Friday, July 31, 2020

Still waiting for rain!

They've predicted rain all week and 90% but no rain!  We did have a nice shower yesterday in the early morning hours but that's it.  I guess I'll need to go out and water again.  Meanwhile, I got back to work on a project I started last year before that fateful summer.  I had taken the closet doors off the entryway closet and painted it along with the shelf.  I removed the clothes pole and ripped up the carpeting...............this is how it was left...........
So today I moved ahead with the plan..........this is wrapping paper I found and I attached it with double-sided tape.  The only problem was that the wall is textured so there are lots of air pockets and I had to really rub the paper to make it stick securely.  So far so good but I'm thinking when I wake up in the morning it will have fallen down.  I hope not. 
 I only bought one roll of paper as it was not cheap but there will be a dresser to hide the end of the paper................... 
 this dresser............

But first I have to remove the entryway carpet and paint the floor before that happens.  I know I only have plywood under the carpet but anything would be better than this 50-year-old germy carpet!  Have I said how much I despise carpeting?  Well, I do....always have and always will.  Area rugs and throw rugs are fine but no carpet for me!  I can't afford laminate flooring throughout this house nor would I want anyone here installing it at this time so I'm moving ahead myself. 
Eventually there will be some fairy lights and battery-operated candles on the shelf.  I think it will look nice when done.
I made some black bean burgers for supper to go with some sweet potato and corn.
  I hope you had a great Friday!  Stay safe and stay well!
Happy Trails!!!


  1. I like that paper! I hope it stays up. Textured walls are tricky. I can't wait to see the project when it is finished.

  2. Hey, that's pretty cool using the wrapping paper like that! It'll be neat to see the finished product! I can't stand carpet either, but being in an apart ment we pretty much have no say in the matter. Ah, well. Are you going to refinish the dresser?

  3. The paper is so pretty. Hope the tape sticks.
    Well...we are in for plenty of rain in my neck of the woods. Hoping the hurricane brushes the coast and leaves us without too much wind damage. I do not like carpet either. We have tile throughout...vac and mop, easy peasy.

  4. I like the paper in the closet. Putting a dresser in there is a fantastic plan.

  5. Pretty paper! Yes I recall this will look great when you get it done:) I hate carpet also. We have it upstairs...but no one goes up there except me to dust:) Downstairs I have a few throw rugs and some area rugs that get replaced every few years:) Stay cool and safe!

  6. I remember when you started this. The wallpaper is gorgeous and really brightens up the closet. We have, (had I guess,) laminate in the livingroom, kitchen, dining room, hallway and office in our house. I loved it. It was virtually indestructible. We had it for over 15 years and it still looked new. Three big dogs ran around on it. Three cats. No scratches at all.
    I think I would choose something else next time though as it's hard to keep clean. No mopping because if water gets under it it will be ruined. I would have to literally clean ALL of those rooms on my hands and knees. No fun with a bad back.
    I can't wait to see your project finished.
    Take care Sam.

  7. Hi Sam :)) Did the paper stay stuck?? I hope so! I think that will look so cozy once you're done! I can't wait to see what you do with the little dresser!!