Saturday, July 2, 2022

Busy day yesterday and today................

The  hydrangeas are blooming and the daisies too.  

Yesterday the dishwasher wasn't cleaning the dishes so I looked on line for answers.  It said to clean the filter...what filter?  Where?  There was nothing on my old dishwasher that would come loose or lift off so the next best thing was run a cup of vinegar through and after that a cup of baking soda.  This morning I ran a "test load" of dishes and it worked!!! Now I don't have to call a repair person! Yay!  I did have  a whole dishwasher full of dishes to wash by hand though.  I don't mind but my back hurts bending over the sink so I have to take breaks.  I finally got them done. 

 I ordered a few things online yesterday and I always use PayPal as it is safe.  I checked my bank later that afternoon and there were multiple charges for the same thing.  I called PayPal and it wasn't them as they verified my purchases.  I can't call the bank because they're closed until Tuesday!  The only good thing is for now they are pending and hopefully by Tuesday it will be corrected.  It's a good thing I keep a healthy balance or I would be overdrawn.  This is the bank's fault and no one elses!  It's probably their programmers making changes over the long weekend and not testing them.  Usually they warn you ahead of time and you can't access your account until they're done.  Somebody messed up big time!

Today was grocery pickup that I ordered's all disinfected and put away...I'm tuckered but I still need to work on my YOP Plan for tomorrow.

I just got an email from Amy and she's still miserable and now Tracy has Covid.  The boys are wearing masks and staying away from their parents except to help them when they want something.  So far they haven't gotten it.  Amy's SIL has it and her FIL too maybe.  All the people they were hanging out with.....maskless.  I'm just hoping the boys don't get it!

I finished watching Grantchester on Prime video and now I'm watching Poldark.  I'm ready to put my feet up!

Happy Trails!!!                                                                                                                                                  


Between Me and You said...

My dishwasher filter is inside the machine, underneath the bottom plate rack. It just lifts out so that you can clean it to get rid of the trapped food and then you just pop it back in. Obviously, all dishwashers are different but maybe your filter could be in the same place? Sorry your family have succumbed to the dreaded virus. It's getting worse over here too. Last week 1 in 20 people in Scotland had it. This week, it's 1 in 18!Not many mask-wearers to be seen but the other day, I had to go to physio for my ankle and the hospital categorically insist on people wearing masks. I loved the original Poldark. The new Ross and Demelza are a bit irritating!Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Leftycrafter said...

You have been busy. Sorry to hear your DW was naughty. Glad you were able to fix it without making a repairman call. Our Covid #'s are elevated here also. We have been lucky that very few are hospitalized and none of them are in ICU. Most everyone feels like they have a nasty cold and usually are back to normal within a week. I don't think we will ever be rid of this virus. It is going to hang around just like the flu does. Vaccination will be our best bet to ward it off.

Miss Merry said...

You may remember my dishwasher story. When ours wore out, I decided we are only two people and I could wash dishes by hand. Two days later I slipped while handwashing dishes and broke my arm. Surgery, a rod and pins, six months to finish PT. So glad to hear you got yours figured out, LOL. Prayers for your family for safe recoveries!!