Monday, August 31, 2020

Monday Book Date

I do have a finish in the book department this week and I better keep it up because I am 20 books behind in my Good Reads Challenge!  Another great Nancy Drew mystery.  Once I start them I can barely put them down!

I started book #5 and I'm halfway finished with it!  I have to order more! LOL!  I'm enjoying this one which takes place on a ranch and there's horses involved!

I'm still plodding through my other books...........the Back Country magazine.............I've always wanted to try this especially back in the day when I drank beer but now I don't drink at all so I probably won't.

I'm enjoying this book so much but each chapter is like an individual essay and after reading them you want to let them sit in your mind and digest them and not rush right into the next one.

This one I need to get back to as I was really enjoying it until my Nancy Drew books arrived! LOL!  So many little time.

As for t.v. I am watching podcasts per usual..........Misty Percel of Luminous Fibers and Brenda and the Serial Starter.  I was watching Stitching the High Notes but she has her own Etsy shop now so there is more about her bag making and not much talking.....more just a video blog.  She used to be one of my favorites.  That's happened to several bloggers; they open a shop and then it's just an infomercial or they want people to contribute by being a Patreon.

I did subscribe to Frndly T.V. channel and I got a lot of use out of The Weather Channel last week!

What have you been reading, watching, and/or listening to?
Happy Trails!!!


Sunday, August 30, 2020

YOP Week #9


I am feeling so good about finishing things!  I hope I can keep it up but I realize I will have to  have some "quicker" projects along with more time-consuming projects in order to do that....some planning will need to take place.

Meanwhile, I finished my Candy Kisses shawl!  I did not care for the pattern and the yarn had 2 places where they had attached more yarn but the color of the yarn is what sold me! I also did not enjoy crocheting it that much.  I am so in love with the colors though that I am thinking I would like to hunt for fabrics in those colors (prints) and make a dresser scarf or a table mat.'s the shawl.............

My next finish is only a partial piece of a whole.  I finished the border for the Brill shawl..............

I love this pattern so much and the Quince & Co. yarn!  I would love to make more of this for edging on my mantle, shelves and more!  It does take a while to make it though.

Now on to the shawl itself!

I worked on a few of  my Halloween projects......

This is the picture of the part I am working on.........

This is how far I've's a big piece!

I also got out my Stitch Maynia project #2 to work on..........

and how far I've gotten.............

I had to order more blue floss above and also more plum for the Halloween Cat but they arrived already so I can move ahead.  I also got some foam stabilizer and a long zipper to make a vinyl and cotton project bag for cross stitch.  We'll see how I do.  There's a great tutorial on You Tube by Kimberly of The Fat Quarter Shop that I will be using.  Wish me luck!

This coming week I hope to move forward with the next part of the Brill shawl, make progress on my Halloween projects, and the Frida Kahlo basket (I really need to finish it!).  I also want to sew the project bag and maybe some Fall and Halloween 'bowl fillers'.  

Fall is definitely here because my white clematis is in full bloom and it only blooms in the Fall!  I would show you a picture but it has been raining ever since Laura came through.  But it's cooler, rainy and definitely candle weather!  I hope you are having a cozy Sunday!

Happy Trails!!!


Friday, August 28, 2020

Sunday dinner on a Friday night.......

 I just put a chicken in the oven.........with potatoes, onions and carrot.  It's a good time to post while it's cooking.  It would have been prettier to take a picture after it cooked but I have to do things when I have the time and before I run out of steam!

