Sunday, March 27, 2022

YOP Week #39 Year #11

 Hello friends!  I think I have my crafting/creating mojo least partially.  You have seen all of this before but this is what I actually worked on this week.  I've laid the giant granny square on top of my other one and it is almost as big.  I will be making this one much bigger though like a regular blanket size not just a throw.  I will put a progress keeper in it so you can see my weekly progress...I keep forgetting to do that!

I worked on the Prairie Schooler Santa and I am so close to finishing that I may just finish it this week and not wait until it comes up in the rotation.

I was behind in my rotation schedule as I had done nothing in several weeks so now I am trying to catch's my birthday start.....Ida Mae Crow..........

and my Blackbird piece that is my Saturday stitch......the third finger is about done.......

Last but not least I'll be working on my Sabbath stitch today....I'm hoping to get the "G" in God finished.  I stitch in hand usually but I can't use the sewing method as the  floss is too thick.  I don't mind as it is a pleasant stitch.

I think the Bradford Pear is at it's peak bloom....pretty soon it will start losing petals and slowly turn to green leaves..........I took this through the screen......

I'm still cleaning and clearing and this week I got my Quicken Will and Trust software.  I finished the personal part and now I have a 7 page property questionnaire to fill out.  I really do not like filling out forms but it will feel so good to have this taken care of!

Tomorrow  I go to Mountain Home for my eye doctor appointment.  I have to have my eyes checked every 6 months because of the medicine I am on for rheumatoid arthritis.  They dilate my eyes and so far I have been able to drive my self back home (1 1/2 hours) so wish me luck and say a prayer!

I need to see if I can find someone to drive me if need be and I have a cataract so that surgery will definitely require a "driver"!  Big storms are once again on the horizon for Wednesday.  This past week I made tuna salad, Rice Krispie Treats, and homemade pizza. I've been reading Heartbreak, a non-fiction about the physical effects of trauma on your body and my non-fiction is Out to Canaan a Mitford series book.  I'm almost finished with both so I need to line up my next books.  As for t.v. I've watched some cross stitch podcasts, news about Ukraine and the Supreme Court nominee, and on the Roku channel they have all the episodes of Medium which are the true cases of Allison Dubois, a psychic medium who has for years helped the police solve cases.  The real Allison Dubois is also on You Tube where she talks about communicating with the dead.  

So, that's all the news that's fit to print!  I hope you all had a great week and I am trying catch up with all of you!

Happy Trails!!!   

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

I'm back!

 I lost my creative mojo which was replaced by a cleaning mojo......which is a good thing!  My health scares were a wake-up call to get cleaning, organizing and pitching things so I can literally "rest in peace".

I haven't done any crafting until today but I have a lot of clean cupboards and have thrown out 10 items a day for over a week now.  I have packed up more stuff for Salvation Army and I did my taxes and today I ordered Quicken Will & Trust software.  I thought it was online but you have to order it.  It was $142 with free shipping but it is still cheaper than a lawyer.  

Spring is here although the furnace is still on as it gets cold at night................

This is my Bradford Pear which is even fuller today with blooms.  We had a great storm last night and today...nothing severe...that went to Texas unfortunately but I don't think any lives were lost.

I have gotten far behind in my crafts and rotations so I just started back today to try and catch up.....

this is my birthday start..........Ida Mae

I've been a terrible blogger and an even worse visitor to excuse other than I felt my time would be better spent getting ready to move North.  This has got to happen before next Winter come "Hell or high water"! LOL!

Happy Trails!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2022

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

and of course....some Irish humor.........


I'm off to make my corned beef dinner!  Have a great day!

Happy Trails!!!

Sunday, March 13, 2022

YOP Week #37 Year #11

If that isn't the truth!  But right now I am big into Spring/Annual cleaning.  I didn't do a lot of work on projects.  I think there were 2 things that got me cleaning more than crafting.  One was the health scare and thinking I'd better "get my ducks in a row" and the second thing was watching the Ukrainians having to leave everything behind and seeing their country and homes destroyed.  It made me realize that they would give anything to be able to dust and clean and cook and have their lives and their homes back.  So, every time I see them fleeing on the t.v. I get motivated to take care of my home and appreciate what I have in their honor.

