Sunday, July 10, 2022

YOP Week #2 Year 12

 Here's my list of "aspirations" for this coming year.  There are many areas and I will list what I am currently working on and the next project in that category whether it be a new project or a WIP.  I don't want to go farther than that at this point, but once I finish a project I can then add another new or  old project to the list for that category.

1.  Knitting - Current - Sam's tie...(WIP) I  have reached the 31 inches required and now I will start the decreases for around the neck and then more knitting until it reaches 58 inches.  I would not recommend this project as it is really boring! LOL!

Next - finish Multnomah shawl....really! (WIP)

2.  Crochet - Current - ghost doily for my daughter's birthday on the 21st (WIP)

Next -  Giant Granny Square blanket (WIP)

3.  Quilting - Current - Christmas Quilt (WIP)  I need to get a free motion quilting foot...they are $60!!!

I may just   quilt it with my walking foot for now...?

Next - quilt for my bed (WIP)

4.  Sewing - Current - Project bag(s)

Next - Hexies (WIP)

5. Wool Applique - Folk Art Quilt (WIP)

Next - Snowman applique picture(WIP)

6.  Wool Rug Hooking - Current - Running Dog (WIP)

Next - haven't decided yet

7.  Punch Needle - Current - Halloween Dance (WIP) 

Next  - haven't decided yet

8.  Embroidery - Current - Pins (WIP)

Next - Make It Do

9.  Ornaments - Current - need to kit up Halloween and Christmas ornaments (annual collectible) 

Next - 

10.  Crafts - Current - Mexican Trays (WIP)

Next - lip balm

11.  Cross Stitch - Current - large Summer XS, Star XS, Sabbath XS, Birthday, Halloween, smalls (need to kit up), Sampler (need to kit up)

Next - final finishing

12. Painting  - Current - Diamond painting (WIP)

Next - paint by number

13.  Charitable giving - Current - preemie hats

Next - Mother Bear Project maybe

14.  Techniques - Current - color work

Next  - continental knitting

I think that about does it....I hope!

I will update you each week on what I have worked on and if I introduce a new project or change something.  I'm hoping I can view my progress and my projects better this way.

Last week my goals were:

Crochet - working on border on Giant Granny Square (I've done 4 rounds out of 11 I think), and ghost doily if yarn arrives - The yarn for the ghost doily arrived so I worked on that as it is a present.  I did not work on the Giant Granny

the other one I made into a doily but it needs to be blocked.........

Knitting - Sam's tie - I did work on this and got the 31 inches done,  Now I start the decreases and then knit until 51 inches total 

Cross Stitch - Summer XS and kit up the 2 patriotic smalls, finish a star on stars XS, and work on BIG Summer full coverage

I finished the Summer XS, I finished a star on the Star XS and started another .I'd like to get some charms or buttons to put on the Summer XS pillow.

I finished the 4th star on the right and started the 3rd star in the 2nd row.....10 more stars to go.  I got my floss in  that I needed so nothing should stop me now!
I did not kit up the 2 patriotic smalls but I did work a little on the BIG Summer XS.  I actually worked on it more than it looks like because twice I had to pull out stitches and start again.

I'm doing the little starfish in the top left corner......


I got some treasures in the mail this week in addition to the yarn for the ghost doily.............. 

I reserved this book quite a while ago and it includes not only 32 quilts but her method of keeping her scraps organized...........

It also came with this quilt pattern.............

That's all for this goals for next week are hopefully, to finish Sam's tie and the ghost doily.  Finish another star on the Star XS, final finish Summer, and kit up the 2 patriotic smalls.  I also want to put some work into the BIG Summer XS.  Anything more than that will be frosting on the cake!

Happy Trails!!!

Thursday, July 7, 2022

Hot, Hot , Hot!!!

 It was a 104 degrees here yesterday...real temp!  I get out early and water but it's so hot that even though the plants have water they still wilt.  I haven't seen hide nor hair of birds or critters.  I think they just come out after the sun goes down.  When I turn on the cold water it comes out warm.  I am blessed to have AC and no brown outs so far.  Saturday it's supposed to cool off into  the 90'!