As you can tell I made it through Laura just fine.....she arrived last night after I was asleep.  The weather radio did go off once for a tornado watch and I woke  up once more with the sounds of the rain beating against the window which isn't easy as I have large eaves.  My real troubles came the night before when I was woken up by what sounded like a helicopter about to crash into my house.  Now, granted, I had been sound asleep but as I listened I realized it was the AC unit in the basement.  I turned off the ac and it stopped.  I went down to the basement, careful to close the door behind me because Miss Peeps is down there at night and I didn't want her upstairs...she makes it difficult to sleep.  I checked the unit and there was no fire so I came back upstairs and closed the door behind me and tried turning the AC back on but the noise it made was horrendous!  I knew I would have to do without it until I could call someone in the morning.   Meanwhile, I wanted to go back downstairs and check on Miss Peeps as I didn't see her when I was down there.  I couldn't open the door!  I tried and tried but the doorknob wouldn't work.  I went back to bed and had a hard time getting back to sleep thinking that just a few minutes before I had gone down to the basement and closed that very door behind me.  If it would have happened when I tried to come back upstairs I would have been locked in the basement!!!  That would have really been a predicament.  God was looking out for me for sure!  I wondered how I could call the HVAC people when they couldn't get to the unit because of the door?  Would I have to call a carpenter first to fix the door?  When I got up yesterday morning I took the door knob off and I could see there was a piece of plastic that was broken.  I googled it but in order to get the latch to move it said I needed a set of hex keys....really?  So, I called the HVAC people and explained the situation and he said not to worry and that they would take care of the door situation also.  PTL!!!  I was so relieved!  Plus, they said they would wear a mask and I told them I would wear one too.  It was a long day as it was the blower that went out.  He got the door open but I need a new doorknob which is fine.  He had to go back to Evening Shade and get another blower motor and then he came back and by 3:00 p.m. I had AC again.  It was cloudy and cooler yesterday so it never bothered me without AC.   I felt very blessed and grateful for many things yesterday!  I hope you are safe and well and feeling blessed too!  I'll try and catch up with you all tomorrow!

P.S.  I told the grandboys to save their allowance so they could get Grandma a Life Alert for Christmas! LOL!

Happy Trails!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Storm prep!

 Yesterday I got my prescriptions filled, mailed items, got the garbage out and back in and now I am good to go or stay in rather.  Today I  moved brush, brought in litter and salt from my car and moved my car up to the garage door.  I usually park it under the trees so it isn't in the sun but with the storms coming I thought it would not be a good idea for it to be under the trees.  My garage is full as I had been planning a garage sale before Covid arrived so I need to clear that out.  So, with all that done I am ready.  I just pray we don't lose power!  I'm also very glad I do not live in those coastal areas.  I would hate to have to evacuate!  But the remains of Laura are going to reach us here in Arkansas so I had to prepare.

I've also been doing cooking and laundry and staying on top of things that require electricity just in case.  I made homemade hamburger buns for the first time.  They are delicious and they were easy!  Next time I'll make them a bit bigger...........

I also baked some oatmeal with peaches and you can make it the day before and stick it in the frig until the next morning to be was also delish!  It has everything in it so all I did was pour some milk on top.

I am accumulating plastic bags again since Walmart does my shopping for me so I was looking for a way to neatly store all of them.  I found a video on You Tube on how to fold them like this.  It is the same way they fold the American flag.  I have a big old pickle jar I may store them in....we'll see.

I changed sheets and I've been working a bit more on my crafts room and watering outside of course.  I'll be grateful for the rain!

Stay safe and stay well where ever you are!

Happy Trails!!!

Monday, August 24, 2020

Muggy Monday with books and a new subscription

 Hi everyone!  How was your weekend?   Mine was nice and peaceful and  I got to  talk to my grandson, Uriah and I sent a long email and some pictures to my cousin and I talked to my daughter.  I blog in the morning on Sunday for YOP and then in the afternoon I try to "keep in touch".  When I was growing up, Sunday was church in the morning and then after dinner it was a "spin" in the country checking on some of the cattle in the upper pastures and some visiting or "dropping by".  I'm trying to resurrect those traditions although with Covid and everyone living far away I use the phone and my stationary.

Today, I made some dough to make  hamburger buns which I've never made.  The pork butt turned out great and so did the coleslaw.  Pork butt is really fatty....I guess I should have known as it is a "butt". 

Garbage is out to the street and laundry is done.  As for my reading this week.............almost done with my magazine.  I read an article a day or evening....

   Still reading this wonderful wise's not a story but she writes about growing up with her grandfather and all the things he taught her and the fond memories she has of his "blessings".  I highly recommend it.

