Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Pictures won't upload!

 Who knows what's wrong.  I tried 3 times.  My pc probably needs a reboot but not right now. Anyway, I'll tell you a few things I  have been working on and some miscellaneous tales.

1)  I'm taking too much time to organize but I've tried the "just stuff it all in a closet or container" bit with company coming and it just makes a bigger problem later on so I am doing what I can and it seems to be working.  It's making more room and I'm getting rid of lots of "@#$%".  

2)  Yesterday I went uptown to the pharmacy to pick up my prescriptions and they told me that Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield wouldn't let me have my meds without coming inside for a blood pressure check.  I always do the drive-up.  I was furious, and I don't get mad very often but of course that made my blood pressure rise! LOL!  Then I had to wait and calm down until they could take it again...it was still high but not as high.  I'm usually totally normal like 129/60 with good oxygen level and pulse.  I take it at home and keep a record.  I was still furious when I got home and called BCBS and gave them what for.   I was nice to the employee...she's just doing her job.  But BCBS has pestered me with phone calls asking me if I am taking my meds and saying that their records state I haven't been picking up my prescriptions.....this has happened twice.  They've also called me several times wanting to make a home visit which I absolutely refused.   So, this was the last straw!  The gal told me I could file an harassment report on them and that way the higher ups would see it.  I told her to tell them if I get any more calls or can't pick up my meds I will be changing insurance companies.  I told her they have my records from my doctor visits twice a year so whats up with "Big Brother"?  Christine at the pharmacy apologized and she said there are lots of people complaining.  I called Christine and told her I filed a complaint and that other people should too.  My mantra has always been..."don't complain...do something about it"!  Who knows if a complaint will actually get filed but one thing I do know is re-enrollment is coming up and if they hassle me one more time we're done.

3)  I get deliveries from Walmart and they use brown paper to pack things.  I am ironing the paper and  using it for wrapping.  If I was really on top of my game I would stamp  the paper with red and green Christmas designs but I don't have time.    

I can't upload pictures but I can download!

Happy Trails!!!


Betsy said...

Oh, that is hilarous. I love the turkey meme! I couldn't find a BIG turkey this year. I usually roast a 22-24 lb bird, but the biggest I could find this year was 19 3/4.
Insurance is such a hassle these days. Don't even get me started. Because I'm not old enough for medicare, I've had to get marketplace insurance since Dennis retired last year. Becaue of my pacemaker, my deductible is $9,985.00. Yep, you read that right. I have to pay EVERYTHING until I've paid that amount, and then I still have to pay 20% of anything over that. I'm praying my pacemaker battery makes it until I'm 65. I have 14 1/2 months left till my 65 birthday. Last check I have approx. 9 months left on my battery but that number goes up and down depending on how much my heart uses it to pace.
I have to argue with this company over everything and they don't even pay. Can you tell you touched a nerve?
I hope your Wednesday is a wonderful one my friend.
Blessings and hugs,

Miss Merry said...

Perfect timing for me, too, since it is time to renew my Medicare Part D. Of course the company I am currently with is raising all the prices for the privilege of having insurance, deductibles and copays are changing. I looked at the medicare dot gov site today and I have going to have to make a spreadsheet to figure it out. Or just give up and keep the same plan, which I think costs more than some others with the changes. Why is this so hard!!!

Between Me and You said...

I've just wrapped up my Dil's birthday presents with brown paper and stamped with my trusty Happy Birthday stamp! Every little sustainable gesture helps the planet and my conscience!Keep calm and carry on!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Well you gave them the what for. Next time tell them to come out to the parking lot if they want your BP. Seems like a stupid policy...they must get a kickback or something. Sounds strange to me. Cute Turkey cartoon!

Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to you. Dee

Becki said...

I've been looking forward to going on Medicare (next spring), but reading this has me annoyed too. Hubs keeps telling me life will be much simpler once I'm able to ditch the expensive Obamacare and go on Medicare. Now you have me worried...