Sunday, February 21, 2021

YOP Week #34

It has been a cozy week here on the homestead.  I don't get too much done craft wise but I try to touch all the, organizing, cooking, maintaining and crafting.  Here's what I worked on this week.......

 I had an accident with my sock #2....I was working on the heel flap which is no problem at all until I turned on the radio.  Why do I think I can pay attention to 2 things at once?  I can't so I messed up and then tried to put in an afterthought lifeline and that didn't work so I frogged it.  It's okay.  I'll start again this week.  You would think I would know after all this time that I cannot watch t.v. or  listen to the radio if I am doing any knitting other than just the knit stitch only.  Whatever is loudest gets my attention and even without any diversion sometimes my mind just goes off on it's own!  I really have to be careful and I definitely cannot do anything that requires focus when I am tired.  And to think, years ago I could multi-task with the best of them.  What happened?

On a more positive note let me show you what I was able to move forward on......I finally got my 32 half-square triangles done for Mystery Quilt Step #1 - January.  Now onto February!

I dug out my Irish cross stitch to final finish this week and pressed it............I will finish this week for sure as St. Patrick's Day is right around the corner!

I worked on my Blackbird Design piece's my Saturday project

I worked on the Star on Monday, Wednesday and Friday...........2 done 14 more to go.............loving it!

I worked on Turkey Time, a small, on Tuesday and Thursday and it's getting near the end but I am missing one color that I either need to replace with something else or order.....

I worked on Betty Glover last Sunday........and will today again...............

As for new items/haul/stash.........there are certain "rules of cross stitch" which are just for fun.  I don't know all of them but Brenda and Laura of Brenda and the Serial Starter came  up with most of them from their years of experience.  1) No pattern shall travel alone ie; never order just one pattern....2 at a minimum!  2) Buy all the Blackbird Design books 3) Always be working on a Blackbird Design 4) always have a red work sampler going.  If there are more I will let you know but these are the ones I am aware of.  There are also times when you should start new projects such as holidays and birthdays and special events.  So, I did not have a red work sampler so I ordered one and since no pattern should travel alone I also ordered some little St.Patrick's Day smalls.............these were pdfs that I was able to download from Pineberry Lane..........

 aren't these cute?
I also came upon a free quilt pattern from Temecula Quilt Co.............I won't be starting this anytime soon but I figured I'd grab it while I had the chance.  Lori Holt (Bee in My Bonnet blog) also has a tutorial on You Tube for her scrappy log cabin which I adore!  I am all about scrappy quilts.

I saved the best for last as I ordered a needlepoint kit.  I did needlepoint years ago before cross stitch.  I think first I learned crochet, then sewing, then needle point.  I saw a project on Instagram (talk about the rabbit hole of all rabbit holes!) and I fell in love with it immediately.....I did not pass go or collect  $200......I thought about it for days but I knew I had to have it.  It is coming from the UK so it might be a few weeks but when it gets here I am dropping everything to work on it!  You betcha!  Here it is a pillow 36" X 12" and it is on canvas and comes with all the wool yarns.....There is another one similar with the word Lucky but I am more Happy than Lucky so I went with this one.

It may not be everyone's cup of tea but it sure is mine!  I can't wait until it gets here!!!  I am so excited!  It will reside on my bed when it is finished.

As for the week ahead and my YOP goals....they are the following:

1.  Cut and sew more strips for crochet rag rug

2.  Cut more material for hexies

3.  Order materials needed for red work sampler and Irish smalls

4.  Start sock #2 

5.  Work on Mystery Quilt Step #2 - February

6.  Order yarn needed for Brill shawl...remember that one!  It got buried!

7.  Final Finish Irish XS

8. Work on XS in rotation

9.  Cut out hat for applique snowman

That should do it for this week.....if I get all that done I will be a happy camper!  I get my 2nd vaccine shot this Wednesday!  Happy Days!!!

I hope you are all safe and well and warm!

Happy Trails!!!




  1. Just had to look up the difference between needlepoint and cross stitch. I don't do either and with my eyesight needle work is probably not a future craft. :( I'll live vicariously thorough you. :)

    Congrats on getting the Covid vaccine. I'm not eligible until April and haven't been able to get an appointment for my hubby yet. Someday....

    1. There were 2 things in my favor...I live in a small town and I am old! LOL!

  2. I am so happy for you about getting your 2nd shot ( a little jealous too - in Canada I won't qualify until May at the earliest). I loved reading about the stitch rules - lol - get on that red one!! I too cannot do anything else when I am turning the heel on a sock. No conversations, no tv, no podcasts. And I have to finish it is one go - no putting it down and then picking it up later. Your quilting is amazing. Take care, stay warm, and remind yourself how great you are!

  3. There has to some perks for being old! LOL! GLad to hear I am not alone on the sock screwup. Plus, I just posted almost the exact same sentence as your last one to you before I ever read yours. Great minds t hing alike!

  4. I am thinking we won't qualify for Covid shots here in Ohio until fall. Everyone over 65 is on multiple lists, but there isn't any vaccine. We are 64 and unemployed and I think that makes us last.

    Every time I look at your blog I think I need more craft supplies! I haven't done needlepoint in years and years. But that pillow!!! I am in LOVE!!

  5. I'm so glad to hear you're getting your vaccine on Wednesday! A couple of weeks to build immunity and you'll be good to go Sam! I've been trying to get Dennis an appointment for over a month now with no luck. I don't qualify yet as I'm under 65 and have the wrong heart problems to be on the list. I hadn't heard those rules but they sure are fun. Love your finished Irish project, quilt squares and all of your stitcheries on the way. You make me tired. Ha! I want to have your energy when I grow up. :-)
    Take care my dear friend. I'll be praying that you have no reactions or side affects from the vaccine and feel like taking on the world afterwards.
    Blessings and love,

  6. I don't do needlepoint but I have seen your cushion advertised and I love her other things (Emily Peackock?). Might have to take up needlepoint now! You're so productive. I set out each week to achieve loads but the needs of others seem to get in the way (a distinct disadvantage of being on your own, people assume you have all the free time in the world!). I had my first jab last Thursday and now have to wait 12 weeks until the second one. Keep safe and well my friend. x

  7. You have such a great schedule for all your cross stitch pieces. Everything gets love each week. The needlepoint you ordered is precious. My mom did needlepoint but I never caught the bug. Hubby and I get our second shot on the 2nd. Looking forward to being fully vaccinated.

  8. One of my best friends has a St. Paddy's day birthday. I am always looking for gifts to make her (we have very different personal and decorative styles). I am so smitten with your St. Paddy's day cross stitches that I am inspired to learn and make her a framed gift for her birthday in 2022!! It would fit her aesthetic PERFECTLY. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the inspiration!!

  9. Yeah for getting the second shot this week! I have a target date of April 1 to go to Hobby Lobby for a really really long time! Your projects are all coming along. I always put in a lifeline...always...cause I know I will mess up when knitting!! I know you would love Mosaic Crochet...I ordered three patterns from Ravelry. I will finish my pastel scarf this week hopefully!

  10. LOL, I like all the rules of cross stitch. I'm only following one of them at the moment, though - I have a red work sampler going. I love your St. Paddy's cross stitch. So cute. And your little half triangle squares - I sure look forward to seeing what this mystery quilt looks like. I'm glad you'll get your second shot - tomorrow! This week the age for vaccines went down to 60 (which is my age bracket) and appointments are already filled up for weeks and weeks. Up until this age group the process had gone very smoothly. I'm not holding my breath that I'll get vaccinated before late spring, at the earliest now. Hopefully supply will catch up to the demand, though. Anything could happen!