Monday, May 31, 2021

Stitch Maynia Day #31 and Memorial Day


 I remember when I was about 11 or 12 we moved from Chicago to our first home on Memorial Day.   Most other Memorial Days I remember putting in the garden.  Mother's Day I was given flowers for outside but Memorial Day was putting in the garden for as long as I can remember.  I made a rose garden with WW2 roses in honor of my parents who both served but I had to leave it behind on my little farm. 

 Not to break with tradition, I did some planting today.............along with putting out some decorations in honor of all who fought valiantly for this country and made the ultimate sacrifice.  My father's younger brother died in WW2 and received the purple heart.  There was a big framed certificate of it yet I never saw a picture of him.  

I can only manage to plant one tote in a day. I burnt drainage holes in it with my soldering iron, fill it with brush and things I can rake up in the yard.  Next I take all the old dirt from last years containers and cover the brush, then I put in compost, then fresh potting soil.  Today I got everything else outside and I planted 2 peppers; 1 green pepper plant and 1 banana pepper plant.  They have a bug that looks like sawdust.  I sprayed them with a dilute solution of Dawn and water.  Hopefully, that will take care of it plus being outside helps.  Does anyone know what it could be?

Can you see it?

I have 2 tomatoes on my one of my tomato plants..........

For the last day of Stitch Maynia 2021 I am stitching a design by Little House Needleworks that was a free pattern during the early days of the pandemic.  There are 2 patterns; one is LHN and the other is by her daughter, Country Cottage Needleworks.  I prefer the mother's colors as the daughter does lots of pastels and I am not a fan of pastels.

Here's my progress...........

I've got some old flower boxes I need to paint but since it is going to rain for the next few days (we already have a flood watch!) I decided to put them outside for mother nature to wash....I also got some more Wet & Forget to use on the driveway and the rest of the sidewalk this year.  It worked slick last year!  Thanks, Connie!

Finally, yesterday I got a chance to sew and finished up my squares for the little mini-quilt I've been working on.  Tomorrow I hope to sew it all together since it's going to be a rainy day....I'm not sure if I will sew it together exactly like I laid it out but you get the drift.

I hope you've had a peaceful weekend and time to reflect on the special meaning of today here in the states.

Happy Trails!!!

Sunday, May 30, 2021

YOP Week #48

 Well, I went to blog Thursday night and the power went out (we had big storms) came back on then went out 3 I gave up on blogging.  Friday and Saturday I just got busy with cooking and cleaning and yard work so I was just too tuckered out.  I'm still tired today....I  may take a nap after!

So, to catch you up on Stitch Maynia, here is Day #27 which is a  plastic mesh project bag that I am cross stitching a Cath Kidson little window with curtains onto...............

Day #28 is another  plastic project bag with a Cath Kidson rose being stitched on it......
Day #29 was another project bag with a Cath Kidson big flower being stitched on it..........these bags came in a set of 3 with 3 different sizes........from Fat quarter Shop

For today, Day #30, I am working on a Bee Sampler by Little House Needleworks.......

Here's my progress.............not much..........but the day's not over....

I did not get a final finish done nor did I rework my applique snowman.  I did, however, start another Giant Granny Square blanket.  It's so fun and mindless....just my  type of project.  Plus, it is the best one for using up my old acrylic yarn stash.  I love the vintage style and look.  It fits right in with my eclectic decor.

I made a great dinner but it took me 2 days! LOL!  Lots of prep work but I finished it off and baked it last good!  I said to myself that it better be good after all that work and it was!  It was another recipe from my favorite chef, Art Smith...........Spring Vegetable Lasagna......with ham, asparagus, white sauce and cheese..........

I also made bread...........

With all the rain we've had the garden and flowers are doing climbing roses have climbed into my Rose of Sharon tree............they're pretty but absolutely no smell to them...what a shame....

the petunias are doing great..........

the Stella D'oro lilies are blooming and the Japanese Iris and my other irises have come and gone already...

I planted some more....herbs.......

more tomatoes.........


I still have more to plant.....hopefully this weekend.  It was only 41 degrees here this morning and I had to turn the heat on!  Brr....but I'd rather have it cool than hot!

I think that's all for this week......only one month left of this YOP year!  I need to start making plans for YOP 2021-2022!  That year went by very fast!  

I hope you have a nice Memorial Day tomorrow in the U.S. and please pay homage to all  those who gave their lives in service to our country.