I haven't talked about my book reading lately probably because I am still reading reads like a good has over 8,000 5 star reviews and I can see's fascinating......

I have a personal interest in President Grant as I grew up in a little farm town near Galena, Illinois where he had his home.  I visited when I was young and discovered later that he had actually come to the little town  where I grew up and gave a speech at City Hall recruiting soldiers for the war.  The only problem with the book is that it is over 1,000 pages but I don't mind because it is so good.  My grandfather was a State Representative in Springfield, Illinois and I often wondered if their paths ever crossed, although Grant was not involved in politics at that time.  

When my Mother was young she said they took the buckboard to Galena with their produce to sell it where it would be shipped by train to Chicago.  I love that area and all the history that is there both American and family.  My family was Irish and I was told that the reason they settled in that part of the country was because it reminded them of their homeland.  It is a beautiful part of Illinois with rolling hills and beautiful scenery.

I'm also reading the first book in a series called Mystery on Hidden Lane but it's not very good so I won't be reading any more of them.

I was in bed last night just drifting off to sleep when I remembered  I hadn't blogged yesterday!  Where does the time go?  I'm still watching Poldark on Prime Video.  I've read 2 of the books and this is the first time where I've felt that the t.v. production was better than the book.

I hope you are staying cool or warm depending on where you live.

BTW, my daughter tested negative for Covid so she is on the upswing now.  She still has some congestion and she can't taste certain things but all in all that is good news.  Tracy still has it but the boys are fine so far.

Happy Trails!!! 

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Birthday Boy!!!

 Today is my grandson, Samuel's birthday.  He turned 15 today and will be off to high school this Fall.  I can't believe it!  He is a wonderful grandson and I hope he has a wonderful day.  Notice he's wearing Chicago Bear's colors!

This is his most recent photo...............with his Aunt Barb who's visiting from Florida.........he's a tall dude!


Happy Birthday Sam, Grandma loves you!

P.S.  Grandma loves you too, Grayson!

Happy Trails!!!

Monday, July 4, 2022

Sorry to say.............


 After what has happened in our country recently especially with the (not so) Supreme Court.....I can't in all graces celebrate freedom when so many freedoms have been taken away with more to come.

I remember when I read The Handmaids Tale and told you all how I thought the world was bad enough without making up stuff like that...well.  I take it all back because it is closer to the truth than I like to think.  At my age, there's little hope that our country will improve with the radical right on one hand and the weak democrats on the other.  

Here's one of my favorite songs and it seems to be all I have to look forward  to anymore........... I am so disappointed in my country and what my children and grandchildren are inheriting...........

The name of this song is When My Morning Comes was written by Iris Dement.  You'll have to copy and paste as I don't know how to get it to show up here.


These photos are compliments of October Farm who is a woman after my own heart....

Happy Trails!!!

Sunday, July 3, 2022

YOP Week #1 Year 12

 This isn't going to be as long as my  usual annual plans as no one has that kind of time!  Not even me! LOL!

I have so many interests that I am lucky to be able to touch them all in a year.  There are going to be lots of WIPs that will hopefully get worked on and finished but you've seen most of those at one time or another so I won't bore you.  This post will mostly be pictures of some new projects for this year.  Next week I will actually post a written list and timeline of all my projects that I hope to work on and eventually finish.

 Meanwhile let's get on with it!  A few books I'll be making projects out of.  I particularly like that cover crochet pillow...............

This book has lots of different crafts but also lots of finishing ideas............ 

This is a book I've had for awhile but haven't utilized....crazy,  because I love all the projects in it!

I bought a few cross stitch patterns I'd like to stitch this especially might take more than a year as it is BIG and full coverage.  I  may not live long enough to finish it but I will enjoy the journey!  This is Summer and there are the 3 other seasons too

This one is XS and felted wool applique it............

