Sunday, October 30, 2022

YOP Week #18 Year 12

I love holidays of all sorts and Halloween is one of my favorites!  I finally finished my 2022 Halloween ornament for me............

 I also finished a freebie from Colorado Cross Stitcher........

I've stuck to my 1 granny square per night and I have no idea how many I have but really can one ever have too many? 

Tonight, which is Halloween Eve,  I will start this beauty.........but of course it won't be done for this Halloween..........

The colors are over for the most rained yesterday and today.  But I snapped one last photo before the rain......

I hope you all have a Happy Halloween even if you don't celebrate it.  The Iowa Hawkeyes won their Homecoming game yesterday against Northwestern and the Chicago Bears play at noon against the Dolphins....the Dolphins are favored unfortunately but it's not set in stone!

Happy Trails!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Another busy day!

 I had my doctor appointment this morning so on my way out of town I filled up my tank.   Dr. Arnold told me that the colon test that medicare sent me is not the best and they have a lot of false positives so he wants me to take the Colo-guard one that they advertise on T.V.  He said it is much more through and actually checks for genetics that could indicate a propensity for colon cancer.  As for a is risky since I have weak spots in my colon evidenced by the diverticulitis but it is not out of the question.  He also said they have a good GI doctor at the hospital that could take a look at my colo-guard results and determine whether I need a colonoscopy.   I'm pretty sure it's in the cards but whatever.  I'm not concerned...I know the risks, I know the possibilities and I know I could end up with a colostomy bag if push comes to shove.  Dr. Arnold is a great doctor; he's smart, honest, and extremely good at explaining things.  As long as I know the worst that could happen I'm okay with it.  God will see me through whatever is in my future no matter what....that I know!

On the way home I stopped and early voted.  There were some sign carriers but they stayed back and waved...I did not wave back.  On a good note....I asked the doc if I could expand my diet a bit as I wanted to make some black bottom cupcakes and he said that would be fine.  He said I could even have cheese cake if I wanted to!  Guess what will be dessert for Thanksgiving!!!  Oh baby, oh baby!  

The colors are peak or over the peak....but some are still green.  This has been the prettiest Fall in the last 18 years I've been here.....just gorgeous color-wise and weather-wise. 

 I got almost all my mulch laid down.....I'll need more.......

And........when I got home I made those black bottom cupcakes!!!  Delish!!!  No frosting but cream cheese filled.....the recipe is on All Recipes if you want it.  I made these when my kids were little....I'll make them for the grands when they come too.......

I've been doing some Halloween and Fall cross stitching and I have a special one picked out for Halloween night.  

I hope you are doing well and enjoying this special time of year!

Happy Trails!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2022

The frosts are over for awhile

 I've had to cover my plants for 3 nights as we had freezing temps but now it is back to more normal fall temperatures, for awhile at least.  I've been busy decorating..........

 The ghosts are hanging from the trees....

The mums and pansies survived.........

and now to the inside.........

It's never too soon to get ready for The Great Pumpkin!

Happy Trails!!!

Sunday, October 16, 2022

YOP Week #16 Year 12

 I haven't posted to YOP in several weeks simply because I had nothing much to post.  I have been painting outside and getting yard work done.  I still make a granny square every evening.  One of these days I need to lay them out and see how many more I need.  I want to either make a table runner or a mantle scarf for the fireplace.

I did finish the Halloween ornaments for the grands.......

Here's the back..........

I'm still working on mine...almost done just the orange border left and I should have a Fully Finished Object (FFO) by next week.  These ornaments are from Prairie Schooler book #148 When Witches Go Riding

 I did manage to get my Christmas Shopping done (all online) although there are things to make.  I will hopefully have some of that to show next week.  I finished painting one set of steps outside my porch but the other set outside the laundry room will probably not get done as we are expecting our first freeze Monday night!  That seems awfully early for down here although it will still be in the 70's during the day.  I may be able to get more painting done....we'll see.  I still have the 10 bags of mulch to spread and weeding to do. 

I'm still on a sort of liquid diet but I feel great and have lots of energy.  It makes me wonder how long I was sick before I realized it.  The only issue is my colon test came back's always something!  But cataract surgery is next in November so I need to get things done for the grands are coming on Thanksgiving.  I made split pea and ham soup yesterday but I have to puree it.....nope!  It was terrible so I will be going back to my cream of potato soup.  I've lost 2 more pounds....22 lbs total.  A liquid diet is the way to go if you want to lose weight! LOL! 

It finally stormed last night so RED FLAG warnings are done for now.  It's supposed to be nice this coming week so I will be cleaning, painting, spreading mulch and decorating more for Halloween!  Stay tuned!

I hope you all had a great week and are enjoying whatever season you are in!

Happy Trails!!! 

Thursday, October 13, 2022

How did I ever manage to work a full-time job?

