Thursday, August 18, 2022

A Balanced Life

 In the past I have always done my housework first and although to look at my house you wouldn't think!  But by the time I get the daily chores done and then do weekly or monthly chores not counting outside work...I am too tired to do what I would really like to sewing.  I can relax in the evening and crochet or knit but to do quilting or sewing requires me to be "up and about" and by the end of the day I am too tired.  So, watching others podcasts and seeing how much they get accomplished in their creative endeavors, I decided to try a new approach.  Now, I do a "chore" and then I do something creative.  It may be reading a chapter in my book, or crocheting a scrubbie.  Plus, I make my list every morning and prioritze what I need to get done....whatever doesn't get done rolls over to the next day.  I find I am getting more done in each area,  and enjoying my days more!

For example, yesterday, not only did I get the daily chores done but I final finished a cross stitch, I wrote a letter, and I cleaned the top of the cupboard in the laundry room.  Since I've gotten older I've realized it is better for me to break jobs into smaller tasks so I don't feel so over whelmed yet I still can look around and see progress.  Anyway, how do you find time to do the things that bring you joy without the house falling down around you?  I'd appreciate any tips or techniques that you utilize.

I did get some treasures this week............

I am still reading Grant (45%)....I am at the part where the war is over and he has just been nominated for President.  What's strange is that the political infighting and the reconstruction going on in the South...with bitterness rampant, sounds an awful lot like our climate today.  Maybe history really does repeat itself.

I am now reading Cocaine Blues which is the first book in the Phryne Fisher murder mystery series.  These are the books  that Miss Fisher Murder Mystery T.V. series is based on.  My daughter left me the first 3 books  when she was here.  They are very good.  A little more explicit than the T.V. series but they're still good mysteries and a wonderful strong female as the main character.

I received a few other books from Thrift Books.............the 3rd and last book in the Mrs. Mike series....I realized the first book was a true story but the next 2 are novels.......loosely based on the same characters

I also got the 2nd book in The Fairhaven Chronicles.   It is supposedly like the Mitford books except it is from an LDS perspective.  At first I thought it spent too much time on the specifics of the LDS religion but I learned from it and then the stories picked up and I really enjoyed it.  So,  I ordered the next book in the series. 

I finished watching Virgin River series (for now) and now I'm watching Stranger Things both are on Netflix.

The other "treasures" I got in the mail were for my hand quilting and some T-pins for blocking.....

I'm hoping to give it a try sometime this week.  What have you been up to?  I can't believe it's Thursday already!

Happy Trails!!!



Leftycrafter said...

Finding that perfect balance is hard. I try to do any errands first thing before the heat hits. Then inside chores. I stop at noon no matter what, and have lunch. The afternoon is spent doing what pleases me. (Ie: swimming, crafting, reading etc). Then dinner and after I watch TV with hubby until bedtime. This has worked well for me but may not be for everyone. We live in a hea ily populated LDS community. It is a great place to raise a family as their family values are very strong.

Betsy said...

It's been hard for me to get into a "groove" since Hubby retired in March. I don't get nearly as much crafting done because he wants me to go on errands, etc. with him. And that's more important than my crafting. On the other hand, he does lots of my chores now. For example, I made dinner while he was on the phone with an old co-worker. Now he is upstairs washing dishes while I check my friends blogs. So I guess it's just finding a new equilibrium. And if I don't get as much crafting done as I used to, that's okay too because he is much more important to me. :-)
Love all of your goodies. I'm hoping to start putting my nine-patch cozy memory blanket together if it's big enough.
Take care Sam.

Miss Merry said...

I am overrun with grands right now, so my house is falling down around my ears!!!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Since I have been sick I figure out what is the most important job for the day...and if I get that done it is good:) Hard to keep up.

Leigh said...

That's really good advice about alternating chores with creative or relaxing pursuits. It's especially interesting that you increased your productivity on both sides!

Between Me and You said...

I've become incredibly 'laid-back' since I retired and I'm not in the least bit ashamed of it. Things get done when they get done and now that the summer (and visitors) is coming to a close, indoor jobs will take priority once more. Have a good weekend. x

Jeanna said...

I like your idea of alternating one chore then something creative. I get my inspiration from productive people, like you! I'm happy to see you are feeling better.
Hubby and I just finished Stranger Things...our young adults kept after us. They couldn't talk about it in front of us because they didn't want to spoil it.

Breathing Life said...

My husband's thought, and I agree, is except for dishes/making the bed and sweeping the kitchen floor other household cleaning chores can wait for a rainy day. Come November my house will be spotless! lol.