Thursday, January 28, 2021

Missing in action again............

 For good reason though!  We had snow yesterday!  I was so happy....we still have a little but not much.

Those flakes were as big as silver dollars!  Not sure why there is no color.........

For some reason I got sick the night before from the eggplant parmesan.....I have no idea was fresh ingredients unless my system just can't take eggplant anymore.  So, I didn't get a lot of sleep plus I got a great phone call the day before that I had an appointment to get my first shot of the Covid vaccine!  I was to go to the pharmacy and pick up the voucher and fill out the paperwork and then go to the Methodist Church between 11-12.  I did and it was crowded!  Everyone was wearing masks but it was like social hour and they were not social distancing.   Plus they take your temp and the woman taking temps was standing with a group of women jabbering.  She also touched the temp thing to my forehead while the idea is not to touch it!  What a bozo!  A little old lady came over and wanted to stand right next to me.  She said she wanted to stay out of the way.....evidently not my way!   I just kept moving around to keep away from people and after about a 1/2 hour I was called up and it was my favorite gal pharmacist, Jennifer giving the shots with her trusty sidekick, Christine doing the paperwork.  What is it about me that I have no patience for these old people.  I am old!!!  But I'm not stupid...yet.  I got out of there and came home and promptly took a nap for 3 hours!  I don't think it was the shot but the lack of sleep the night before.  My arm is a bit sore today but no worse than any shot.

I go back in 21 days for the 2nd shot.  I got the Moderna vaccine.  I am trying to catch up around here....just one day and I have fallen behind! I'll try and catch up with everyone's blogs tomorrow.  I am very grateful for the vaccine!   

Happy  Trails!!!

Monday, January 25, 2021


 I love Mondays now that I'm retired.  I loved my job/career but I am a homebody.  I was able to work from home on occasion and I loved it!  I mentioned yesterday about my rotation schedule of craft projects.  Well, I have the same thing for my cleaning and de-cluttering/organizing projects.  

At the beginning of this year I wrote down all the things I want/need to do in all areas.  It was a brain dump.  Then I have a list of monthly chores, weekly chores, and daily chores that are repetitive.  For my weekly plan which I usually do on Monday morning, I incorporate items from the Master List, the monthly chores and the weekly chores.  After I have my weekly plan I divide it among the days of the week and id my BIG ROCKS or the most important items that need to be done that day.  High on the list are always food and clean clothes.  

Today was make the eggplant parmesan that I didn't get around to yesterday but I had a supper for last night.  My next cleaning and organizing project is the porch.  I had a bunch of blankets out there that I had used to cover my plants outside when we had frosts.  Those are in the washer now.  The other BIG ROCK  was empty and reline the garbages and get the big container out to the street as they pick  up early on Tuesdays.  Once the BIG ROCKS are done then I pick other things to do on my list.  Even if I get nothing else done I know the most important things to keep my home running smoothly are finished for the day.  Trust me, my list for today had lots on it!  What doesn't get done today will go on tomorrow's list so nothing falls between the cracks.  If I think of new things during the day I write them down with an S in front of them which reminds me to schedule them.  So far, I'm off to a good start and still getting things done.

 We had a great storm this morning with thunder and lightening and a driving rain.  I lit the candles and had a cozy morning enjoying my coffee and catching up on the news.

I finally got my eggplant parmesan put together and it is waiting to go in the oven............I had to use my camera flash today because it was so dark in the house.........

I worked on hexies while watching the game last night.  I only made it to halftime and that was it for me so I had to logon this morning to find out Kansas City won!!!  Yay!!! This will be the last full hexie and the rest are partials.

Today I worked on The Star on breaks............

Every day I get an email from the Modern Mrs. Darcy book blog and podcast.  She tells you about good books that are on sale.  Some of those ebook sellers have the worst taste in books but Mrs. Darcy is right up my alley!  I picked up this one today....downloaded to my kindle.  Most of them are $1.99 to $4.99 and some are audio too.  Anyway, I picked up 2 today............most of the ones she chooses she has read or have been recommended to her numerous times by her readers.   She said she loved this one so I got it............

I also picked up this one.......because don't we all want to write a book before we die?  I think I'd better hurry up!

I'm currently still reading Sylvia Browne's  A Psychic's Guide to our World and Beyond...The Other Side and makes a lot of sense to me..........and then I'm almost finished with Murphy's Law by Rhys Bowen; a mystery series about a girl from Ireland that my daughter far, so good!

I'm going to go sit down and go through some paperwork.....ughh!  But it must be done!

Happy Trails!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2021

YOP Week #30

It's been a really great week on all fronts actually.  I even have a finish!  I've created a rotational plan for my cross stitch and I may make one for my other crafts too.  The purpose is to ensure I get around to all the projects I want to do and yet finish them in the process.

