Thursday, August 26, 2021

No room in the inn!!!

 Here is a video about the area I live in ...........a concentration of fools if you ask me.....I have been vaccinated but if anyone gets sick or is in an accident you're out of luck!  All the beds are being taken up by the anti-vaxers!!!  This is the hospital I would go to if I got sick but there is "no room in the inn"!  It is so sad that in the freest country in the world people are complaining that they are not free.  They have no idea what not being free means.  IMHO most of them have had it too good for too long!

I'm sorry, you'll have to copy and paste the link into a browser.  I thought you could just click on it but it's not that easy.

Here is more info on the piece from the New York Times..........

 In the video above, Alexander Stockton, a producer on the Opinion Video team, explores two of the main reasons the number of Covid cases is soaring once again in the United States: vaccine hesitancy and refusal. “It’s hard to watch the pandemic drag on as Americans refuse the vaccine in the name of freedom,” he says. Seeking understanding, Mr. Stockton travels to Mountain Home, Ark., in the Ozarks, a region with galloping contagion and — not unrelated — abysmal vaccination rates. He finds that a range of feelings and beliefs underpins the low rates — including fear, skepticism and a libertarian strain of defiance. This doubt even extends to the staff at a regional hospital, where about half of the medical personnel are not vaccinated — even while the intensive care unit is crowded with unvaccinated Covid patients fighting for their lives. Mountain Home — like the United States as a whole — is caught in a tug of war between private liberty and public health. But Mr. Stockton suggests that unless government upholds its duty to protect Americans, keeping the common good in mind, this may be a battle with no end.

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Cousin Kay said...

Awful:( When I first heard the term "mass psychosis" I thought it was nonsense, but I'm starting to believe there's something to it.

Betsy said...

Unbelievable that people are so stubborn. You need to stay well and healthy my dear Sam. Blessings, Betsy

Miss Merry said...

We went from maybe 10 cases a week to 40 cases on Tuesday and 37 on Wednesday. And people are throwing a fit that their child is not wearing a mask and no one is forcing a vaccine on them. Meanwhile I am afraid to leave my house and terrified if I need medical care.

Far Side of Fifty said...

The cases are going up all over. Wear a mask , wash your hands...stay home. Hawaii has locked down, no tourists allowed in according to a blogger I follow. WE can finally stay at home now for a few days...Medical appts are scary...I think I washed my hands 20 times yesterday:(

Becki said...

It is discouraging, but it's also discouraging that people are either unable to get, or are unaware of early treatments once diagnosed with COVID. There is some really interesting information on the subject and I find it unfathomable that we are still operating in relative darkness when it comes to COVID. We are vaccinated, and I don't feel terribly frightened by COVID at this point, but I've upgraded our masks from cloth ones to KN95's. Hopefully, we'll get a bit of a reprieve in COVID cases once people get outside more - before they head back inside once it turns cold. What a roller coaster...

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