Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Tired Tuesday

 I couldn't sleep last night.  I had a coke during the day and I wasn't thinking...the caffeine kept me awake until 2:30!  I did get a lot of reading done though.  I'm reading a National Geographic magazine....per usual and for my fiction I am re-reading the Mitford series of books by Jan Karon...so good!  As for my non-fiction  I am reading The Boys in the Boat about the rowing team from Washington state that went to the Olympics when it was hosted by Hitler's Germany.  It is very good.

Today was grocery pickup and there were no substitutions which was great as they were my Thanksgiving groceries.  I did forget to get cherries for pie although I do have a pie pumpkin I should use.  The bird is in the freezer and I am all set for next week.  I did change up a few things from my usual and I have cut out things over the years as I am always by myself.  This year  there will be turkey breast with bone in, mashed potatoes and gravy, sweet potato casserole, green beans and raspberry pretzel salad (which looks more like desert to me)....lol!  I always make pumpkin pie but this year I thought I would make cherry.  Years ago I would make 3 different pies; apple, pumpkin , mincemeat or raisin pie depending on who was coming.  Of course, a big turkey like 21 lbs, with mashed potatoes and gravy!  There would be at least 3 different vegetable casseroles, dressing, and a tray filled with olives, pickles, baby corn, crab meat, salami, proscuitto (Italian ham) and spiced apple slices.....a real feast!  Those days were wonderful but they were also a lot of work!  At least on Thanksgiving there weren't presents to wrap and give but my problem was that I worked the day before so Thanksgiving Eve was always a late night!  So, I really don't mind not having company.  After all those Thanksgiving dinners I deserve a rest! LOL!

I had a little bird at the feeder that is new to me unless it's a goldfinch  that doesn't have much color or a female?  Some birds do change color in the winter, I think.  Maybe it's a baby from this past Spring.  It seems to have a baby face...so cute.

My youngest grandson got his first Covid shot today! PTL!  I am so happy...maybe Grandma Sam will sleep better now! LOL!  He is the last one to get vaccinated.  I pray for all those who cannot or will not get vaccinated.  

Happy Trails!!!


Cousin Kay said...

There will only be two of us this year so we're going out for dinner! We are having a "Friendsgiving" on the Saturday after the holiday and I am making a beef brisket for that.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Good to hear your family is all vaccinated...we are too except for the little great Grands they are too little. One adult Granddaughters husband is not vaccinated. I told her to motivate him!

Not sure what we will eat something simple for sure. My Mom already had a big dinner. :)

Miss Merry said...

I used to do the big dinner too. Not only did I have to work the day before, but in the early years I did not have the grocery money to buy what I needed until I got my paycheck early that Wednesday. There was one memorable evening when I ran to the bank at 5 and then to the grocery store only to have my car hemmed into the space why people who triple parked. There I sat fuming with all my food until someone finally moved the car. I never slept on that Wednesday night, that's for sure! Now we go to my daughter's house and just bring pie. Last year it was just the two of us and I put a small ham in the crock pot.

Betsy said...

I"m with you. Piper is my only non-vaccinated grandchild and she gets her first shot tomorrow! Yay! I'll be so relieved when she's fully vaccinated.
Your menu sounds great. I'm making a huge dinner thi year but a few others are bringing a dish or pie. I have a 21 lb turkey so I laughed at your comment about roasting a 21 lb turkey!
Well, it's off to bed. I hope you sleep well tonight.

Jeanna said...

Great news to read that your grandson got his vaccine shot. We have a family member holding out and I just pray hard this person gives in soon. Hubby and I did all of our Thanksgiving food shopping yesterday during my lunch break. The store barely had anyone shoppers and the shelves were pretty well stocked. Hope you sleep better tonight.