These are patriotic smalls.....I always like to work on items for the season I'm in....these should be quick.....

This one I had on my "wish list" and it went on sale so I had to get it............coming from the midwest it is very appropriate...........

I played yarn chicken and lost.................

This was a gift for my daughter for her birthday the end of July...she loves everything Halloween.....

This is what it is supposed to look like when done...IF you don't run out of  yarn..............

I ordered more yarn but it won't be the same as this yarn which I have no idea where it came I will  just leave this as is and start over with the new yarn when it arrives.   The pattern is on Ravelry

I also pulled out a WIP from last Summer..........

As for what my goals are in the different areas (except gifts when they pop up)......

This week:

Crochet - working on border on Giant Granny Square (I've done 4 rounds out of 11 I think), and ghost doily if yarn arrives

Knitting - Sam's tie

Cross Stitch - Summer XS and kit up the 2 patriotic smalls, finish a star on stars XS, and work on BIG Summer full coverage

That should do it but like I said, there will be a more complete written list next week and timelines plus final finishes that can be expected.

Happy YOP 2022-2023!  Happy 4th of July to those in the U.S.!......and

Happy Trails!!!

Saturday, July 2, 2022

Busy day yesterday and today................

The  hydrangeas are blooming and the daisies too.  

Yesterday the dishwasher wasn't cleaning the dishes so I looked on line for answers.  It said to clean the filter...what filter?  Where?  There was nothing on my old dishwasher that would come loose or lift off so the next best thing was run a cup of vinegar through and after that a cup of baking soda.  This morning I ran a "test load" of dishes and it worked!!! Now I don't have to call a repair person! Yay!  I did have  a whole dishwasher full of dishes to wash by hand though.  I don't mind but my back hurts bending over the sink so I have to take breaks.  I finally got them done. 

 I ordered a few things online yesterday and I always use PayPal as it is safe.  I checked my bank later that afternoon and there were multiple charges for the same thing.  I called PayPal and it wasn't them as they verified my purchases.  I can't call the bank because they're closed until Tuesday!  The only good thing is for now they are pending and hopefully by Tuesday it will be corrected.  It's a good thing I keep a healthy balance or I would be overdrawn.  This is the bank's fault and no one elses!  It's probably their programmers making changes over the long weekend and not testing them.  Usually they warn you ahead of time and you can't access your account until they're done.  Somebody messed up big time!

Today was grocery pickup that I ordered's all disinfected and put away...I'm tuckered but I still need to work on my YOP Plan for tomorrow.

I just got an email from Amy and she's still miserable and now Tracy has Covid.  The boys are wearing masks and staying away from their parents except to help them when they want something.  So far they haven't gotten it.  Amy's SIL has it and her FIL too maybe.  All the people they were hanging out with.....maskless.  I'm just hoping the boys don't get it!

I finished watching Grantchester on Prime video and now I'm watching Poldark.  I'm ready to put my feet up!

Happy Trails!!!                                                                                                                                                  

Friday, July 1, 2022


I looked at some things on Pinterest that had July "bucket lists"!  The only thing I will be doing for the next 3-4 months will be staying inside in the AC!  

I wish you a happy July wherever you are.  We're not off to a very good start.  My daughter called last night and she has Covid.  I didn't even recognize her voice on the  phone.  She'd been to the ER and they confirmed it.  She didn't think that was what it was.  She is really miserable.  They were going to Desmoines to celebrate Sam's birthday but not now.  I must admit when she sent me pictures of the kids in the Amanas I noticed they weren't wearing masks.  She thinks Sam's coming down with it.  Evidently people are thinking we are done with Covid...WRONG!!!  Do people not read the paper or listen to the news?
In fact, they are thinking of coming out with a new vaccine to treat these new variants.  As long as there are people who feel their rights are being violated to get a vaccine, COVID will be with us for a very long time.  I always wear a fact I will probably have one on in my casket! LOL!

Please say a prayer for my daughter and her family...thank you.

Happy Trails!!!