I did manage to do a few things.........yesterday was Blackbird Saturday.........working on the 3rd finger..

I worked on the amigurumi bunny and it is getting difficult as I just separated for the legs........

In the evenings I worked on the  giant granny blanket and it is not giant yet but it is growing!
I also worked on my Multnomah shawl but boy is it slow going!  Fingering weight yarn feels like your standing still.......but there is the green progress marker so you can see I really have been working on it!

I've gotten quite a few "treasures" that I haven't shown on YOP so here goes..........

I was winding my skeins of yarn by hand but it was starting to bother my shoulder so I decided to get the ball winder.  I already have the skein holder or what ever you call it.  I got it on sale quite a while ago.

a cushioned E hook for amigurumi.....the old aluminum hook hurts my hands.....
a great crochet book but in the wrong language!  She's sending me another English this time! LOL!
My first (highly recommended) amigurumi book...
and out of the blue.....who knew............a watercolor I just have to save up for the supplies which are pricey!

I also got a skein of DMC Natura cotton yarn.  The yarn looks like fingering weight.  People love it.  I'm looking forward to trying it.

These last 2 weeks in a nutshell involved a doctor appointment, I cleaned several cupboards, both bathrooms top to bottom, and I did my taxes, and got groceries.  I also went through a bunch of paperwork and cleaned off my desk and we had an ice storm and a snow storm. I've been pretty productive.  The fear of God is a great motivator!  

This week will be nice weather so I may be working outside more and putting screens up.  I need to pay bills, work on will and power of attorney,clean more cupboards/drawers, do some ironing, work on bunny, giant granny (always), and I found material for backing rug hooked heart pillow.  There's St. Patrick's Day and corned beef dinner plus cross stitch projects.

That should keep me off the streets and out of trouble!  What are your plans for the coming week?  Do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day?  I sent the grands some treats.  I celebrate mostly with good food! LOL!   

Happy Trails!!!

Saturday, March 12, 2022

Taxes and snow!!!

It snowed yesterday.....about 2-3 inches.....the poor little flowers and the robins.............

it won't last as today will be in the 40's and this next week 70's!

I got a lovely card and letter from my good friend Sue yesterday!  Who doesn't love to receive mail from a friend?   Thank you, Sue, it meant a lot to me.

I received my E crochet hook in the mail I can do amigurumi.  I've been  using an F hook for now but you're supposed to use an E hook.  Plus, the E hook is cushioned so it will be easier on my hands. 

I've had a pretty productive week.  Yesterday I did my taxes and cleaned out another cupboard and straightened my desk.The only negative part of the week lab work.  Remember when I said the nurse called and said my lab work was all normal back in January?  When I saw my doctor last week he never mentioned my lab work but they gave me a copy to take home.  Yesterday, I finally sat down to take a look at my visit report and my lab work before filing.  They always flag lows and highs on the lab report.  Well, there were several highs.....all having to do with the kidneys.  So the nurse lied because  it wasn't "all good" and the doctor didn't look at it unless he only looks at it if the nurse flags it?  On top of that when I left and made my annual and wellness appointments, the gal at the desk made one appointment with my doctor and one appointment with another doctor in the building!  I'm beginning to think they are all smoking something!   I was pretty upset especially since I  had complained about the pain I had.  I feel great now but the lab results make me wonder.     More "adventures in aging"!  I'll be calling them on Monday!

Happy Trails!!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Let me show you my "etchings"!

 When I first moved down to Arkansas I discovered there were Bob Ross art classes being taught right here in town so I signed up.  Here are the results of my painting classes........

I never did continue.  I got it out of my system and it seemed a lot of work with oil paints.  

But recently I've been thinking about water colors.  Far Side of Fifty dabbles in them and she just got some supplies that looks like she's getting pretty serious!  I ran across some podcasts about painting with water colors and then my favorite pod caster, Le Petite Saint Crochet,  Elise podcasted about a water color book she got that has the sketches in it and you just have to tear it out and paint it!  The author instructs you how to mix your colors and how to paint it with different techniques.  Well, that sealed the deal for me!  I received the book yesterday and now I just need to order the supplies she recommends.  She has other books too but the In The Forest book spoke to me.  Yes, I have fallen down another rabbit hole but those rabbit holes are so exciting!

