Sunday, September 26, 2021

YOP Week #13

Happy Fall everyone!  I have to tell you though that Fall is my's too hot here in Arkansas to enjoy the summer but fall is a whole different story!  I have lots to do outside like in the Spring so you probably won't see a lot of production here until it gets too cold to be outside which could be December! LOL!  There is football that I listen to on Saturday and Sunday so I can do a little crafting then.  This was not a productive week in any area....I have no idea where the week went but it did and I have little to show for it.  But here goes............this pretty kitty should have been done aside from the fact that I ran out of floss!  It's ordered so it should arrive this week and I'll "get 'er done" but unfortunately all the ornaments use the same 3 colors and the majority is the dark brown.  Yes, it's brown not black but it looks nicer with the cream Aida cloth.

The next item on my craft agenda was kitting up the fall cross stitch pieces.  I got some of the material and floss but not all of it.  I was able to cut the material though and zigzag the edges to keep them from unraveling.  I have them in my super cute Ziplock project bags....I really need to sew up some nice project bags....another thing to add to my "Never-ending Project List"!  Now, I just wait for the floss! 

One of my priorities is sewing my bed quilt which I am hoping to get some work done on this afternoon but I am also still cutting pieces for the QAL Christmas quilt and that is a slow boat to China.  I can only cut for so long and I have to take a break.  It hurts my back to bend over the cutting table for too long.  I'm getting there though....slowly but surely!

I spent some time this week binge reading Laura Mattox's Instagram account as she is a phenomenal quilter!  I love everything she does and she has a sewing room that is the cutest!  She's very inspiring!

As for today, I am making some sourdough starter is ready as I fed it last night and let it sit out.  If you want any information on bread making of any kind and great recipes for other things just go on over to King Arthurs website!  It's amazing and there's even a phone number if you have questions or problems.  Here's my starter rarin' to go!

There's a Chicago Bears game on at noon so I'd better get hopping!  The Iowa Hawkeyes won again yesterday!  3-0!  They beat Colorado State 24-14....Go Hawks!!! Go Bears!!!

Have a great week everyone!

Happy Trails!!!


  1. Don't you just hate running out of floss when you are on a roll? You got a lot done on the ornament though. I love the King Arthur website. The recipes on there are fabulous. Which recipe of theirs do you use for your sourdough? There are so many. I have tried 2-3 of them and have loved all of them.

  2. Jealous of your bread baking. Bread is a rare treat for me now that I'm on Weight Watchers. (I'd rather enjoy a beer). I'm not a cross stitcher so I enjoy seeing your updates.

  3. I love the cat and your put together kits (with the best bags!) Your starter looks great, I'm sure it will taste marvellous!

  4. Cute cat! Yes Fall is a busy time here too!

  5. It was fun to see you on instagram this week! I love King Arthur, too. Hope the floss arrives soon.

  6. You are so organized! I think that's a great idea, to put together kits of future projects. There have been too many times when I stare at yarn in my stash, wishing I could remember which project I bought it for. Yay, Fall!

  7. Awesome post and love your stitching projects! King Arthur always has such wonderful recipes and has been my go to place lately for bread recipes. Fall is definitely in the air 😊

  8. Go Hawks indeed! You inspire me to keep right on plugging away although my production rate has dropped significantly since our move. Lots of family things, (not complaining at all, I LOVE being close to family), also the puppy is taking so much time and I wouldn't trade that either. My yarn will wait. I'm working on some cross-stitch now that can't be shown as it's for Christmas.
    So I look really unproductive.
    Take care Sam and enjoy the fall. Winter will come soon enough.

  9. I’m a week behind again. In the UK most patterns for xs come with the floss required, I read you regularly ordering floss so I wonder if it’s not the case in the US.

  10. One day I would love to see a picture of your floss stash. It seems like often you post that you have floss arriving in the mail. You must have every colour under the sun!

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