Sunday, March 14, 2021

YOP Week #37

 Slow week as far as progress in anything.  About all I worked on was the giant granny square's so easy to pick up and just crochet for a bit.....which I like when I need a break.

It seems I can only stay on my feet for so long and then my back starts hurting and I have to sit down.  Not sure if it's arthritis or bad posture or old age or a combo of all 3 but it is what it is.  After 10 or 15 minutes I feel better and then I can get up and go again.....for awhile at least.  It's about time to weave in some ends again too!  I don't like to get too many before I weave them in.

 I did work on the fox scarf and I did start it was going along hummingly,,,,,,,,,,

until this happened.................yes, my brand new needles.....let's just say sitting on them is not a good idea!  I'm going to try and glue but I'm not sure that will work but I will try.

I had some other "bad luck" incidences this week too........I was able to contact the company in the UK about my Happy pillow kit.  They apologized and evidently took the money but never sent it.  They said they would and I would get an email with tracking information.  So far..............nothing!  Then yesterday I got a "pink slip" in the mail from the county tax person stating I owed big time with late fees since I had not paid my taxes last October.  I paid my taxes and I have their deposit stamp on the back of my check from early in October!  We got a new county tax person this year after our other one retired and I never had this problem ever before!  That goes along with Amerigas turning me over to a collection agency when I have never missed a payment....ever!  What is up with the incompetence?  It's everywhere, it's everywhere!  Then I have to spend time on the phone and online proving my innocence!  I called the AG on Amerigas and now I have to fill out more paperwork in order to report them.  (I have had Amerigas for 15 years as that is who provides my propane tank so I can't buy gas from anyone else.  But I have had problems with them numerous times on their billing department....they're crazy!).  Anyway.............enough about that!  

On the bright side....I have been putting money away for a Chromebook so I can video chat with my grands and it is supposed to be here Tuesday and they are on Spring break this week!  I can't wait!  I haven't seen them in 2 years.  The other item I've purchased are 2 sets of Lyykee interchangeable needles.  I was only going to get 1 set, the smaller needle sizes.  I couldn't find them....everyone was "out of stock".  I talked to the company and they said they are backlogged in Nepal/India because of the pandemic and they said I should order them from a yarn shop to get first dibs when they do come in.  Well, I found 1 shop up in Michigan that had the set I wanted which were the Driftwood in the gray denim case.  This was the small set.  I asked if they had the larger set and they did but in the black leather only.  I decided that since they were so hard to get that I would go ahead and get them both and that with the different cases I would be able to tell which needles were in which case easier.  Those were the last ones that shop had and they said they hadn't been able to get any more for a long time.  I was blessed!  I also purchased a ball winder and some stronger reading glasses for cross stitch.  Researching all these items took a lot of time this week

Some new food items that I discovered which I will be trying next time I have a Walmart order are Hershey's nuggets which have coffee in them and also M&M's with coffee and nuts!  Caffeine is my saving grace lately! LOL!  

Hopefully, I will have more to show next week!  I hope you are all well and getting a little bit of Spring where you are or Fall?

Happy Trails!!!


Leftycrafter said...

You are lucky that you did not impale your Nether regions when you sat on that needle. I had one go into my thigh and it HURT. Bhopefukky your pillow will show up soon as well as you new needles. Sounds like there is trouble with your county assessors office. Good thing you have proof for them and for the gas company. What a pain for you to need to go to all the work to prove your innocence. Hopefully this coming week will be better for you.

Cousin Kay said...

Sheesh, what a week. But you will love being able to Skype with Amy and your grandchildren! FYI, I did get a bit of the "covid-arm" a day after my 2nd vaccine so good to know I still have a functioning immune system:)

Miss Merry said...

Oh gosh - the broken needle! Meanwhile, grrrrrowl. All those mistakes! I hate having to call people, get my receipts and then try to talk (in person) to the right person. I just hate it. And two biggies in the same week!!! I did have to pay a fine of over $50 on my property taxes in June since I mailed them and, guess what, they did not make there on time. This time the auditor was announcing that if they don't receive them on time - there is a fine - so I must not have been the only one penalized. I dropped mine off in the new slot on the door after hours and then stalked the website until I saw my payment posted. You can pay by credit card on the phone, but there is a huge charge for that too. Sometimes you can not win.

Maureen D said...

WOW, what a week. Hope this one is much better. Best wishes as you fight through getting all this straightened out. I'm sorry you are experiencing so much pain. I have been doing yoga this winter and it has definitely helped me. There are lots of free online videos once you get your Chromebook.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Hi Sam, You can facetime your Grands...good for you! Wow what a week, hope you get it all straightened out. I guess when it rains it pours. I go for my second shot Tuesday. :)

Breathing Life said...

So frustrating dealing with incompetence and red tape. I hope your back settles down. I got a chromebook last fall and I really like it.

Susan said...

How in the world can Amerigas get away with that level of incompentency? There is nothing quite as frustrating as having to waste so much time (which could be spent on projects...) trying to make up for others' errors. I have a Chromebook and I love it! How nice it will be for you to finally see your grands. I bet they have changed in two years. Looks like the pandemic is affecting more than the availability of toilet paper. I used to use bamboo needles until they kept breaking. I switched to Addis. That blanket looks fabulous!

Between Me and You said...

I have a Chromebook and so far, so good. I bought my eldest granddaughter one for Xmas because it's more suitable for homeschooling. She went back to school today (high school) for 3 hours and that's it for the week!!Hardly worth it. The youngest one is at primary (elementary?) school everyday since some bright spark in our government said she's not at risk so much because of her young age! Can't get my head around the reasoning. If your back continues to niggle, might be worth getting it checked out. I've never had any luck with bamboo needles. One snapped right in the middle of a row once and nearly punctured the vein on my wrist!!I also have to deal with incompetent officials this week and am putting it off until I gather my wits (that could be a while!).Have a good week.x

Betsy said...

Hi Sam! Your back issues sound lots like mine. I do a bit and sit for a bit, even with the medication I take. I made dresses this past week and it took me 5 days to make 6 sundresses. Super simple ones at that!
It sounds like you've been dealing with lots of mistakes and big ones at that. What happened to being proud to do a good job anyway?
I'm glad you found both sets of the needles. I hope you show us a picture of them when they arrive. And your pillow too. I have faith that both will show up! :-)
How fun to be able to video with your grands soon. I know how important that is. I still can't believe that in about 3 weeks I'll be able to hug Piper. That will be so wonderful.
Take care my friend. I hope all goes well with you for the rest of the week. You've had enough negative stuff.

HighlandHeffalump said...

What a week you had last week! I hope this week is proving easier. I started following the lady you mentioned a couple of weeks ago who was in the car crash. Watching her thank you video today made me so grateful for my life, and the kindness of strangers who are helping her family. I dont think I will ever do any canning but I'm watching her earlier videos as there'll be income from those. I use Lykke needles although just bought the sizes I have needed rather than the nice full set in the lovely cases they do.