty sure I have an overactive bladder!  I can't get anything done as every time I get up I have to head to the bathroom.  Supposedly, they have treatments for it which would be great as I am up 4-5 times in the night too.  Geez Louise!  But, it could be much worse so I'll deal with it.

Meanwhile, I did organize all my XS WIPs and listed them and I am listing all the patterns/charts I have to.  I will show you when finished which hopefully will be this weekend.  I have some more floss to organize also.  But in organizing, I was able to find my Star XS and the Patriotic Chickens which I had misplaced and Grayson's Wolf.  So, back to my rotation schedule!

Here's the progress made this week on Anniversaries of the Heart March.......the last 2 windows and the door are done and the I'll fill in the rest of the house.........

Grayson's Wolf was worked on for 5 days this week and I am pretty much finished with the first page (of 4 pages  OMG).  I have figured out that there are paintings that people pixelate and turn into cross stitch patterns but I don't care for them....they are difficult to stitch and I don't think they turn out as nice as ones that are designed for cross stitch.  It can be done nicely as is evidenced by sampler reproductions but this one, to me, could have been designed better and with more attention but then, what do I know.  I love my grandson but this is not a cross stitch that I enjoy working on.     For example...what are the white patches on the face?  Strange.....
I also found my Patriotic Chickens and I worked on them a bit today..........a Pinker and Punkin cute!!!  See the bag on the right?  My daughter gave me this bag with chickens on it.  Perfect for the patriotic chickens....

I received a treasure this week too..........looking forward to Fall and Halloween!!!  This is a kit that contains everything for both little quilts........I got it from Farmgirl Drygoods............

Happy Trails!!!

Thursday, July 11, 2024

All's well that ends well!

 I went to the doc yesterday and took him the joke about the colonoscopy machine.  He got a kick out if it because he and I go around about it.  He wanted me to get one after the diverticulitis and I refused.  So, then we compromised and he wanted me to do the Cologuard test.  I agreed but told him if  it was negative I didn't want to  hear anymore about a colonoscopy.  Deal!  So, my test came back negative so I thought I won that round  until he mentioned that you're supposed to have one at least every 5 years....but I said.....nope, we're done! LOL!

He concurred with me after hearing what had gone on over the week while he was on vacation, that I indeed had passed a kidney stone.  He told me if I get that "feeling" again to call him and he will send me for a CT scan as he stated "you could have a whole family of kidney stones in there"!  Are you kidding me?  My doctor has a sick sense of humor but he is always right too so most of the time I follow his advice.  I know he has my best interests at heart.

I am getting back on schedule now and I even got some cross stitch done....but no sewing...I'm still working on March Anniversaries of the Heart...that house is a beast!

Whenever I "clean and organize" I can't find I couldn't find my rotation piece so I grabbed this cutie instead which I love is stitched on one of those French towel yardages and will eventually be made into a pillow but not exactly like the one in the  photo.........

The sides of this towel have blue stripes running the length of it............
I'd best get back to work....always stuff to do around here.

Here's a little cutie for you..............

Happy Trails!!!

Monday, July 8, 2024

You are not going to beleive this!!!

 I spent the  past week passing a kidney stone!  Not fun but not as bad as the diverticulitis was.  I am  officially an old person now as all I talk about are my ailments! LOL!  I was so tired, I would get up and 2 hours later be back in bed.  I napped on and off as I had no energy to do anything.  It finally passed on Sunday morning and  that's when I actually realized what was causing me  to be so tired.  It was not a bad pain but more a pressure when I tried to go to the bathroom but then the dam broke and what a relief!

So , I did little all week except try and keep up with minimal chores and sleep a lot.  My doctor was on vacation so I didn't call him but I go in this Wednesday so I will tell him then.  Today I'm trying to catch up with laundry, cooking, cleaning.  I'll be back tomorrow with more fun news and  photos.  At my age it seems every week is something different!  I hadn't walked either but I did this morning.  Feeling good is such a wonderful blessing.  I wish the same for all of  you!

Happy Trails!!!

Since I've been a little focused on medical issues I thought you might get a kick out of this...but not if you're scheduled for a colonoscopy anytime!

Thursday, June 27, 2024

Medical Mystery solved!!!

 Sooooo, I went to the doc yesterday to get the results of my back x-rays and guess what?  I broke my back!  Remember back awhile ago when I was moving my mattress and headboard and I heard and felt a "crunch" in my back?  Well, I fractured my spine and he said I am probably a good inch shorter because of it.  

