YOP 2023 - 2024

 Yahoo!!!  Another year and my favorite time.....the planning and dreaming of new projects and maybe finishing up some old ones!

I went back through my old YOP years and there are lots that never even got started much less finished. So, there will be some new starts and of course, Christmas and Halloween projects but all in all I am hoping to revisit some old projects that deserve some love.

Areas that I craft in and what's on the schedule right now:

Knitting - Purl Soho's Snowy Owl that I think was on my first YOP and I love it so why didn't I start it?  I think because back then I thought I had to use the recommended yarn and it was very expensive.  I've gotten wiser since then and I have no problem substituting other yarns when appropriate.

Big Snowy Owl    I have all the yarn, the circular needle and a big bag to hold it all.  I'm just waiting for the double pointed needles.....size 15....it's a Big Snowy Owl like it says! LOL! 

Crochet - Seeing Stars Blanket  This is another one that has been on my YOP list for a long  time.  I've got the yarn now, and I am ready to start!  So excited about this one.

Cross Stitch - There are so many WIPs in this category.  I tried rotating  projects but not sure that works for me although I do get bored if I work on one item too long.  I'm  thinking 5 days and maybe one of  those wheel apps that you plug in your projects and let it spin to decide what you'll work on.  That might be fun.  I do have Grayson's wolf but it not one that I am enjoying and it is BIG...I had no idea.  I'll let you know which ones I will be working on.

 Crafts - these are miscellaneous crafts that I want to make.  I'm just now organizing all my interests into notebooks with sheet protectors over the instructions.  It will make it so much easier to find patterns when I have them divided into their appropriate categories.

Quilting - Now this is a big category and right now I have several in progress but I only work on one at a time and right now it is my Block of The Month Red and Cream quilt.  I am on block #5 of ? and I have fallen behind by a couple months so I need to catch up.

Sewing - I have lots of projects in this category and right now I am starting to make some drawstring bags for Christmas

 Rug Hooking/Making - I have that rag rug to finish.  I need to rip more material and sew the strips together.

Wool Applique - remember the Snowman?  I need to find some wool for his face and finish that cutie pie! 

Punch Needle - Remember the Halloween Dancers.....need to start them!

 Embroidery - Right now I am working on my embroidery sampler book and will finish that before starting any embroidery projects although I did start one several years ago.

Diamond Painting - I think I need an easel for this as I cannot work on it very long bent over a table....it's a back killer.  If anyone has any suggestions please let me know as I really enjoy it and want to finish it.

Paint by Number - Got this a while back and haven't started it....I hope the paints don't dry out! LOL!

Paper Crafting - Just getting into this (like I need another hobby) but I have my pressed pansies and I want to make cards with them.  I also want to press the daisies that are blooming.  There might be some watercolor involved here too.

Painting - I got my watercolors and need to  use them on that instruction book I got awhile ago.    

  There will be more pictures next week as I start on some of these projects or continue on with some of the WIPs.  

I tried to hold myself back from too many new starts and to dig out others that need to be finished.  I hope it will help me to make more progress in the long run.

  P.S. To look at my other YOP years and blog posts from many moons ago visit www.farmgirlsam.blogspot.com  Also, please come join the Year of Projects on Ravelry!

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