YOP 2022 - 2023

Here's my list of "aspirations" for this coming year.  There are many areas and I will list what I am currently working on and the next project in that category whether it be a new project or a WIP.  I don't want to go farther than that at this point, but once I finish a project I can then add another new or  old project to the list for that category.

1.  Knitting - Current - Sam's tie...(WIP) I  have reached the 31 inches required and now I will start the decreases for around the neck and then more knitting until it reaches 58 inches.  I would not recommend this project as it is really boring! LOL! FINISHED

Next - finish Multnomah shawl....really! (WIP)

2.  Crochet - Current - ghost doily for my daughter's birthday on the 21st - FINISHED

Next -  Giant Granny Square blanket - FINISHED

3.  Quilting - Current - Christmas Quilt - FINISHED  

Next - quilt for my bed (WIP)

4.  Sewing - Current - Project bag(s) - I made 1 or 2 - FINISHED

Next - Hexies (WIP)

5. Wool Applique - Folk Art Quilt (WIP)

Next - Snowman applique picture(WIP)

6.  Wool Rug Hooking - Current - Running Dog (WIP)

Next - haven't decided yet

7.  Punch Needle - Current - Halloween Dance (WIP) 

Next  - haven't decided yet

8.  Embroidery - Current - Pins (WIP)

Next - Make It Do

9.  Ornaments - Current - need to kit up Halloween and Christmas ornaments (annual collectible) -FINISHED kitting up and 1 done

Next - 

10.  Crafts - Current - Mexican Trays (WIP)

Next - lip balm

11.  Cross Stitch - Current - large Summer XS, Star XS, Sabbath XS, Birthday, Halloween, smalls (need to kit up), Sampler (need to kit up) (WIPs)

Next - final finishing

12. Painting  - Current - Diamond painting (WIP)

Next - paint by number

13.  Charitable giving - Current - preemie hats

Next - Mother Bear Project maybe

14.  Techniques - Current - color work

Next  - continental knitting

I think that about does it....I hope!