I think he said the pain that felt like a heart attack was really bone rubbing on bone or the disc or something...anyway, it hasn't happened again and he said he's glad I'm walking as that can only make my back stronger.  Meanwhile, he wants me to get a bone scan.  So, that's the story Morning Glory...I feel fine and  especially now that I know it isn't my heart.   I'm fully functioning and I feel very blessed!  He said I was tough and that is better than what some people say about me! LOL!

I got some treasures this week....Oh,  those books by Ann Hazelton that I am reading?  They're great and you don't have to be a quilter...they're just a great series.  I'm on  the 3rd book of this series and I just ordered the next 3.

I got some Tilda fabric in summertime pretty.........

Plus, my floss organizer arrived early.......

So, I've been working on's really nice and will be much easier for me.........the dividers can be removed if necessary.....I'll just pull out the colors I need when I kit up a pattern......easy peasy!

I did get my cross stitch mojo back so I am working 2 threads a day on my rotation piece and 2 threads a day on Anniversaries of the Heart.....I'll show them later this week

I finally figured out the pattern for the Christmas blanket I want to make but the first block has mistakes and I will have to redo but I now have the knack of it with carrying yarn on the back and following the chart for the design.......the only problem is the bulky yarn makes it stiff like a board and it doesn't seem like it will make a very nice blanket....I'm using the called for everything and it was a paid for pattern.  The picture doesn't look stiff but mine is.  Could I be crocheting too tightly?  I am very disappointed since I paid for the pattern and the yarn but not sure  I want  to continue.


Happy Trails!!! 

P.S.  I will try and get a round to all of you SOON!!!  These appointments and tests wear me out! LOL!

Saturday, June 22, 2024

Medical Mystery!!!

 I was humming along this week until I had a "spell"?  I had taken my walk, worked outside weeding and carrying brush to the brush pile across the street.  I came in and was changing my sheets and planning on taking a bath after that but.....while changing my sheets, I got a terrible ache in my back which proceeded to travel around to my abdomen and then I got nauseous and thought I was going to throw up.  It was the awfullest "ache" I've ever had and I was just sure it was a heart attack.  I called the doctor and told the nurse my symptoms and she told me to come right in.  My back was still aching but not as bad and finally completely disappeared.  They did an EKG and it was normal.  My doctor thought it could be a kidney stone so he sent me next door to the hospital for tests.....everything came back fine.  The doctor there said I was very healthy but he did give me a prescription for nitroglycerin in case the pain came back.

Yesterday I had an appointment for a follow up with my doctor and even though it hadn't come back he is persistent in finding the cause so he thought maybe it was my back so he sent me next door to the hospital (so convenient) to get x-rays of my back.  I will return to his office Wednesday to see the results of the x-rays.  He's going on vacation the next day so I think he wanted to ensure I was going  to be okay while he was gone.  So, needless to say it has not been a very productive week but I at least kept up with the regular chores and the cat and the plants are still alive! LOL!

I will show you some treasures I got in the mail and today I hope to do some crafting!  These are vintage Christmas fabrics from Buttermilk Basin that I had reserved quite awhile ago.  You have to do that now if you want certain fabric otherwise they sell out as soon as it comes in..........these are the type of designs that were popular when I was a child............

I also, accidentally got another huge ball of yarn.......I guess I should have known by the price but I was in a hurry........

I also got a panel to make some bags/purses by Minky Kim.....I saw them made up on Nicole Spohrl's You Tube cute!

I've been watching Sew on Wednesday with  Lorraine from Texas....she is so sweet and does some lovely cross stitch.  She's the one that gave me the idea for organizing flosses this new way.........this is how I store them now with Floss Away bags on's okay but with Arthritis it is so hard for me to open and close those rings.........

So, per Lorraine's instructions....I went and got Ziploc Snack bags, index cards, and a Sharpie......

and now I am storing my floss like this...............

the container is just one I had...I think it's a freezer container but there are lots of  options just measure your bags.......there's one that Lorraine got from Amazon that has dividers which I might get eventually..........I'll see how this works out first as this container is $31.........I'll be storing my hand dyed

flosses this way too...

Happy Trails!!!

Monday, June 17, 2024

Lots done but no blogging !!!

