Sunday, April 11, 2021

YOP Week #41

This is all I worked on this week.  I got 10 of the 20 inches done............

Spring has sprung even more............violets smells so good!

and last but not least...the dogwoods are blooming in the woods!

Friday night we had storms that woke me up so many times that I was dragging on Saturday and got little done.  I ended up taking a nap in the afternoon.  Today I am rested and got going!  I wanted to make a crock pot meal so I ran up to our local grocery here in town (where no one wears a mask... not even the employees!) I wore a double for them and one for me!  I got some groceries and came home and threw together white chicken chili.  It should be done around 5:00 p.m.  I fed the birds and filled their suet and added a stacker plus birdseed.  I think they must be busy "nesting" as I don't see them as much.  When I was at the store I splurged and bought a hanging basket of purple and white edged petunias.  I had no flowers last year.  I took a picture but for some reason it didn't turn out.

I hope you are all enjoying good weather and staying healthy and well!

Happy Trails!!!- 



  1. Honeysuckle is one of my favorite aromas. I bought waxing melts for my pots with that aroma. My house smells like spring time. Good job on the fox scarf. It is going to be adorable. We have flowers blooming everywhere here too. It is so nice to drive down the street and see all the color.

  2. I love this early spring time when we see the buds and little flowers starting to bloom!

  3. Enjoy your flowers and the Honeysuckle!

  4. I HATE honeysuckle!!!!! I spend the spring spraying tons of Round-up trying to kill it. I'm sure cancer is in my future. It's invasive and kills all the young trees trying to grow in our woods. I do love all the wildflowers that grow in our woods.😁

  5. I love dogwoods. It is the province flower where I live. I would love to have one in my yard. I am enjoying the blooming japonica and winter jasmine in my yard. I have just discovered these beautiful flowers called lenten roses, and I think I will venture into our local garden shop (heavily masked) and pick up one for my front porch. Spring is here! Yay!!

  6. I have a couple of honeysuckle and I too love the smell but I don't think they like our soil or perhaps its the temperature as they are very slow to get going and one is over 15 years old and still not as tall as me.

  7. Your fox scarf is coming on a treat! And you chicken dish sounds just the thing on a spring day.

  8. Good Morning Sam. I'm trying to get caught up on blogs and decided I'm just going to start fresh today so it's not so overwhelming.
    I'm going to put a pork roast in the crockpot today with barbeque sauce and Mom and I will have pulled pork sandwiches for dinner, along with a pasta salad. I'm going to get out of bed soon and make a coffee cake for us for breakfast.
    We're falling into a routine that I cook here and take it to her house. I spend part of the day with her and part here at the house settling in. It's taking longer to get things done that way but it's important to just spend time with her too.
    I almost bought some flowers yesterday at the hardware store, but a freeze is expected later this week and I know I'm rushing it here so I'm trying to be patient.
    Take care my friend.

  9. Your knitting is beautiful Sam! :) And so are the lovely signs of spring. I can't believe people are still refusing to wear masks...I will always wear one, probably for the rest of my life now!

  10. That fox scarf is coming right along. You knit it so perfectly. Your pictures of spring are so pretty. I love all the new flowers this time of year. Every time I hear of honeysuckle, I remember when a friend showed me how to pull the stamens out of the flowers growing in a nearby alley and suck the nectar off of them. Sweet memory. :)

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  12. How lovely it must be down there! I can't wait to see the finished fox scarf. I am glad that everyone (pretty much) wears a mask around here. Except at the transfer station, but I just give them a wide berth. Maybe I should consider wearing a mask for them, too!

  13. Your scarf is DARLING! I am so excited to see the finished project.
    Spring has so much beauty! All the flowering trees and bushes are a treat for the eyes (not so much for my allergies).

    I'm always shocked to hear places/people not wearing masks indoors. I still wear mine outside (my kids wear theirs at the park) when I'm around others. I get some weird looks, but I don't care. I am trying to do my part to keep myself and those in my community safe.


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