Sunday, March 21, 2021

YOP Week #38

 It's been a great week!  Lots of treasures and St. Patrick's Day with all the trimmings and my Happy Pillow arrived!  Yay!!!!  I am so HAPPY!  Let's cut to the chase on that pillow...........look at those colors!  Yum!

This pillow is will fit across my bed for sure..........

 It is canvas with wool yarn as any other material would get shredded by the canvas......there are 261.25  10x10 squares which would be 261.25 multiplied by 100 stitches in each of those squares.....big!  But it is already a pleasure to work on..........I am loving it!  It is basically giant cross stitch.....

On to some other projects.  If you haven't noticed, I am taking a break from cross stitch (except for the Happy pillow).  I think I overdosed on it.  I put time into my socks and finished the leg on sock # 2 so now I am back where I was before I messed up.  This week I hope to get the heel flap done on both socks.

I did some more crocheting on the giant granny square's starting to get pretty big!

I'm loving working on it and I'm not sure how big I will let it get before I call it "finished" plus there will be a border too....I might need to get a crochet border book that I've had my eye on.

Since I broke my needle for the fox scarf I hadn't worked on it but then my new Lykke needles arrived so I used them with a cable.........I am loving my new needles for sure. Plus, the wooden needles were so long they would go up my sleeve and were unwieldy at times.  Although I didn't get my 9 inches of the orange color done it won't take me long to catch up..........

This next week the plans are to make the 2021 gift list and start getting supplies and projects lined up for those.   I need to final finish the Luck XS, sew more strips for the crocheted rag rug and another idea for some coasters using the same method.  I have some mending to do, the heel flaps on the socks, the fox scarf and of Happy pillow!  I need to set up some specific weekly goals for each project otherwise I know I would just work on the Happy pillow and nothing else! LOL!

I hope you are all enjoying Spring or Fall depending on where you live.  The Bradford pear trees here are turning white from the blossoms that are getting ready to pop and all the Spring bulbs are blooming right on time! Happy Spring and........

Happy Trails!!!



Leftycrafter said...

Wow, that is a big pillow. I don't know why I thought it was going to be a pillow for the small of your back. But how beautiful it is. All those pretty colors. Hooray for your socks being ready for the heels. Moving right along on those. Your new needles will make knitting projects so much fun. I use circulars for everything except dishcloths. Those I do on short straight needles. Spring has sprung here too. I remember the Bradford pears blooming in KS about this time. They are so pretty.

Miss Merry said...

That pillow is going to be gorgeous! The colors are so "spring" and it will make you happy just to look at it! The socks are so pretty, too. Glad you are back to work on the fox scarf.

Maureen D said...

WOW, looks like the Happy pillow will keep you busy for quite a while. But you do have other fun projects so hopefully you will enjoy switching between all your WIPs.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Oh the pillow will be very special! Love the socks you make too! Happy day my friend!

Breathing Life said...

I love the pillow and the colours. Big is Great!. Your sock yarn is delightful - love the stripes.

Far Side of Fifty said...

You have Spring!! Yeah! Oh you will be Happy Pillowing for a long time! Looks like a fun project!
The sheep tank we bought has a drain hole in the side and we will put rocks in the bottom. It should work great!
Sure hope you have a great week! T is doing good, talked with her today keeping our fingers crossed:)

Betsy said...

It didn't realize the pillow was so BIG! That will be so fun to work on and so bright and HaPpY when it's finished. Love it.
Love your socks too. You have some cheerful colored projects happening right now.
We had such a beautiful week last week but it's been flurrying snow all afternoon and evening. Not sticking to the ground but still unwelcome. :-). 60's forecast by the end of the week and I hope the weather girl is right this time.
Dennis gets his second shot tomorrow and I get my second one next Monday. The NEXT Monday I start my drive east. Whoo-eee! It's happening. I can't believe it. Almost 30 years living in the west and now it's back to where the tall corn grows. :-)
Blessings and hugs,

Susan said...

Oh, I love those socks! You must only sleep a couple hours a day in order to keep up with all those projects. Spring is creeping in here - thank goodness. I hope it stays. I had to laugh at the mention of knitting needles going up your sleeves - that's why I do everything with the magic loop!

Becki said...

Oh wow! That IS big pillow. And what a fun one, too with those pretty, lively colors. Is it just me, or do those socks you're knitting match the colors in the pillow? lol Loving your granny square blanket. And glad you got some new needles so you can finish the fox scarf. I have concluded that I prefer knitting with circular needles. I like the feel of small needles in my hands over the longer ones that, like you say, go up your sleeves. lol

HighlandHeffalump said...

I'm glad to hear your Happy pillow kit arrived finally! You can hear the happiness in your words so it seems the perfect project for you. Lots of projects on your plan for this week. It reminds me I planned to do some felting this week...perhaps I will get to that today.

Cinna Knits said...

What a great pillow project! I think the large size will make it quite distinctive!!
The socks are lovely, and you giant granny is so wonderful! I am very fond of giant granny square blankets myself.

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