 I had so many appointments last week plus grocery shopping and weeding and walking every day. Each day I walk a little farther and I hope to increase my stamina.  By the time I get back to the house my back and hips are feeling it! 

 The deeds, power of attorney for medical and financial is done plus insurance company changes.  It was a lot of running around last week but worth the peace of mind.  Now, once I get all the copies sent back to me, I will set up a notebook like Far Side (Connie) did for her daughter.  

I got a little cleaning and clearing done in the living room and no cross stitch at all.  I think I was burnt out and I really wanted to crochet.  I did start a ripple blanket but the colors are too bright.  I was wanting to make one in Cath Kidson colors.  I saw a granny square one and I like it but the colors I have are too bright especially the yellow.   My Aunt Bernice (who basically raised me)  used to make ripple afghans all the time.  I think she got the kits from Hershner's.  It's an easy pattern to memorize except for the corners and turning.  If I make a mistake in crocheting, it is always at that point so I am careful.  I was looking for a "mindless" crochet project for when I watch t.v.  I like the ripple but not the colors.  Maybe I'll need to order yarn....heaven forbid!

Here are some of the ones I like...........

 I think it's the bright green and the bright yellow that's turning me off and maybe it would be better suited to a granny square blanket....any suggestions?  I've also thought about making yarn balls with all my scraps using the magic knot method and doing a granny stripe.  I need to hurry up and get a project for evenings....I'm not good at just sitting with nothing to do.  I have other projects but they are not mindless and I am watching The Crown at night.

Oh, I have a new method for organizing my cross stitch floss that I will share with you as soon as I get the supplies for it.  Maybe that's what I'll do in the evening as it would be mindless for sure! LOL!

I personally don't have this problem since I have a degree in computer science.....unless it's my cell phone and then I have to call my grandson! LOL! 

Happy Trails!!!


Monday, June 10, 2024

Craft weekend was a failure!!!

 I had a good week and got some more Swedish Death Cleaning done.  There was grocery shopping and some cooking but over the weekend I energy, no motivation....I think sometimes I just run out of steam.  I did manage to crochet a little chicken trivet?  I wouldn't think it would make a good potholder but a trivet or coaster or candle mat?  It's cute and I love chickens..........

Mostly I vegged out the whole weekend.....I got some books from Thrift Books so I read and napped my way through the weekend...........yes, I'm thinking of Christmas already........

here's another one....both by Cheri Saffiote who is no longer with us........but her talent and patterns are still out there...........

I also got the first book in one of Ann Hazelwood's series of fictional quilt's very good and I know I will be getting more of can even get the fan  pattern on her website for free........

I worked on my son Jim's XS but I will wait to take a picture once it's done with it's rotation.  Right now it is Day #3 of 5....I did work on March Anniversaries of the cousin Kay will be going on  this one since her birthday is in March.

I'm finally seeing the end in sight for my new will, beneficiary deeds, power of attorney and medical power of attorney/directive.  The deeds need to be notarized and then registered at the courthouse and that should do it.  I will finally have most of my ducks in a row.

I also got my hiking sticks from Amazon and adjusted them to my height.  I used them this morning on my first walk and got in over 2000 steps of 10,000 which you're supposed to do daily....yeah right! LOL!  But I will build up my stamina for more steps.  I used to walk 4 miles a day with my girls (dogs) but in 1 month I lost both my dogs.  I had no desire to walk those trails without them.  When I did start walking I fell twice because it is blacktop and gravel and where I walk is deserted old roads that are overgrown.  I saw some hiking sticks and thought that might prevent me from falling so that's what I am using now.  It felt good to get out there early in the morning before it heats up.   Wish me luck!      

I hope you all had a good weekend and I will hopefully catch up with all of you this week.

Happy Trails!!!

Tuesday, June 4, 2024

The bedroom is finally done!!!

 What has it taken me...3 weeks?  But I'm not complaining...I feel blessed to be able to do it even if I'm slow as snail do-do! LOL!  I forgot to get pictures of my lilac and my Japanese Irises when they were blooming but I have some other flowering plants to show Asiatic Lilies..........

the geraniums that I wintered in the house are doing well........

Last Fall they had a sale on some plants so I bought a proven Winner rose and it is!!!!  I has grown big and blooms continually even into November last year.  I'll be looking for more of those!