 Back in February I ordered a crochet book that Elise, from Le Petite Saint Crochet recommended.  It was stuck in Memphis for 6 days!  Memphis is the black hole of USPS.  If it goes to Memphis, you may never see it!  But, miracle of miracles it arrived in my mailbox yesterday and I was so excited!  I made myself a cup of tea. got myself all comfortable and was going to spend some quality time with my new treasure!  Until I looked closer and realized it was in another language.....eastern European I'm guessing.  What a disappointment after waiting all that time!  But at least I got to look at the  pictures.

I  messaged the seller on Amazon and she emailed me this morning and said she is sending out another book.  This time in English.  I just pray it doesn't go through Memphis! LOL! 

Are any of you painters or artists?  Do you dabble in any of these mediums?  Which is your favorite?

I hope you are having a great day.  I've been Spring cleaning or just regular cleaning in the Spring.....although we are expecting snow this Friday!  I guess Spring didn't get the memo!

Happy Trails!!!

Monday, March 7, 2022

Spring (tornado season) in the Ozarks!

 It was a rough night and I spent some of it in the basement!  I thought everything was fine as the weather radio had not gone off.   Then I checked my phone and lo and behold we were under a tornado warning!  I went to the basement and we never got hit but several areas around us did.  No one got hurt but there was damage.  I couldn't understand why my NOAA weather radio hadn't gone off.   Well, this morning the news said that one of their radio transmitters wasn't working!  Lucky I checked my phone!

Needless to say I am very tired today.  Yesterday I made cookies (Pioneer Woman's Oatmeal Crispies) did laundry and ran the dishwasher in case we lost power during the storm but we never did.  There was lots of lightening and thunder.


Spring is definitely here..........overnight the grass turned green!

and more flowers popped up.........

I managed to get some work done today but I was dragging myself through it.  I'll be hitting the sack early tonight!

I hope you are fine on this Monday.

Happy Trails!!!

Friday, March 4, 2022

Friday night With Friends!!!

I used to partake in this but then when Jim passed away (my son) I dropped out of everything for awhile.  I'm getting back in the swing of things so it is the first Friday of's what I've been working on...............I'm all about the amigurumi right now and I actually finished my first project.  A very beginner project with a tutorial that can be found on Le Petite Saint  Crochet blog or on You Tube.

Her name is Kandy Korn...............

My next project which is in progress is another free pattern from Le Petite Saint Crochet called Bitty Bunnies.........

I'm not sure if I will make both but probably...........right now I'm making the boy.......

I've made his scarf and one ear while  I was waiting for the safety eyes to arrive..........

Now that the eyes arrived he has a little face!  I'll be working on him today/tonight.

Spring has sprung in the Ozarks (Arkansas, U.S.A.)  Beautiful weather and the daffodils are in bloom!  Just the other day there was still ice and snow on the ground! LOL!

I hope you are enjoying the weather where ever you are!

Happy Trails!!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Oh Happy Day is right!!!

 I went to the doctor and I got a clean bill of health!!!  Yippee!  He said it was either diverticulitis or a stomach bug.  He listened to my gut and said everything sounded fine and the fact that I didn't have a fever or nausea didn't indicate anything serious especially since I am fine and dandy now.  My blood work from a month ago was excellent and my bp and oxygen level are great too!  What more could a girl ask for?  I won't be having any barbecued pork spare ribs any time soon though! 

Deliveries got backed up on my treasures because of the ice storm but they all came in today!  Here is my amigurumi book...

and little Marmalade....which I thought was a kit but is just the book with patterns....oh well....she's precious!  She's made with wool felt and has an entire wardrobe of clothes and accessories.....I never played with dolls much but now I think I am going through my 2nd childhood! LOL!

I also received the safety eyes for the amigurumi critters and this little breakfast cookbook that was talked about on The Splendid Table on NPR.  The doctor said no special diet either just be careful of things that might be hard to digest but since it only happened that once he doesn't think it will be an ongoing issue.  Breakfast is my most difficult meal for coming up with dishes I really like so I thought this might spruce up my breakfast fare.

Well, now that I have a clean bill of health, it's back to work!!!

BTW, it was a gorgeous day to drive to Mountain Home...sunny and 66 F!  I'll take it!

Happy Trails!!!