Sunday, August 1, 2021

YOP Week #5

 I missed 2 weeks while I had sorry but there was no time for much except cooking and washing dishes just to keep up with those boys! LOL!  I certainly had a great visit with them and my daughter.   Lots of laughter for sure!  But now I'm welcoming some creating time.

I did work on my giant granny square but you've see it enough.  Let me just say I am nearing the end as I am measuring against the last one I made.  I did finish the one washcloth but forgot to take a picture.  I also forgot to photograph the last Halloween ornament I finished.  I did get my doll and beading needles in the mail.  Unfortunately, the beading needles are just pieces of wire....not sure why they call them needles.  Here is the ornament I am working on now..........

I thought I would have a finish for you today as I was planning on finishing up my mini-quilt but I couldn't find my rotary cutter.  I ended up ordering a new one with extra blades and I ordered some plastic baskets to start sorting my fabric scraps like Lori Holt does.  She has a You Tube video where she shows you.  She is very  organized and that is what I am trying to be.  I also ordered her Farm Girl Vintage quilt book.     

Here is my little quilt that did not get finished....yet.       

This was my first time quilting using my sewing machine and I didn't even use a walking foot!  I was pretty pleased although I maybe should have used a thread color that would have blended more?
I found some green gingham fabric in my stash that I will use to make bathroom curtains.  It doesn't match the shower curtain but I think it will be's green gingham at least.and I have it in house without having to buy anything.

I made a "scrappy" binding for my mini quilt.  I've never done that before but they didn't send me enough material in the kit so I got creative.........I like it and it is already to go when I get my new rotary cutter in the mail!

I've been reading Lori Holt's blog archives and buying a few things to add to my quilt knowledge and my stash............this is a Moda All-Stars book by multiple designers and all the projects use 1, 2, or 3 Charm packs.  I have lots of Charm Packs so this will be wonderful!

I also bought some more charm must be the color for me this month............

Oh, I almost forgot to show you the Fox Scarf that I finished and that my daughter loved!  There's a tab under the fox's nose that allows you to slip the tail in so it stays around your neck.

I watch Celeste Creates podcast and she is having a QAL (quilt along) which I have joined and you can too!  It's for beginners and she just gave out the material list.  I ordered material but not for the backing yet.  I'm excited and definitely have the quilting bug!  I can't do any one thing for very long as Arthur(itis) gets irritated so it's good that I have a variety of projects.

Today, I am finalizing the Christmas Project/Gift List and ordering materials for least some  of the materials.  I'll keep you informed along with my YOP project goals.

I missed you all and hope to catch up and see what you all have been making and creating!

Happy Trails!!!


  1. I love your quilt and the scarf is darling! Glad you enjoyed your fortnight.

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  2. Lovely to see you back and I hope you had a great time with your visitors. Your makes are lovely and thanks for sharing info about the QAL. I bought some fabric to make my first quilt after being encouraged by a friend, I'll definitely check out the podcast.

  3. That scarf is adorable, good thing you finished it before Amy got there. You have the quilting bug for sure! Nice projects !

  4. Your quilt looks terrific. I'd love a picture with the fox scarf being worn. Glad you got to enjoy your grandson's and daughter. Family is always wonderful but so is peace and quiet. :)

  5. I have missed you too! So glad to hear of your wonderful family visit. My son just arrived and I am basking in his company for sure! Your quilting looks amazing and that fox scarf is just the cutest thing ever.

  6. I think the stitching on your mini quilt looks great! So cute! And that scarf - it is just adorable.

  7. So much crafty fun you have ahead with some new acquisitions, and a list for Christmas gifts! You are so productive, Sam. I just checked out Celeste Creates. I don't know if I'm up to making a quilt, but it sure is tempting to join along. I will definitely enjoy watching you make yours, and maybe tuning into Celeste's QAL videos. Have a good week!

  8. You really make those granny square blankets quick. Seem like you just stsrted it. The fox scarf turned out so cute. As did your mini quilt. How nice to fine the gingham in your fabric stash.

  9. Beautiful job on the quilt - I can't wait to see it all finished up. I'm really enjoying seeing all your quilting/sewing things!

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  11. That fox scarf is adorable!