My cross stitch schedule/rotation is as follows:  1 big project, 1 small, 1 Blackbird Designs project and a sampler.  I just finished a sort of small project.........Chicken Joy by The Real Housewives of Cross Stitch.  It was a free pattern that they gave away last Christmas.....I'm sure you can still find it.

I've picked out my next small and will kit it up this week............I found this pattern on Etsy and she has lots more that are really sweet!  She's from Iowa too.....

Here's the name of her shop............

My big project is The Star...........the lighting is really bad today as it is dark and cloudy

and my Blackbird Designs project is this one you might remember............

here's  my progress on it...........

The rotation as it stands now will be the small on Tuesday and Thursday, Blackbird Designs on Saturday and The Star on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Sunday will be Sampler Sunday and it will be Betsy Glover. 

I did work on the leg of the second sock........but not much.......and I'm using the sea glass progress keeper from Liz....across the sea!

  I did a few little granny squares using cotton yarn which I am really liking............

I also ironed and cut out my patterns for the snowman wool applique but I forgot the black background of his hat.....oh well, I have plenty of black wool..........

I got one little bit of haul this week.....a Lori Holt quilting book that was on sale.........there are multiple projects in it.....

 I did press my hexie fabric yesterday and will cut that out today.  My crafty goals for this coming week are: 1) do a final finish on a cross stitch piece, 2) finish leg of sock #2, 3) work on all my rotation pieces, 4) work on hexies,  and 5) work on snowman applique.  That should keep me off the streets and out of trouble!  Not counting my cleaning and clearing goals for this coming week.  I'll share those tomorrow.  

That's all for today.  I hope you all had a great week and are staying safe and healthy.  I'm off to make eggplant parmesan and get ready to watch the last of the NFL play off games! 

Happy Trails!!!

Friday, January 22, 2021

Bad Blogger!!!

 I haven't blogged since last Sunday but that's because I am cleaning and clearing and even doing some outside work which doesn't really make for interesting blog posts.  I have done some cooking and now that the holidays are over I am trying to eat healthier again.  This is veggie cassoula...lots of roasted vegetables with seasonings and it is yummy.  I do love vegetables.  It is from the Blue Kitchen cookbook where the recipes are from the "blue" areas of the world where people live the longest.  You can find similar recipes online.

I did make a sour cream coffee cake too which I have in the afternoon with green tea and honey.  

I got a quilt book in the mail this week..........a Lori Holt book which I can pick and chose her designs for various most of her quilts are scrappy which is my favorite!  I would love to stop and just quilt but I have pledged to get my house cleaned and cleared out so I can move or die whichever comes first! LOL!  It's now or never!

I finished a cross stitch project this week which I will show you Sunday and I have worked on The Star and the leg of my 2nd sock and I did a couple Granny Squares using Lori Holt's Chunky thread.  It is cotton and I like it but she can't seem to keep it in stock or get any so I may have to order some other cotton yarn.  I really like using the cotton as the stitches look so nice. 

That's all for now.  I'm off to make pasta sauce and iron my patterns onto some wool.  It's been very nice here; sunny and 50's which is perfect for working outside! 

BTW...I talked to the people about the robotic vacuum/mop and they apologized and are sending me another one.  I had to pack up the other one but Amazon had UPS pick it up and label it and it was easy peasey!  Plus, the minute UPS picked it up and put it in their system Amazon shipped me the other one!  Say a prayer that this one works and does the job!  I sure could use the help!

Happy Trails!!!

Sunday, January 17, 2021

YOP Week #29


This has been an exhausting week and I don't know why.  I've taken multiple naps and seem to be yawning non-stop!  So, forgive me if I haven't blogged or stopped by.  I've gotten daily chores done but not much else!

I did finish the leg of sock onto sock #2........

I've been working on hexie #10......

and my Star cross stitch............

I managed to trace my wool applique snowman will be to press them unto the wool.........

I got a little bit of haul.......some floss tags and some cross stitch jewelry!

It snowed yesterday but none of it stuck but it was really like a little blizzard on and off all day.  More is predicted for today....I'm loving it!  Tomorrow is supposed to be high 50's so I will be working outside,,,what a switch!

My robotic vacuum and mop arrived this week but for something that was an Amazon Best Seller and had a 4.5 rating of over 4,000 picks up nothing!  I  am so disappointed!  I was so looking forward to it and I researched it really well before deciding on one.  I will call them and see if they have any answers.  

  So, a disappointing week between the news and my robot!  That may be the reason for my "exhaustion".  Today is the playoffs and hopefully a relaxing Sunday that will rejuvenate me for the coming week! 

I hope you had a good week and were able to do some "making"!

Happy Trails!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

It's a great day in the neighborhood!

