Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Rice Krispie chicken and a sneek peek!

 I tried a new chicken recipe and it was delish!   Crispy Chicken Strips on All Recipes.  It uses crushed rice krispies.  It's easy and a keeper for sure!

I also started a crochet project which is really a head start on YOP 2022-2023...here's a sneek peek.....I'll show you the rest of it on Sunday.  It was just a test run but now I'm pretty sure I will make it......

I had a strange thing happen yesterday.  I had turned on my dryer and when I went back awhile later the clothes were still wet.  I thought maybe I had pushed the wrong button so I reset it.  After about 30 minutes I went back and they were still wet.  I figured something was plugging up the vent or the tubing but I wondered how I would clear out the tubing behind the dryer.  I went outside to check the vent there and lo and behold....a little critter (probably the chipmunk I've been seeing) had built a nest in the vent.  I cleaned it out and the dryer worked fine again!  Whew!  I never leave the house with the dryer going and that is exactly why......it could have started a fire.  Glad I was able to fix it.

 I also did outside trimming yesterday and will do more today as it has been in the 80's and nice and cool in the mornings.  I'll be watching Hearing #6 today at noon.

Happy Trails!!!


Betsy said...

I'm glad you figured out your dryer issue. I was taught young that you never leave a dryer running while you're gone because of the chance of fire. I guess what you discovered tells "why" exactly.
You cooking sounds good and I love your crochet start. I'm curious now as to what it is. I hope you don't leave us hanging very long.

Far Side of Fifty said...

You are a dryer repair person! Put the dryer vent on your list of once a month jobs!! Nice crochet piece...looks like fun!

Miss Merry said...

Glad you figured it out! Close call.