Sunday, November 29, 2020

YOP Week #22


Finishing up some things.....finally!  The Frida Kahlo basket is done!  I am a little disappointed as the stiffener used is not holding the bag up as much as I would wish.  It is sagging a bit.  Oh well, I'm sure once it is stuffed with things it will stand straight.

It is a big bag!  About 14 to 15 inches on each side and the bottom.  It will hold a lot!

I'm almost done with the ornaments............I put the initials and date on each of them...

I broke out my old rag rug and sewed more strips together so I could crochet them into the rug..........I sewed a ball of red print strips together which will get crocheted into the rug today..........

I  don't have any "haul" but I did order my sock yarn for my Christmas Eve cast on.  It is called "Whoville" from the movie The Grinch.  I still have my Christmas Day project to kit up and supplies to order for my Christmas presents to me.  I have so many plans for this coming YOP!  I know we don't start until July but I think a New Year evaluation and some additions  might be in order.  Not only because of the New Year but also there is my birthday, January 4th, which is always a time for me to set my goals for the year and beyond.  So, I am gathering ideas............ 

These are cute little burp cloths for baby gifts or fancy cleaning rags! LOL!

Pretty washcloths...........

This quilt would be quite an undertaking but it is beautiful!

This coming week I am hoping to finish up all the Christmas projects, wrap everything and get it out in the mail.  There's decorating and Christmas cards and cleaning too.  For the grands this year I decided on getting them the Disney channel.  Between online learning and Covid and the long Iowa winters, I thought it would help keep their spirits lifted.  They're not big t.v. watchers and they love the outdoors but this year has been a bit different so hopefully they will like it.

That's all for this week....I'm still eating leftovers and loving it!  More time for crafting!  

Happy Trails!!!


Leftycrafter said...

Those ornaments are so adorable. I love seeing them each time you post. I thing the bag is great. Your daughter will be so happy to have it and will enjoy stuffing it full of items. You certainly have found some lovely items to consider for next year. As for YOP, it is your list to change and move around to your enjoyment. Hubby and I have Disney Plus and we love it. There is quite a bit of diversity in the types of things to watch on it. Hopefully your grands will enjoy it too. Enjoy those leftovers. I think they are better than the day of.

Maureen D said...

Love your burb clothes!! Your dishclothes are too pretty to use. I'd end up using them as hotpads under casserole dishes. I was tickled that I found some old counted cross stitch ornaments to hang with my yarn advent calendar.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Your bag and ornaments are just perfect!! You have some great new projects to tackle. I am tired of Turkey. I wish I had made a pie! :)

Kath (BackstageKnits) said...

I love the bag and the ornaments - looks like you had a great week. I'm all for reassessing what you want to work on - I definitely went into Year of Projects thinking it was a loose guide rather than a plan

HighlandHeffalump said...

I think you are right and the bag will stand upright once it has some bits and bobs in it. I do hope your grands will keep these ornaments you make each year forever. Such special gifts.

Cinna Knits said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the bag! I have a house full of baskets (many are plastic). You have inspired me to start planning a mixed media basket for my WIPs!!

Miss Merry said...

I think your idea to get them the Disney channel is a great idea. I know all my grandkids really enjoy it. I dont' understand all the options in tv viewing these days, but I know my daughter does not have "cable" but does subscribe to the Disney channel for her children.

Becki said...

Your finished Frida Kahlo bag is pretty! Yes, it will stand up straighter stuffed with stuff. A gift of the Disney Channel is a great idea. We have access to it through one of our son's accounts and my hubs has been enjoying it. He told me tonight (after I asked) if Hidden Figures is on it. It is! I know what I'm going to be watching soon!

Betsy said...

Sam, your basket is wonderful. It will hold so many of your WOP's! I love how you do ornaments every year for your family. I can imagine how much they cherish them each year.
You've chosen some great projects. That quilt is amazing! I could never make anything that intricate. Not nearly enough patience.
We got some turkey dropped off by Neal and Jenny because she had a 20 pounder and just six people. Neal doesn't even like turkey very much so she said she would end up throwing it out if we didn't take some. Gee. She didn't have to break my arm! Ha! I love turkey sandwiches. Yummy.
I hope you have a wonderful Monday my dear friend.

Breathing Life said...

You are making great progress on Christmas stitching and your idea of the Disney channel is brilliant. And now you have reminded me that it is time to get going on my Christmas Cards. I love the burp clothes - such cute material. And yay for left-overs - my favourite part of Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners for certain!

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