 Our governor just announced that phase 2 of vaccination distribution will start Monday and phase 2 is teachers and people over 70!  Yay for me!!!  I am excited!  But it was a sad day for my daughter and her family as their 17 year old cat, Hector passed away last night.  

I've been cleaning a lot and finished the family room today although I do have some paperwork to go through still.  I vacuumed and dusted and tomorrow my robotic vacuum/mop arrives!  I am so excited!

I broke down and bought some Swiffers to dust with since I have so many books and they make it so much easier to dust.  The older I get the more I am prone to take the easiest route to do things! LOL!  I may even hire someone to mow my lawn this coming summer.  I don't mind the mowing but the heat and humidity does me in.

This was a cute poem I saw yesterday on FB and I am copying it here in honor of Hector...I knew him for all those 17 years.....he will be missed!

I hope you are all having a good day!

Happy Trails!!!

Monday, January 11, 2021

Monday - books and cleaning

 How is everyone today?  I am rested and ready to hit the week running.  I'm off to a good start too.  I cleaned litter boxes, emptied garbage containers and need to take it out to the street.  I've been cleaning the family room and have taken most of the Christmas decorations down but I can only make so many trips to the basement before my legs start giving out.  Here's the mantle without the holiday hoopla on it.  The lights around the mirror are always there............

This is some sheet music I found at an antique store and truer words were never spoken! LOL!

I worked on my sock last night while watching Da Bears lose to the New Orleans Saints but at least I got to see a Bear's game!  My goal is to finish the leg of sock #1 by YOP Sunday....I have 30 more rounds to go.....

I ordered floss for my Star cross stitch and found some material and was able to start on the border which only calls for DMC 310 (black) which I always have...........

I also gathered up everything for my wool applique snowman and I am hoping to get the pattern traced onto freezer paper.......

I signed up for my new Good Reads Challenge for 2021....I lowered my standards since it was such a fail in 2020!  I read 46 of the75 books that were my sad.  This year I am shooting for 52 and I am already behind!  

I have finished 1 book.....Virgin River which is still on sale for $1.99 on Amazon for Kindle.  I think I mentioned the love scenes in the book are much more explicit than on t.v.!  I don't like that but the book was good.  It was different than the Netflix series.  I was going to get the next one in the series but it seems like the only thing they have in common is the location.  It looks like each one is a different story.  I'm glad the Netflix series stays with the same people.  The 2 stars from the Netflix series are all over You Tube....i watched one where they were cooking sourdough bread!  Jack is actually from New Zealand but has no accent on the show!  How do they do that?  

I'm presently reading Sylvia Browne...........I've had this book for years and I'm sure I read it so this is probably a re-read....I love Sylvia!  She helped so many people...she's gone now....

This was my Chritsmas read and I need to finish's another great Agatha Christie mystery!

Here's a little humor as I think we could all use some!

Happy Trails!!!

Sunday, January 10, 2021

YOP Week #28


It's only been a week but it seems was a long week!  I haven't even blogged too much as I have been glued to the news about the horrific events in our country's capitol.  I am not worried or scared but I am damn mad!  I am tired of these fools who don't use the brains God gave them to be able to discern truth from fiction and those that know they are lies but continue to stoke the flames of hatred and division.  I think there should be laws and punishments for lying! These lies led to the deaths of 5 people and the liar in chief needs to be prosecuted for all the cruelty he has perpetrated on this country and it's citizens and immigrants.  I usually try to stay quiet on politics but I'm done holding my tongue!  This is my country too and I'm not going to stand by and be quiet while a bunch of  "yahoos" try to destroy it!

That being said I did not get a lot of "making" done although when I'm mad I get lots of cleaning done!

I vacuumed and scrubbed floors and shook rugs and did laundry.  I did get some treasures in the mail too...........a book of patterns by Teresa Kogut which was so reasonable and now I know why....just patterns no pictures of finished objects except for the 2 on the front cover.

then this pattern which is my all time favorite!

I did work just a bit on the leg of sock #2 and hope to get more done this afternoon watching football.  I think I only got about an inch done this past week.

I worked on finishing hexie #9 and started on hexie #10

I worked some on Betsy Glover ...........

I also received my big package of fusible fleece.........

and some Christmas fabric to make a Christmas project bag..........

I've finished watching the 20 episodes of Virgin River on Netflix and really enjoyed it but now I can't wait for the next season!  I get emails from Mrs. Darcy on ebooks for sale and this week there was the first book in the series of Virgin River by Robin Carr!  It's even better than the Netflix series except for the fact that it is much more explicit which I do not care for but the story line is still great.   

I am praying that all of you are safe and well and that a vaccine will come to a neighborhood pharmacy near you!  I had to pick up my prescriptions Friday and I asked them if they had any yet and they said no but they are coming soon and they said they had me on the list!  I did a happy dance!

Happy Trails!!!