Sunday, November 21, 2021

YOP Week #21

This is Week #21 on the 21st of the year 2021....coincidence?  I don't think so.  There must be something special about this day!  It's certainly not my post as it is short and sweet.  I have been monogamous in order to finish Christmas presents although it looks like it will only be one present.  Why do I always think I can get more done than is humanly possible?  At least for this human.

I have one mitt done of the finger-less mitts for my daughter.  Remember I was going to make a matching hat?  Not gonna happen!  I have to ship the Advent gifts to her soon because we open the first one on the 13th of December  I still have to make the 2021 annual Collectible ornaments for the grands and I can't find the pattern book!  Geez Louise!  Plus although the mitt fits my hand the bind off is a bit snug and my daughters hands are bigger than mine so I'm pretty sure they won't fit.  No more handmade clothing gifts!  They look nice though.  I was able to follow the directions pretty much but Tin Can Knits tutorial leaves a lot to be desired and for a "beginner" I thought the pattern was a bit much plus lots of purling.  It was not an enjoyable knit and now I have to do another one.....woe is me.

I worked very little on my Winter Wonderland CAL and I'm already behind but I am on row #9.  I thought I wasn't doing it right but then I looked at the picture of the entire blanket and realized I'm okay....whew!  That's a big relief! You can't see much because it tends to curl up.......sorry for the blurry picture......what is neat about the color changes and all the don't need to weave them in!  You cut them to about 2 or 3 inches and tie 2 together (I think) and when the blanket is done you do a border that incorporates all the ends and you don't see them!  Brilliant! 

That's all for this week except for a few projects I can't show and then I went down a few rabbit holes with some free cross stitch links from Pumpkin Hollow on You Tube (just go to her latest podcast and look at her show notes and all the links are there).....she does quilting's one she did that I love..........the pattern is on Primitive Quilts and Projects website..........This is PQ and P's version.  Olivia did hers in Civil War Reproduction fabrics and it is stunning!


and then there was this one I stumbled upon............Laundry Basket Quilts design.......supposedly easy applique with a separate template.......

Why is it when I am doing one craft I'm always dreaming of another?  But the dreaming is fun so I won't berate myself too much until I need to buy the materials for all these projects! LOL!

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you in the U.S.A. and I'm sorry if I missed yours.....

Happy Trails!!!



  1. Hopefully the mitts will fit your daughter. Have you tried Jenny's superbstretchy bind off? It makes binding off so nice and stretchy. Mosaic crochet is so much fun once you get started. I left my ends about 4-6 inches long and twisted 2 together and left them for fringe. So many ways to finish a blanket. Good luck finding the ornaments cross stitches.

  2. Hope you get your gifts done in time for the mailman! I love your Advent tradition with your daughter.

    I cut the pieces for the very simple rag garland for my bedroom last weekend. Still haven't started it.

  3. Well, your mitt looks amazing so I'm sure your daughter will try to make them fit. So far I have resisted Christmas knit gift giving because I don't do well with a scheduled commitment. That said, I did get my SonIL's Christmas socks and my daughter's Sailormoon sweater done before our drive to their home next weekend. On the other hand, I refuse to commit to any knit project for her wedding celebration in May.

    1. I'm with yo more deadline making for me except the grands ornaments...that's enough! LOL!

  4. I can commiserate with you on the deadline knitting. I have a baby blanket that I'm furiously working on to give to the new parents on Tuesday evening. THERE IS NO WAY that I'm going to be done by then and it infuriates me. But hopefully it will be finished before they leave next Sunday. Not at the rate I'm going though and I have to make Thanksgiving dinner for 20 in the middle of that time.
    We have to stop doing this to ourselves Sam!
    Blessings and hugs,

  5. I gave up on deadline holiday knitting several years ago. I just can't deal with the pressure of one more thing on the holiday checklist and honestly? It's been more than fine and much easier on my stress level! That said, I hope you or someone you love can use those mitts because the color looks wonderful and super cozy!

  6. The mitt looks great. I hope it works out. I also gave up on holiday knitting for the most part. Every now and then I will do one project for someone special. It became too much pressure for me when I was trying to get multiple projects done in the same deadline.

  7. Hi Sam, Yes I leave at least four inches of yarn at each end...snug the ends up and tie two together then snip them shorter. They will do just fine in the border envelope. It will be yarn was supposed to be delivered was not...
    even though the tracking said it was delivered so I have to call the post Office in the doubt a lazy worker.

    I bought a Tinna pattern last week for mosaic crochet mittens. We will see how that works out! I could be real busy!! Hope the pattern will be small enough for the Great Grands!

    I am always dreaming up new projects when I am supposed to be working on just one! Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. You could always undo the bindoff and redo with more ease. Just a suggestion. Happy Thanksgiving - enjoy your turkey and if I know you there will be lots of other scrumptious dishes!

  9. I enjoy wathching Olivia, she creates some beautiful quilts and her cross stitching is magnificent. I never accomplish as much as I think I can. Hope you have a great week and Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. I think we all have rather grand plans which rarely all get completed as there are far too many nice things to make!

  11. Those pumpkin quilts are SO CUTE!!!!

    Making wearable gifts for others can be tough! The mitt LOOKS beautiful! Would a different bind-off help with fit? I do a K2Tog bind-off that has a ton of stretch.

  12. I’ve stopped doing any crafting that has a deadline, it’s why I don’t sign up to KALs as well, it suddenly turns what should be a pleasure into a chore. I can see why Christmas in July is a thing, because starting things then takes some pressure off, but then you have all those lovely autumnal projects too. Another bind off will fix the glove fit hopefully, it looks pretty so hope they eventually fit her.