Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Election Day 2020!!!

 I hope you all got your vote in!  I mailed mine in about a month ago.  I didn't blog yesterday as I was busy but not doing anything blog worthy just Monday chores.  We had out first frost Sunday night so I covered all my plants because there was not another frost in the forecast for the next 10 days!  Yesterday there was garbage to get out, uncover the plants, laundry, clean litter boxes, and water.  I also made my menu, grocery list and ordered the groceries.  I made a batch of sourdough pancakes  yesterday morning.  I can heat up a couple in the microwave for breakfast when I want.  They are so good!

This morning I picked up my groceries and they were out of 7-Up....can you imagine?  They also did not have one of my vitamins but that's not unusual....I usually have to order those online to be delivered.  I got everything unloaded, un-bagged in the garage, brought into the house and disinfected and put away!  Whew!  

Yesterday there was a cardinal at my bird feeder and later when I went out to take the blanket off of my beans there was a fox in my yard!  I had one on my front porch years ago but this is only the 2nd one I've seen here.  I love foxes!  That was special.  I also put some oranges and peanut butter in the feeder.  I need to order some suet too. 

I'm still getting things from my little container garden.............this might be the last........although there are still flowers and this week it will be in the 70's...so we shall see how long I can keep it going.

I kitted up my Coming to America cross stitch and I am starting it today in honor of Election Day and also for Thanksgiving and the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower arriving here.  This cross stitch is a tribute to the women of the Mayflower.

I'm all set and I love my little Pilgrim Lady needle minder!
I'll be stitching and watching the returns and I got some triscuits and cheese spread and tortilla chips and dip.....let the party begin!  

Happy Trails!!!


Becki said...

I love that cross stitch, and I look forward to watching yours grow. How fun to also get a little pilgrim needle minder. :)

Miss Merry said...

We have our last three tomatoes. They are almost as small as cherry tomatoes, but we only had one plant in a container and have been getting fruit since late June!

Betsy said...

What a cute little needle minder. I love it! How fun that you're still getting produce. I love fresh green beans from the garden.
It sounds like you had a busy day yesterday and you deserve an evening to relax.

Jeanna said...

We had a fox family living in an empty lot on our street a while ago. It was fun to watch them return after an evening of hunting.

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