I finished this one and I will be reading more of this series for sure!  Actually, it is historical fiction and I didn't know that until I got to the end where she said it was a novel based on the real life adventures of Constance Kopp!  Very cool!  It even had a picture of the real Constance.

While I was waiting for my Nancy Drew book #3, I started this's very funny and she is a good writer.....

Today I got my other Nancy Drew books in the mail!  Yay!  So now I can read them in order.  I already started The Bungalow Mystery! 

I have been watching podcasts and I caught up with Suzie Reno and I'm trying to catch up with Misty Percell (cross stitchers and quilters)  Today I subscribed to the Frndly channel which contains The Weather Channel  ( I am a weather geek), Hallmark and Hallmark Mysteries, Outdoor channel and there's a few more.  It's only $6/month and I think that is a deal!  So now I can watch the hurricane and snow storms this winter.  They're already stating that Laura will make it's way into Arkansas!  Yay!  We need rain!

What have you been reading, watching and/or listening to  this week?

Happy Trails!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2020

YOP Week #8


It's Fall Y'all!  Okay, so maybe we here in the South have 2 more months of "hotter than hades" but I've seen some leaves turning color and that's all it takes for me to get in the spirit!
I did not knit or crochet all this week because I had to kit up my Fall projects!!!  I do have a finish this week though!
Let's start with the was my #1 Stitch Mania project from this year.........a Lizzie Kate design called A Little Luck which we could all use this year!
This pattern was gifted to me as the person had already stitched it.  It came with some beads and a horseshoe charm which of course she used on hers.  I stitched mine on lemon yellow 14 count Aida.  The beads are supposed to go in the flower centers at the bottom and the horseshoe charm is to be attached in the gold box on the right after the word Luck.  I may just stitch the flower centers but I think I will order a horseshoe charm to attach.  I still call it a finish.  An FFO is a final finished object which will be when you either frame it or make it into a pillow or whatever. 
I also did more dyeing of fabric but still can't find my yellow Rit dye and I probably need to order a gold Rit dye.  So, I  had to go ahead and use my dyed fabric as is for Thine is the Trick and the Treat by Prairie Moon designs..........
Here's my progress so far.........if you look at it sideways you can see it is half of a scary cat face....
My other Halloween start is my favorite of all...........they're really all my favorites.....When Witches Go Riding by Prairie Schooler designs........I changed 2 of the colors as I did check Misty Persel's from Luminous Fibers and she too thought that the recommended floss did not reflect the colors in the photo so she changed the orange and the gold around the moon.  I did the same although she didn't mention which colors she used I just chose 2 that matched the photo and my gold is even a little yellower.
Not too much progress yet but most of yesterday was spent kitting all these projects up and dyeing more fabric!  I am using 32 count Lugana and it is small but it is an even weave so that helps!  I'm not doing the sewing method as it is not comfortable with this small of a weave but I enjoy the process of the "slower method" just the same.
There is one more Halloween ornament by Jody Rice of Satsuma Street on Etsy and I can't remember when I got this and if it was part of Stitch Maynia or not but I am enjoying stitching this for sure!
 This is the first time I have ever worked with paper and it is so easy and not nearly as 'delicate' as I thought it would be.  It's very enjoyable.
I did work on my sock a little.  I keep forgetting to put in a progress keeper!  This is a Knit Picks Kettle dyed yarn...I think.......
I forgot to show you the back of my America last week and I think I will put a patch over the back where it looks crummy........

But on the other hand, I dressed up the front a bit more.  I remembered I had a eagle pin from my high school days and so I dug it out and pinned it to the pillow...........once I patch the back I will feel better!  I really like how it turned out.
The other fabric I dyed was for a Fall project........a free pattern called Give Thanks but unfortunately I could not upload the photo.  There wasn't much done on it anyway so you aren't missing anything! LOL!
 That's all for this week.  It is in the 90's here............ahhhhhhhhh!  So, I'm watering the veggies every day.  I've been eating green beans and cherry tomatoes from my little garden.  The bigger tomatoes are slow growing.  I have a pork butt in the crock pot for pulled pork for supper and I need to make some coleslaw to go with it. It's a quiet, peaceful Sunday.  Wishing you all the best of everything!
Happy Trails!!!

