Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Well, I did it again!

 This time I fell on my morning walk.  I think I stepped on a rock and my ankle went out and before I knew it I was on the ground!  The palms of my hands are scraped and my forearm is sore and I scraped up my knee..............I seem to be broken anything but I think I will be taking my walk around my yard or inside my house from now on!  Now I know why people buy exercise machines!  I haven't scraped my knees since I was a kid!

I did get treasures in the mail Deer Christmas material

and she sent her card and a little treat!  It was fast delivery too.  I noticed the people on Etsy are fast!

I also received another pattern in the Prim Stitch series from Lori Holt on Fat Quarter Shop.........not sure if I will make one big picture or do them individually....I think individually.  Otherwise it would be forever before I could enjoy the fruits of my labor.

We were supposed to get rain last evening and there were really dark storm clouds but would you believe.....we never got a drop!  This happens here all the slides by just north of us.  I love those dark clouds....I think they're beautiful.  I love a good storm too but it was not to be.

Today I made my Thanksgiving menu, grocery list and ordered the groceries.  I pick them up between 10 -11 a.m.  The "at risk" pickup is between 7 - 8 a.m. but I have had a couple close calls on being blinded by the sun when I am going to pick my groceries up at that time so I felt it was "riskier" driving into the sun than choosing a later pickup time.  I'm working on the Christmas list now.  I did some laundry and that is probably it for today.  I notice my neck is hurting a bit too.  What a wreck I am but a walking wreck so that's okay.  It could have been worse!

I hope you are all safe and well!

Happy Trails!!!

P.S.  Here's my menu for Thanksgiving:

turkey breast

mashed potatoes and gravy

sweet potato casserole

24 hour salad

homemade cranberry sauce

scalloped corn

pumpkin pie with whipped cream


Becki said...

Oh Sam! I'm so sorry you fell and banged yourself up! I will say... while I prefer to walk outside, I do have an inexpensive treadmill (it was actually someone else's cast-off) and I am so glad to have it. Not only can I walk in inclement weather, but I can walk in bursts - to break up when I've been sitting too long. I'm not sure if hubs would agree to buy a new treadmill if this one bit the dust, but I sure would - if I continue to have space for one. (Now that I think about it, I better start putting some money aside for a new one someday since I can already hear hubs say, "If you pay for it!") lol You know best what your needs are. I'm just sharing my thoughts.

Diana said...

Ouchieeeee! Sure hope you heal quickly and without too much pain. Have you noticed bruises get more weird looking as we get older? LOL well mine seem to be doing that anyway. Ah, aging huh. I keep hoping we will getm rain, but it's doing the go-around lately a;; the time with us too. *sigh* I love watching and listening to thunderstorms! Be blessed, Sam!

Miss Merry said...

Oh my, I am so sorry. Thank goodness you didn't break anything. I fell in my kitchen in March and ended up with a steel plate and pins in my humorus (it's not humurous! Hopefully a warm bath and some ice will help you. Thank goodness you made it home okay. It's a long way down, isn't it!

Far Side of Fifty said...

I bet you are sore need a walking stick! Or a walker?? Nope go for the walking stick! Be careful out there!

Betsy said...

Oh no Sam! Didn't I tell you to be careful? We need to wrap you in cotton batting. I'm so sorry you hurt yourself. That scrape looks painful. I'm glad you didn't break anything but I'm really worrying about you. This isn't like you to hurt yourself so much. Is it? Have you been dizzy or anything? Maybe a doctor visit to make sure all is well? Okay. I won't lecture anymore but I WILL be praying for you my dear friend.
I also love all of your treasure that you received. So fun to get goodies in the mail. I got a back of medicine in the mail yesterday from our prescription company. Not quite as fun as yours.
Take care and be careful. Very, very, careful.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I'm so sorry your got hurt! I know it's risky to do anything inside or out! We have to slow down a bit more I guess. I like your new fabric and your menu sounds yummy. I'll be there with some fruit salad! lol Hugs!