Sunday, June 20, 2021

YOP Week #51

 I have not blogged all week and I almost didn't blog today.  But I  managed to take a few pictures so here I am!  I am tired and have been working hard all week on the house, cooking, gardening, and taking care of my neighbors cat while she is on vacation.

I  have a finish...............Stitch Maynia #2

and now I'm working on Stitch Maynia #3 which is February both from A Year of Celebrations by Hands on Design.................I think I'm about 2/3's finished with it and if I work at it I might finish by next week

I did work on the Giant Granny Square blanket a bit.............and wove in ends

Other than that I've been working on guest bedroom...........I took down (with much fortitude and brute strength I might add!)  these horrible vertical cloth blinds with so much hardware it was ridiculous!  I only have one more set to take down and out to the garbage they go.  I know you can remove the cloth parts and wash but what a pain!  Plus, IMHO they are ugly!

As for cooking this week: I made a crock pot dinner of a pork loin roast and sweet potatoes and green beans on the side.  I  made chocolate chip cookies from the Tate's bakeshop Cookbook.........they were good but no better than my usual recipe.........and I made blt's with my first tomato from the garden, and macaroni salad.

I tried cooking bacon in the oven and it is very easy and frees you up for doing other things.  It's good for large amounts like when the grands come but I thought it was a bit greasier for some reason.  I think a rack raised above the cookie sheet would do better.  I'll try that when the grands come.

I also tried a method of cleaning cookie sheets using a paste of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide and spreading it all over the cookie sheet and letting it sit for 2-3 hours.........don't bother!  It didn't work and I scrubbed it too but it's better than it was.  My daughter said she had tried the same thing except with baking soda and vinegar and that didn't work either.  I think I will look for some better non-stick cookie sheets.

One thing that I got in the mail were some battery powered pet clippers.  Grace, my cat, gets very matted and I used to have her groomed and they would give her anesthesia to make it easier on her, and the groomer but our vet is gone now so there is no one.  These clippers are noiseless and rated very high with people that have had similar issues with fur matting.  I have watched several videos and I am hesitant to do it as I don't want to cut her.  I may practice on some furry material just to see.  Wish me luck!  Have any of you  used clippers before?

That's all for this week.  I hope you had a good one!

Happy Trails!!!


  1. It looks like your clippers have an attachment to adjust the length so once they are attached you won’t get close to the skin. I have clipped my husband’s hair but not an animal. We had a long haired tortoiseshell get when I was younger and she would get matted fur despite us brushing her a few times a week. Your January finish looks lovely. When we moved in this house the vertical blinds were all yellow and we thought it was a weird colour to have bought. When I washed them in the bath it turned out they were white and it had been nicotine stains. Confirmed when we had some wallpaper removed and the house smelt like a pack of cigarettes. What will you replace them with?

  2. My son got us some motorize nail clippers for the dog once but it freaked him out as well as us. I just end up going to the vet every month or two to get nails clipped. Yes, a rack will definitely help and yes it's good when you want to get a lot of bacon done quickly. Baked on grease - try Dawn Power Dissolver.

  3. Nice cross stitch finish! When Chance had matts behind his ears I put my fingers on his skin and just clipped what was above my fingers...hope that makes sense...and if your clippers have spacers you wouldn't cut her:)

  4. so excited for your family to visit! I gave up on trying to revive cookie sheets. I save them for my grandchildren to use when they are playing with playdough.

  5. So glad to see you back, I was getting concerned. Love the cross stitch especially because it has a snowman. Gotta love snowmen!
    I do use clippers but only to cut Dennis' hair. I've never trimmed an amimal.

    I've also tried bacon in the oven with the same result as you. Then I tried it with a rack and the rack was almost impossible to clean the stuck on bacon. I still think old fashioned frying works the best.
    Have a great week Sam.

  6. I used to groom my dog all the time with clippers. There is really no way to clip their skin as the blade attachments make sure you stay away from skin. I did learn to do his tummy first as the clippers do start to get warm after being on for a bit of time. That way he didn't feel the heat. Good luck with then cat. You may need to use a leash and tie it to something so she can not run away. Kind of like a dog groomer uses at their shop.

    Your January sampler came out so cute. February looks like it is so close to being finished. I am sure it will be done this coming week. Your Giant Granny Square is moving right along. Weaving in the ends is a thankless job LOL. I usually work them in as I crochet along. Otherwise, the project would languish in the WIP pile for a long time just for the ends.

    I cook my bacon in my air fryer. It always comes out crispy and the clean up is super easy. I used to do it in the microwave but the bacon pan made for it never got clean enough for my liking.

  7. I would agree with the above - I have only clipped the boys hair but with the length guard on you cannot cut skin. Your stitching is gorgeous.
    I would just fry bacon rather than bake and save myself the cleanup!

  8. Lovely cross-stitches!
    Your giant granny is coming along nicely: kudos to you for weaving in the ends before the end.

    I make turkey bacon (I'm pork-free) in the oven. I put down a silicon mat on the cookie sheet to prevent sticking and staining the cookie sheet. I think its a little dryer than in the pan, but much less work and I've never burned it!

  9. Just use parchment paper to line your cookie sheets. Works beautifully and you can actually reuse it multiple times. It's magic for me. The cookies look delicious.

  10. Aunt Alice always broiled bacon. A bit tricky since it can burn v. quickly. January sampler is v. cute.

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  12. You had me at chocolate chip cookies!! lol. You have been busy and wow taking down those blinds certainly sounded like quite the chore. I am cheering you on and once they are dumped in the garbage I hope you let out a rip roaring cheer!

  13. Your stitching is so perfect! I use parchment paper or silpat sheets for all of my baking - I could never get the baking sheets clean. Cooking bacon in the oven on wire racks does keep the bacon from being too greasy, but it is a pain the you-know-what to clean the rack!

  14. Hi Sam :) I'm interested to know how the clippers work out! I've been thinking of clipping Marlene's hair around her ahem, privates since she now wears a diaper and it's difficult to get her really clean. The cookies look SO GOOD. And I love your January stitch! :)