 Happy Trails!!!


Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Stitch Maynia Day #26 and a trip to town!

 Well, I refilled my prescriptions and when I went to pick them up the pharmacist told me that the doctor said no more refills until I go see him.  Dang!  I've loved not having to go to the doctor every 6 months....but I guess the gig is over now that I am fully vaccinated.  Oh well, I need to take stuff to Goodwill and maybe I could stop at Lowes and get some take out at Chili's or Buffalo Wild Wings?  Oh, and Starbucks!!! I have to make the trip worthwhile. 

I didn't do a lot of stitching today.....lots of chores and I got my scripts and a few groceries and some potting soil.  I've got my little robot vacuuming and mopping my bathroom....I love it when my appliances do my work for me!  You do  have to monitor them though.....sometimes they get in trouble.

So, for SM day 26 there was a bag with floss and that was I moved on to Day #27 which I'll work on today and tomorrow.........I'm stitching one of these little windows on a project bag that has holes for cross stitch

It's not the easiest thing to cross stitch on but oh well.................

I don't know if any of you watch You Tube.  I have it on my pc, of course, but also I have Roku so I get it on my big T.V. too.  There are channels for cats to watch birds and squirrels............this is Miss Peeps this morning watching her favorite show!   LOL!

I hope you had a good day!  It rained last night but beautiful today and I didn't have to water!

Happy Trails!!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Stitch Maynia Day #25 and a grocery run!

 I got my groceries and did the usual disinfecting routine.  I may continue to do this and wear a mask for the rest of my life! LOL!  So far, so good!  I cleared the air with my neighbor and all is good....that makes me feel better.  I never like to be on the outs with people but I'm not one to "hold back" my feelings....I'm all about getting things out in the open.  I feel better and I hope she does too.

As for SM #25 it is a "summer" pattern but there is no picture.........this is all I have done...........

Here's one I've had my eye on and there is one for each season.  I just love it but it is full coverage.....maybe a new start for Memorial Day?

Happy Trails!!!

Monday, May 24, 2021

Stitch Maynia Day #24 and a grocery order!

 Monday's are just not very productive for me and I had a little upset this morning with a neighbor that got me off on the wrong foot.  Old people!  They can be so persnickety!  It's their way or the highway...not that I'm old or!   So, it was not very productive but I did manage to get my menu made last night, a grocery list this morning and groceries ordered to pick up tomorrow.  I did some laundry and hope to get some more done before the day is over!

Stitch Maynia Day #24 is Zippity Do Da.............

I sing this song a lot and have since I was's a favorite.......

 The one really bright spot in my day was treasures!!!  They always show up all at once....I wonder if the post office picks certain days to deliver packages?   Regardless they arrived!

Some straw filler for pincushions.............

Cross stitch labels for the back of projects....mostly framed big projects..........

A project bag kit that matches my Coming to America Cross Stitch piece!  I didn't even know such a thing existed!  How cute to have a matching project bag!

A little quilt was on sale!

A panel of quilt labels from Lori cute!  They're all different....

and last but not least, a pattern I have wanted for years....Brenda Gervais's Word Play for January!

There was one other item but it is a gift for someone so I can't show it.  I hope your Monday was good and even more than good!

Happy Trails!!! 

Sunday, May 23, 2021

YOP Week #47

I didn't post last Sunday as I was really tired and had nothing really to post so I took a "sick day"!  LOL!

But I am back and have some  progress!  This week has been very productive!  I hope I can keep it up.

Of course, it is still Stitch Maynia and I posted each day and today is Day #23.  I haven't worked on it yet today but I'll show you what it is and the little bit I got done last year! LOL!

This is for my daughter as she used to say that a lot!  I think she says it to her kids too; both hers and her students! LOL!

It looks like part of the witch's hat is about all that was stitched last year.......... I wonder if I could finish it by her birthday in July?  If not there's always!

I do have a Final Finish though!  So exciting and it is the best finish I have ever done....IMHO.....this is the front....

and this is the back............

I am doing Final Finish Friday every Friday as it really works for me.  I also worked on my snowman wool applique and finished cutting it all out and pinning it to the muslin backing.  I bought some basting glue but do you think I could find it?  This house swallows things! I also  have special applique pins but I couldn't find them either.  I REALLY need to organize my craft room!

Here's has to be stitched now....

