Friday, May 17, 2024

Finally a day at home....

 I went to the lawyer the day after the car place.  Both are 45 minutes away but it's done.  I went to the lawyer to make a new will as it has been 25 years since  the last one or more.  Things change.  I spent more money this month than I do all year above and beyond the normal monthly expenses.  Now, back to the Swedish Death Cleaning!

I forgot to show you rotation item #2 for my cross was Grayson's Wolf.......I hope I am able to finish this before he graduates from high school!  He's in middle school now...  

The next 5 days was supposed to be Jim's memorial  piece but evidently I did not kit it up with all the floss so I had to order some.  I switched his to Coffee and Eggs for now until the floss comes in.

I did start some crochet circles after watching Lori Holt's You Tube tutorial....I'm going to make 7 for now and stitch them together for a little doily.........the one with the gray edging is the only one completely done.  I'm using cotton yarn but not Lori's.  I find her things so much more expensive than anyone elses. 

The other day I watched a You Tube podcast by Clutterbug on her favorite cleaning tools and hacks and it was very good.  There are several I am going to use!  Here's a link to  her podcast if you're interested and she has links to the products too.  I'm definitely going to use the cardboard tube extension on my vacuum cleaner and I'll be getting the window washing tool!  You'll have to cut and paste the link.

Happy Trails!!!


Far Side of Fifty said...

Good thing you got your will done. If your estate goes to probate it is a real mess for those left behind.

Miss Merry said...

We had a wake up call several years ago when a neighboring family died in a house fire. They did not have a will. It was so tragic for their adult children to have to fight through probate while suffering a terrible period of mourning.
Our first will was when we had nothing but children and needed guardians. And we knew we had to get our act together.
We found a good young lawyer (my friend's son is a judge and it is who he recommended to her). He wrote our wills, had great recommendations for "what if" scenarios. He also drew up medical power of attorney, regular power of attorney, told us how to put things to avoid probate, etc. Worth the money! It is such a gift to your family.

Leftycrafter said...

We just update our trust a year ago. It also contains our will. No probate for this family. It is horrible. I watched a dear friend go through that and only finished getting it settled a few months before she passed away!

Now, as for the wolf! I think it is going to be stunning and your grandson is going to cherish it. Those little circles are.goi make such an interesting and colorful doily. I know doilies are 'old fashioned'. However, they do serve a purpose and have saved several pieces of fine furniture in my home.

Betsy said...

The wolf is coming along and I know that Grayson will keep it all of his life because you took the time to make it for him.
We've had a will three separate times. We had one when the children were small, then when we moved to Spokane we were told our Nebraska will wasn't legal there, so we had another done. When we moved back home three years ago, we had a new, (and hopefully last), one written. It's expensive so I hope we never have to do it again, but it's nice to know that all of our affairs are in order for the kids.