Friday, November 6, 2020

Happy Friday!!!

 I've had another great day.  I'm not even sore from my fall yesterday!  I  took my walk and again it is beautiful here....Fall and Spring are beautiful in the Ozarks.  I had to change some light bulbs today in difficult places but I got it done but cut my hand on one.  I wonder what my horoscope was this month as I have had more accidents this week than I have all year!  But none are serious thank goodness. In fact, since my fall yesterday my back feels better and I didn't get so tired nor did my legs hurt on my  walk.  I think maybe the good lord put my back, back into alignment!  A miracle!  I'll see if I still feel good happy!

I worked on my hexies again..............

I also picked out the material for the next one.........

 I got 2 books in the mail.  Another Southern Sister's mystery and there's one more of these coming...

and a book I have wanted for years but wouldn't pay the high price which was $35 - $55 at one time!  I caught it on sale for $17 so I grabbed it!  I fell in love with this book when it first came out but it was so is a beautiful cook book and so is their farm in Tennessee. 

I used to have a rope swing like that...........I swung out over a big ravine and it was thrilling!  The tree and the swing are both gone now.......

I made bread dough, ordered some material and did some Christmas shopping online.  I did some general chores and that was my day.  I've been listening to the election news as it is getting close I think!   Friday's are my craft days usually so it has been relaxing and all the windows are open.  I'm taking advantage of it while I can!

Pizza is on the menu for tonight!  I hope you have an enjoyable Friday night!

Happy Trails!!!


Far Side of Fifty said...

Hi Sam So glad you weren't really sore today. That is a blessing! Fun to read different cookbooks!! Hope your Friday night is fine!

Miss Merry said...

I was worried about you after the fall. So glad to hear that you feel better today. Aren't these temperatures wonderful!

Betsy said...

I'm so glad you didn't have any after effects from the fall and even felt BETTER! Hallelujah! I am sorry about the cut on your hand though. I smacked my head on the corner of a cabinet door tonight. I thought I had shut it but apparently it didn't catch. I have a nasty headache and my neck is stiff! I'm so clumsy and it seems like if I do one thing like this, multiple accidents follow me around.
Your hexies look great and I like the new fabric you've picked out too. I would love to learn to do paper piecing but I only have so many hours in the day. The mittens are a committment that take a lot of time and so do the baby hats and blankets but I do enjoy making them.
I have a cross stitch I started last year and I need to get it out and get busy on it again. Probably after Christmas!
Take care my dear friend. No More Accidents!
Oh, and the T.V. is down here at the park so I haven't seen any news since Tuesday night. You know, I think it's a blessing. I get anxious when I listen to the news people, no matter who is ahead. It's something in their forceful voices or something. :-)
Blessings and hugs,

Becki said...

Looks like I missed a post! I'm sorry you took a spill, but I'm glad you aren't hurting. Seems like I can hurt myself just stretching these days, so Yay you!

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