I didn't have the beige they called for so I used this tan wool but I think I may replace it with white....the tan looks a little strange.  A patchwork snowman?  Or just "dirty" snow?  Yes, I will be replacing those 2 pieces.

 I did a couple squares on the Victorian Lattice but I can't really watch t.v. and do them.  I may have to start another mindless Giant Granny.  It was so enjoyable and I looked forward to it every evening.

Now, to stay accountable I am going to start listing my YOP goals for 2020-2021 which I should have been doing all along!

1.  Dala horse pincushion FINISHED

2.  Crocheted cell phone cover (which didn't fit her cell phone) FINISHED

3.  Snowman Wool Applique WIP

4.  Mexican Metal Tray(s)

5.  Candy Kisses scarf/shawl FINISHED

6.  Wild Oaks Pincushion WIP

7.  Frida Kahlo basket FINISHED

8.Brill Shawl WIP (I forgot all about this one and I need to order yarn!)

9.  punch Needle Halloween project

10,  Quilt for my bed

11.  Rag Rug WIP

12.  Cobblers aprons to sew

13.  Rose City Roller's socks

14.  Hooky pillow FINISHED

Cross Stitch

1.  Chicken Joy WIP (needs final finish)


There she blows, matey!  I have my work cut out for me with only about a month to go!  Wish me luck and God speed!

Happy Trails!!!

P.S.  If you want to see pictures of all these projects for YOP just click on the "YOP 2020-2021" label on the right hand side of my blog.  

Saturday, May 22, 2021

Stitch Maynia Day #22 and a frittata!

 Hi everyone!  It was another good day with progress made in several areas.  First I'll show you the SM project for today...........I started this one last year during SM and dyed my own fabric for it. 

When I took it out I could not tell where I was so I had to rip out all the stitches and start there's not much to show....just a bunny nose and part of her's such a cute stitch though, I didn't mind starting over...

It was supposed to get hot today.....80's so I went out early and picked up sticks in the yard from trimming I had done last week.  This is the first day it hasn't rained in about a week or more.  Now, it will get humid!  Ugh!  I got the sticks picked up and then came inside and worked on my wool applique snowman. I got the last few items cut out and all pinned.  I'll show that tomorrow on YOP Sunday.  

After that I prepped a frittata for supper tonight............these are the vegetables simmering...before the egg mixture goes on top and it goes in the oven

I also cleaned litter boxes....there were we're down to 3 and before long we will be down to 2...yes!  It is another chore that really aggravates my back....bending over for any length of time.  

That's all for today......time to kick back and relax and have my nice dinner.

Happy Trails!!!

Friday, May 21, 2021

Stitch Maynia Day #21 and Final Finish Friday!

 I have decided Friday's are going to be "finishing things".....mostly craft projects that have languished or gotten buried underneath other craft projects!  I did do a final finish which I will show on YOP Sunday and then after that I pulled out a mini-quilt to finish.........I also set up a little ironing station on my kitchen counter as the pieces are small so no sense dragging out the big ironing board.............I just put a double folded towel down on my cutting board and my iron is sitting on an iron rest that's heat proof.

It's slow going because I have to cut out all the materials first and once again it is bending over my cutting mat and I can only do it for so long before my back needs a break.  I'm hoping to get all the cutting done today though.  I do have one square sewn but that's from a while ago.
My Stitch Maynia Day #21 is a free pattern from the Drawn Thread and it is in remembrance of 9/'s hard to believe it happened 20 years ago!  I just thought it would be nice to have a little something to bring out each year not that I could ever forget.

Here's what I have done.  I chose a tomato red which almost looks orange but I'm hoping the blue will tone it down a bit............

I also printed off a SAL called The Sewcialites which is free and has been going since last September....I'm a little late to the party.  But there are free quilt blocks put out every Friday by Fat Quarter Shop and each block is by a different designer.  The blocks are labeled Beginner, Intermediate, and Experienced. I figure I will start with the beginner blocks and move up from there.  Right now I am just printing it off with no plans to start anything.

Remember yesterday when I  mentioned having ordered from Country Stitches, Brenda Gervais's shop?  Well, her ears must have been ringing or someone tipped her off because today I got an email from her stating she had shipped all but one item which was out of stock but she refunded me the amount and the shipping.  PTL!!!  I am excited now!   

I hope you all are having a great Friday.  Do you have certain days when you do certain things?  Curious minds want to know!

Happy Trails!!!