Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Things are going pretty well...............

 On the 24th it was 2 years since my son passed away.  I had company that week so I didn't blog about it.  Sometimes it amazes me that I have come through it all but then there are days when I am right back there as if it just happened.  I  have realized that there are moments in life that you never get over.  You may seem like you're okay but all it takes is a memory or a reminder and your heart cracks open.  It never really heals over.  I have a picture I drew of my me I'm no artist...but at my age my heart looked like swiss cheese! LOL!  I guess when we live to this age there are bound to be scars from life.

A few weeks ago, right before the anniversary of his death, I was going through some VCR tapes from our family Christmas's etc.  I pulled one out of the sleeve and 2 pictures of Jim fell out.  They were his id cards from Junior High...I think he was reminding me he is still around.............

He was such a cutie and he had such a great sense of humor...he could make me and Amy laugh and when the 3 of us were together it was just a constant laugh session.  I miss him but God has given me strength and grace and I know I could have never gotten through it without him/her.  

I have been getting things done around here though....busy hands are happy hands!   I called the city and they picked up all the brush from all the trimming this past month.  I've got my grocery order in for tomorrow pickup and I made my menu for the next 2 weeks to a month.  I've been cleaning my bedroom and polishing the woodwork.  My quilting supplies come tomorrow and I have finalized my Christmas Gift list and ordered most of the supplies/gifts etc.  

There's been some great t.v. series (Netflix) that have come back since COVID stopped them last year.  One of my favorites is Virgin River which I started over again just to remind's so good!  I also watch Heartland which has ended after 215 episodes.  It seems I've been watching it for years......and I have! 

I got my Celeste Creates quilt along material in..............


I think I am going to order the gold fabric for the backing.  I can't wait to get started.

Oh, I've been stitching on the Halloween ornaments and I ran out of a particular floss so for the heck of it I tried ordering it on my Walmart order and I'll be dipped!  I was able to order it and I'll pick it up tomorrow with my groceries!  That was awesome!  Otherwise I'd have to order from 123 Stitch and it wouldn't pay to order just one floss so I would have to make it worth my while and order more.....not that it would be a bad!  I'll see if it shows up in my grocery order.  

I need to go out to the highway and get gas in the SUV now.  It's cooled off into the lower 80's.....nice!

I hope you are having good weather and enjoying yourself this summer!

Happy Trails!!! 


  1. Oh gosh, those photos look just like my sons at that age. And I think they had the same glasses, too. What a sweet faced little boy. (hugs). one day at a time.

    Love the new fabric

  2. Those photos are so sweet. He looks like such a sweet boy with just a hunt of boyish mischief. How nice he made you and Amy laugh often. Your quilting materials are pretty and I thing a gold backing would be great.

  3. It's so hard to lose someone you love, especially a son or daughter. It is such a terrible loss. I'm glad you have things to do to stay busy and you always create so many beautiful things! Take care! Sweet hugs!

  4. I know you miss Jim very much. Somedays it is hard being a Mom.
    Your fabric looks great!
    I like Virgin River also and I think Ozark has a season out now. Then I will go back to Heartland. I watched POMS the other day...a good flick!

  5. Hi Sam :) I'm so sorry you have sad moments, but I think it's very normal. Take care ♥♥♥