Monday, November 7, 2022

Monday - November 7, 2022

 Wash day!  Socks that is.  I wash my hand knit wool socks before I put them away for the summer and then I wash them again to get them ready for the winter.  Today was the day!  

I heard someone say you could wash them in the machine on cold especially if you didn't have an agitator.  Well, I tried it last year and was very's the difference between hand washed ....

and machine washed..........see all the "nubs" on the machine washed socks?   Just a reminder for any newbie sock knitters out  there....and don't ever put them in the dryer!!!

Today I started my eye drops in my right eye for cataract surgery on Wednesday. 2 different drops each 3 times a day 5 minutes apart.  They are an antibiotic to ensure you have a "clean" eye before they do surgery....we do not want any infection!  I found out you are awake but they give you an IV that relaxes you and you don't remember a thing!  Good!  I also found out they replace your lens with an artificial one....I just wanted to ensure it wasn't from  a pig or from!

I ran to Walmart again as I forgot a few items, picked up a Christmas present and also another skein of yarn!  Woo Hoo!

Santa's Workshop is definitely up and running!  I got some XS material and floss in the mail and there are ornament supplies and more yarn on the way!  Busy days!!!

I hope you are having a great Monday!

Happy Trails!!!


Miss Merry said...

Good luck on Wednesday!

Far Side of Fifty said...

You will have to shave those socks!

Betsy said...

I'll be praying for you on Wednesday.
Do you hav a sweater shaver? I bought one from Hershnerrs but I do know that they are available on Amazon and maybe even Knit Picks
Wishing you a wonderful week of beng able too very well.
Blessings and hugs,

Susan said...

I hope all goes well today, Sam. My sister had surgery on both eyes and was thrilled with the results! I am so looking forward to knitting again - if only I could find my yarn! LOL.

Jeanna said...

Those are some lovely knitted socks! I'm not a fan of machine washing any hand-knitted item but I know folks who do. Hope the eye surgery went well!