I also bought an azalea but it almost died and is just now starting to come back.  I bought an ever blooming lilac that is supposed to bloom all summer!  I love lilacs so I snapped that one up!  It had buds this Spring but it got "frosted" and is just now starting to bloom again.........

I just finished my 5 day rotation on the Bluebird cross stitch from Susan pretty! It will be awhile before I get back to it but it will get finished eventually!  When I finish it I am going to send the pattern to Melisa as I know she loves the vintage bluebirds and that is what this one reminds me of...........

I'm off to cook up some rutabaga...supper will be fish fillets, sweet potato and rutabaga....I worked up an appetite today!  Not sure what's next on the cleaning list or the rotation...I'll let you know...

Here' s a little humor for you............

Happy Trails!!!


Sunday, June 2, 2024

Weekend Craft Extravaganza!!!

 Leaving my weekends open to just create is working out good.  I got a lot done this weekend and I would like to make a goal of finishing 3 things every weekend but that may be pushing the envelope!  LOL!

I did finally finish the carrots....ta da! they are in all their carroty goodness.........the pattern says you can "rag up" the edges but it looked like a lot of work when eventually their raw edges will "rag up" on their own.   They were a fun project.... 

I'm not sure if I posted this before but it was in a pile of things I wanted to finish so here it is.....if I've shown this before I apologize........

I also finished the potholder...again...I had to do it over as their directions made it stretch out.  I won't be following their directions came out fine the way I did it...........

I also found a little cross stitch that I did many years can tell it's dated by the subject....these were all over cross stitch patterns back in the day.....I had never final finished it but I did today........this is a little Springtime's amazing what you find when you clean your house....

Those were all the finishes for this weekend but I did work on Cross Stitch Camp Badge yesterday.....
and Melisa's  (Pinker and Punkin blog) patriotic Chickens today...........I haven't stitched any of the chickens yet but they're coming soon!

That's all for this weekends crafty goodness!  What did you get up to this weekend?

Happy Trails!!!

Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Miss Elaneous!!!

 Here's the Anniversaries of the Heart Bonus XS block that I finished...........they are all being worked on 1 HUGE piece of XS fabric....I think it is Lugana which is my favorite to stitch in hand on....only 11 more blocks to go!

Here is the recipe for the Apple Cheese dessert.  I had it cold last night and I think it would be better heated up in the microwave.  The first time I had it warm right out of the oven and that was tastier.  This may not be for everyone but I like it.  I don't care for terribly sweet desserts so this fit the bill for me!

Apple Cheese Dessert:

2 large cans of apple pie filling

1 1/2 sticks of butter

2 cups grated cheddar plus 2 slices of Velveeta cheese

1/2 C sugar

1 C flour

Spread the pie filling in the bottom of a 13 x 9 pan (no greasing either!).  In a medium saucepan heat the remainder of the ingredients slowly until the cheese melts.  Spread the melted cheese mixture over the apples.  Bake at 350 degrees until crust begins to brown.  About 30 minutes.

If you make it let  me know what you think good or bad.

I'm back cleaning my bedroom..... can't believe all the dust!  I had to dust twice as the Swiffer was just pushing it around.  I did discover that if I take it outside and bang it on the railing I can get more use out of it.  But your house probably isn't as dirty as mine! LOL!  It takes me days to do a decent job because I always have other things to do.  Yesterday was laundry, today again, and I made Jello with fruit, and potato soup.

Yesterday I got my potholder loom so STOP THE PRESSES....don't you know I had to make one!


Here's my first one....I still have to take it off the loom which I will do tonight.......I tried to make a design but  you have to have LOTS of colors and loops to get fancy.  That may take awhile but so far I'm  okay with it.  I want to make rugs with them.....I need to make probably 24 potholders for a decent size rug, and the loops aren't cheap if you want to eventually make designs with specific colors to coordinate with your decor.  Thankfully, I am pretty eclectic...if I like it then it all goes together....

I have a cross stitch rotation where I rotate projects in and out for 5 days at a time and these are my morning stitches when I take a break....after lunch then I work on Anniversaries of the Heart when I take a break  Last week I worked on Sally Spencer for 5 days and here is what she looks like now........

The next 5 days I am working on a Susan Branch XS picture of a little blue bird....and it's pretty vintage looking...I love those little birds from back in the day.  They were on pillow cases and dresser scarves.  I do have an embroidery pattern for some but I haven't gotten the pillowcases yet.  So many projects, so little time!

Happy Trails!!!