Friday, August 21, 2020

My Favorite Day...............Friday

 Yesterday I made my menu and grocery list and ordered my groceries.  I went and picked them up this morning.  I came home, unloaded them into the garage, de-bagged, disinfected, and put them all away.  I got a few new Rit dyes too...........

I am getting ready to start some Halloween and Fall projects...I don't care that it's still in the 90's for the next month or 2......I'm starting Fall regardless !
This is a pattern that was gifted to me............
I had some fabric for it that I coffee/tea dyed but when I looked closer the fabric in the pattern looked like it had black and/or brown over dyed dyed my fabric again with some black.........
It might need another over dye.........I'll see......but it's looking pretty good for a creepy Halloween picture!
I got treasures in the mail today also..........I got the floss and material for my Witches Go Riding project................I got 2 fabrics because I wasn't sure which one I was going to like.  It will be the top one.  The other issue is the floss colors do not look like the colors in the picture so I may be swapping some out and now I hope I  have them!  I think I remember Misty Percel saying something to that effect.  I need to go back and check her podcasts and see if she mentioned her replacements.   
These colors look a little dark compared to this picture...........I think I will be auditioning some new floss colors......what do you think?
 I just realized I have 2 Halloween projects and none for Fall!  Oh my!  So, I dug through my stash and I will have to choose one.  I should make it a small one!  This is so much fun!
  I also got 2 books from Thrift Books............I was hoping for the 3rd Nancy Drew book but the 4th one arrived instead and a non-fiction...........I hate reading them out of order...maybe book #3 will arrive tomorrow.......
I've wanted this one for looks good!
So that's it for today folks!  I'm going to go whip together some chili cheese dip and maybe have some peaches and ice cream after that!  Oh, I forgot to tell you....remember the abundance of English Muffins they gave me on my last shopping trip?  Well, I ordered 8 white peaches but they said they were out so they would substitute yellow ones...that's fine.  Also, I ordered a packet of 3 boxes of Kleenex which they said they didn't have but would replace with individual problem!  Well, I ended up with 8 white peaches and 12 yellow ones and I got a pack of 3 boxes of Kleenex plus 3 individual boxes.  I was charged but not much!  It is like winning the grocery lotto!  I'm so glad I bought that ice cream to go with all those peaches! LOL!
Have a great weekend!
Happy Trails!!!    

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Working Wednesday

 I have been trying to move ahead around here and I have been doing well and making progress but not being a great blogger or blog visitor.....summers are a double load around here and it's just me, myself, and I so please forgive me. 

Look at this precious baby Rottweiler......oh, be still my beating heart!  No, he is not mine but belongs to a friend of my daughters and his name is Moses.  Oh, that face and look at those big feet!  I wish I could but I can't handle the training or the expense anymore but I sure miss my girls.

Here are the grands "roughing it" outside since there is no power but those look like some good Iowa chops on that grill!!!

P.S.  They finally got power today after a week and 1/2.


Yesterday I was busy cooking.  I made zucchini fritters from the last of my zucchini from last summer that I had grated and froze.  I also made macaroni salad and chicken tenders.  
Last evening I got my Amazon delivery and I made a mistake and ordered bees wax candles forgetting how hot it is outside and that it is not a good time to order candles!  Yikes Batman!  But lo and behold they were fine!  I was really surprised!  Supposedly they burn clean and soot free.  I want to get some more if these work out.

I also received some supplies for assortment of  necessary items!  Plus some coffee pods in the back there.

The best package of all was this cookbook by The Prairie Homestead gal, Jill Winger!  I always hold off on buying things for awhile to see if it's just a passing fancy or something I really want or need.   Well, this one has been on my mind for months so it was purchased and highly anticipated.  Jill has a blog too.  I read the foreword by Joel Salatin (another fave author of mine) and Jill's introduction and I'm getting ready to make my menu and grocery list so it couldn't have come at a better time!
Just simple good, basic food.....nothing fancy.  Before I sit down to do that I need to fill water bottles and water outside and then I can put my feet up and enjoy my new cookbook!  I hope you have things to look forward to today.
Happy Trails!!!