Tuesday, January 12, 2021

It's a great day in the neighborhood!

 Our governor just announced that phase 2 of vaccination distribution will start Monday and phase 2 is teachers and people over 70!  Yay for me!!!  I am excited!  But it was a sad day for my daughter and her family as their 17 year old cat, Hector passed away last night.  

I've been cleaning a lot and finished the family room today although I do have some paperwork to go through still.  I vacuumed and dusted and tomorrow my robotic vacuum/mop arrives!  I am so excited!

I broke down and bought some Swiffers to dust with since I have so many books and they make it so much easier to dust.  The older I get the more I am prone to take the easiest route to do things! LOL!  I may even hire someone to mow my lawn this coming summer.  I don't mind the mowing but the heat and humidity does me in.

This was a cute poem I saw yesterday on FB and I am copying it here in honor of Hector...I knew him for all those 17 years.....he will be missed!

I hope you are all having a good day!

Happy Trails!!!


  1. Hector will surely be missed. How very sad for all of you. I like that clock on your bookcase. And yes, you do have quite a few books. That is going to be the hardest area for hubby and I to declutter. We have 5 bookcases full of books! They are mostly religious ones we have used for teaching and reference. He is looking for a place to donate them where they will be used be others of our faith. It isn't easy finding a place like that.

  2. My sympathy on the loss of Hector. They really are family members. The poem is perfect.

    Glad you got an appointment! For the next few weeks, our county is taking people 80 and up. They only get 100 doses a week and I know they have a few weeks full on the list. The next list is 65, people with certain health issues sent by doctors and school employees. I miss it at 64. I am sure there are lots of other groups ahead of me, too, so thank goodness for curbside pickup!

  3. V. glad you're getting your vaccine!

  4. How sad to lose Hector. 17 years! He lived a great life didn't he? Do you know when you'll get your vaccine? I'm so glad for you.
    I've used swiffers in the house for years. The RV is so tiny, I don't need them but they work SO well for larger areas.
    Dennis enjoys mowing too, but we don't have the humidity like you do. He's going to have a lot to get used to being in Omaha.
    Take care my friend.

  5. My Mother got her vaccine today (Scotland). Now it's a case of keeping her from jumping in her car and travelling, even though we've explained it doesn't mean she's immune from catching the virus completely. I would definitely hire someone to do your lawn work. Give yourself the luxury of watching somebody else do your work for you! Keep safe, my friend.

  6. I do lts of mowing...I don't mind. I am so sorry about Hector...I bet your grands will miss him very much. Hope you like the new vacuum:)

  7. So sorry to hear of Hector's passing. Seventeen is along time for cats, I think? Certainly a long time to capture everyone's heart and be a well established member of the family.

  8. I'm sorry about Hector Sam...very sad. But I'm happy to hear you will get vaccinated!

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