 I am having the best time during the best time of the year.  Another busy week but enjoyable.  I got my flu shot Monday and then went to Mountain Home to Lowes.  I bought 10 bags of Scott's Naturescape mulch in Sierrra Red as it is my favorite and they  were the only ones to carry it.  I also found my vintage green spray paint, some pumpkin lights, and a couple small mums to fill in some blank spaces in the horse trough.  Tuesday I planted the mums and did some more painting.  I also made more soup.  Yesterday I fully finished the Annual Halloween ornaments for the grands and it rained which was truly needed. I also did some cleaning and decorating for Halloween.

 Today, I  worked on my Halloween ornament while I watched the last episode of the January 6th Hearing. I was going to paint but it is extremely windy out and despite the rain yesterday we have Red Flag warnings for fire danger.  It's supposed to rain again on Saturday...I pray!  This afternoon I blocked the ghost doily I made for my daughter........   I probably should have starched it....

A few animal friends stopped by............a juvenile woodpecker.....Miss Peeps was entranced by him....

The groundhog is becoming a regular every afternoon for some acorns......

I hope you are enjoying life where ever you are!

Happy Trails!!!

Saturday, October 8, 2022

Book haul!!!

 Treasures from Thrift Books came today!  Don't worry....I have gotten rid of way more books than I have purchased and there are more to go! LOL!  

I got the 3rd book in the Cobbled Court series which I really's about quilters but more than that it is about women's friendships.........I highly recommend!

I also got the 4th book but it came with 3 other books........I have read Half Broke Horses and it is a fabulous book about the author's grandmother growing up out West when the West was still wild.....amazing story....another highly recommended book.
I also got this book and there is a series.  It is an old series about an English Village called Fairacre.  Jan Karon who wrote the Mitford books gave it high praise!  So, of course, I have to read them.  The Mitford books are some of my very favorite books.
I also had some books on my wish list that came I snapped them up!

I'll be cozying up with those books tonight.

The trees are changing every day and I have the windows open and I am overjoyed with this Fall's not as pretty as yours, Connie but maybe we'll get there eventually!

Happy Trails!!!






Friday, October 7, 2022

Working hard!!!

 This time of year is my summer.  I am outside doing lots!  We had junk day and   this is all the "junk" I got rid of!  It was like magic...I came out the next morning and it was all gone!

The ground hog has been visiting....the acorns are starting to fall and he evidently likes them.  Most of  the acorns are still green but the trees are laden with's not the best photo...........

Wednesday, I had the eye doctor appointment to measure my eyes for the surgery...1 1/2 hour drive.  Well,  in the morning I close my door when I'm getting dressed and making my bed because Miss Peeps is all over the bed and my clothes.  Well, I was all set and went to open my door and I couldn't.  The doorknob  had broken and I was trapped in my room!  Luckily I had my phone so I called my neighbor but realized she couldn't help me so I had to call 911!  The Sheriff's office responded and the young officer was very nice and he was able to pry open my door in the garage to the kitchen with very little damage and he unscrewed the doorknob to my bedroom and set me FREE!!! My neighbor was helpful as she provided the tools for takes a village!  Would you believe it.....I was early for my doctor appointment.  Unfortunately I had hoped to stop by Hobby Lobby and Lowes for mulch but in my "rattled state" I totally left my wallet and checkbook at home!  It's a good thing I didn't get stopped by the police!  I was so exhausted I took a 3 hour nap when I got home!  Stress is very tiring!

I have been able to get some painting done outside.  I finished painting the's only taken me 3 years! LOL!  I started on the stair railings (I have 2 sets of stairs in the back) and then ran out of paint.  

So,  yesterday I made a grocery list, went out to the highway and filled  up the gas tank then went to the new Tractor Supply....they have a garden center and gifts and I was looking for mulch and a fire pit.  They had neither but I still managed to get some birdseed and flowers which I planted today...... these are pansies I planted in my old washtub..........

and a mum in the old horse trough but I think I need a few more..........

After Tractor Supply, I went to Walmart and actually shopped in the store.  Between Tractor Supply and Walmart that is the first time since Covid that I have gone inside a store.  I wore a mask though.  I had to get more paint and I had bought it at Walmart but they could not match it as they didn't have the base....crazy!  I did my grocery shopping, came home and put the perishables away and called the local hardware store in the next town.  They said they would try.  The did a perfect job and I will never buy paint at Walmart again although it covered really well.  I came home and put the rest of the groceries away.  I have had lots more energy.  I don't know if it's the weight loss (22 lbs so far) or the Ensure.  I've stopped all supplements except a baby aspirin and I just take the Ensure for nutrition.  I am loving this energy!

We are having the best Fall....regular temps70-80'ish with no humidity and the trees are just starting to change.  It is really taking it's time which is so nice.  The pest control guy came today and got all the spider webs off my windows so I can wash them.  In the last 2 weeks the spiders have been weaving webs like crazy!  So, after the painting is done it will be window washing and maybe the car too if I can get it done.   I finally was able to order a firepit from Amazon but the mulch I will  have to drive to Lowes in Mountain Home to get....another long trip but I need it.  

I have been terrible at visiting.  With all the doctor stuff and fall chores there aren't enough hours in the day.  I'm like a squirrel rushing around getting ready for Winter.  I hope you are all well and safe from all the storms and that you are able to enjoy your Fall or Spring depending on where you live.

Happy Trails!!!