Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Santa's Workshop is in full swing!

 I got all my Christmas orders in yesterday finally and the list is FINAL!  I have to get things shipped by the10th because my daughter and I do the Advent Calendar.  It is the annual "Christmas Crunch"!  But I think I am doing okay this year but we'll see.  I am not making as much as I usually do so that helps.

I filled the bird bath today and they were enjoying it.  I don't fill it during the summer because of mosquitoes. Yesterday I had a very special surprise.....a scarlet tanager was at my feeder!  There's no mistaking them with their black wings and tail and red body!  They're gorgeous!  I thought they were an Eastern bird but maybe he was migrating.  They say they are not seen very often so I felt very lucky indeed!  I think it was the orange segments I put out there. 

In between Santa's workshop hours I did manage to clear out the beans in the horse trough and since I've been doing "crafting" I  have been reading on my "breaks".  I finished a couple more........this one I've had for years and it is small so I was able to read it in one day!  It's a good book to spur you on!

Then I read Yarn to Go which was a very good mystery.......this is by the same woman who writes crochet mysteries but this one is about knitting......

Now, I 'm reading this one................I  have read 43 of my 75 book challenge for this year and I have 32 books left to read.....woe is will be the 3rd year I haven't met my goal.....maybe I should lower it this coming year.

Here are some seasonal add-ons.............

Happy Trails!!!


  1. Good to see a post from you I was getting worried! You are keeping busy! :) Stay safe!

  2. Congrats on getting your Christmas completed. That bird is very pretty. I had never seen one before. Aiming for 75 books a year is big. That is 5 books a month. Impressive!

  3. I was wondering about you, too, Sam! Sounds like you were just busy. Good for you for getting your Christmas ordering done!

  4. I don't think you need to read a book on being a Go Getter! You already are one. The other two look really good too. I'll have to see if they're available on kindle. Seventy-five books is a huge amount considering how much crafting you do. I don't know how you get it all done.
    It sounds like you're doing great on Christmas preparations. I ordered a sweaters worth of yarn two weeks ago from Knit Picks to make Mandy a sweater for Christmas but it hasn't been shipped yet. I'm going to have to knit fast to get it done for her and mailed to Omaha. Yikes!
    I'm glad you posted. I was getting a bit concerned but you were just busy doing Santa work.

  5. I love that last one! It's no wonder you can't reach your reading goal - with all the crafting, gifting, purging and garden work, I'm surprised you have time to read as many as you do! I may try to find that knitting mystery - maybe it will inspire me.

  6. I love the Betty Hechtman books, too!

  7. 75 books in a year is a lot of reading! But I've always admired how much you do read, regardless of whether you make that goal.

    Good for you for getting your Christmas shopping done. I need to get on the ball!

  8. You surely are a "Go-Getter" so the book surely must be a big help. I have added it to my list of books. There's not much Christmas going on around here, yet!

  9. I used to read a couple books a week... I was taught speed-reading in junior high and so I whizzed through books at lightning speed lol. Nowadays the books are the ones the grandkids want me to read to them and I'm happy to do so. You are way ahead in the Santa game for sure! I laughed out loud as an image came to mind of turkeys sitting around looking surrepticiously at each other thinking of that wishbone LOL!!!