Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Getting back in the groove!

 Things are looking up and I am feeling like my old self!  I'm back to my routine and it feels good!\

I even did some crocheting.  I'm slowly but surely finishing the border on the giant Granny Square blanket and working on a belated birthday gift for my daughter.  She spent her birthday in the hospital with me just like on the day she was born.  She missed Grayson's birthday too but he is planning a big bash at the Play Station so he'll still get to celebrate his birthday.

Amy took Grace, my cat, home with her.  She and Miss Peeps do not get along and I was having to keep Grace in the basement which wasn't fair to her.  Amy's cat passed away a while ago and the boys were wanting another cat so it was a win-win.  Grace knows them, she will get lots more attention and I won't have to go  up and down the stairs.

Every night, Grayson would call and Amy would read him a story ...Miss Peeps enjoyed it too....I hope she doesn't expect me to read to her every night!

Amy caught this awesome photo in my back yard.....3 young bucks!  They  must be young or they wouldn't be hanging out together.


Yesterday, I did laundry, put some groceries away that we had stocked up on for me...broth, jello, Boost, and Gator Aid.  I filled water bottles, wrote thank you notes to both hospitals that took such great care of me, sent back an Amazon purchase, cleaned up the kitchen, brought the garbage can in, and filled out a survey from the hospital.  It was a productive day!  Yay!!!

Happy Trails!!!


Far Side of Fifty said...

You sound better! Good to hear that Grace will get lots of love at her new home and have no competition! Like you said a win win! Don't try to do everything at once:)

Becki said...

I am so glad you're feeling more yourself, Sam. How nice that you wrote the hospital staff a thank you. I'm sure that will brighten the days of those who receive it.

Leftycrafter said...

You were very productive. Grace will be so glad to have all that love and attention. How long will you be on the liquid diet? Do milkshakes count as liquid?

Miss Merry said...

Glad you are feeling better! But don't overdo! You are sure blessed with a wonderful daughter. I am pretty sure that Miss Peep will want a story. rrr

Jeanna said...

In the midst of moving and travel, I missed that you had been ill. I'm so sorry to hear that and will go back to read previous posts to catch up. Happy to hear you are home and feeling better.

Breathing Life said...

Love the pic of the three bucks, and yes, Miss Peeps is looking like it is time for a bedtime story.