Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Just a small post as I am really tired for some reason...........

 Remember my "slice" cleaning?  Well, I fell behind but decided that it was more important to clean out the cupboards first.  So, yesterday I cleaned out the cupboard  under the sink.  I filled a large plastic container with it all!  It's clean and today I will line it with shelf paper.  I also need some containers to make it easier to get to things.

I've been doing some armchair traveling in the evenings.  These are on You Tube   This one is a family going from Ontario to the Yukon where they will be staying in an off the grid cabin for 2 weeks.


The other one is a solo canoe trip to Northern Ontario..........


Last night I watched a father and son drive to Alaska and stop at a lot of interesting places.

Today, I am going to chop up some chicken and marinate it with Wishbone Italian dressing.  I used to make shish kabobs with chicken, mushrooms, potatoes and green and red peppers.  In the winter I would make it in a pan and bake it in the oven.  Easy and delicious either way.   


I'm not sure what is wrong today, but I am chilled, tired and I have a stomach ache.  I thought I would feel better but I don't and I have no appetite either.  I pray I didn't catch soemthing when I went to Mountain Home last week!

Happy Trails!!!


Far Side of Fifty said...

Hope you feel better soon, have a nap! :)

Leftycrafter said...

Italian dressing is such an all around good marinade. I hope you feel better tomorrow. Maybe you are just plum wore out.

Cousin Kay said...

Feel better! And rest.

Miss Merry said...

Hoping a good night's sleep will help you feel better by tomorrow. Your chicken sounds delicious and you need your appetite!

Betsy said...

You've been busy and your shish kabobs sound delicious. I sure hope you feel better when you wake up. There is so much "stuff" going around. I fell asleep twice today and Mom says she did too. That's unusual for both of us. Maybe it's something in the air!
Blessings and hugs,