Friday, October 23, 2020

A day late and a dollar short!

 I'm still a day behind on my de-clutter but I had a lot to do today and I stayed up late last night watching the  debate.  but here is October 22 Day #22  de-clutter items.....sort of ironic but they are  mostly organizing and de-cluttering books...sad but true! LOL! There are 21 books and a little planter.  Many of my books I am going to sell as they are like new.

I took my walk this morning before the rain started and the colors are really popping!


There's a lake lot across the street that evidently someone is going to be building on as they are clearing it and I can see the lake better now.  At least until they build the house.

Today I also made bread........

and I'm making Nachos Grande for supper.....

When I'm ready for supper I will pop it in the oven and then when it comes out I sprinkle it with chopped tomato and green onion.....YUM!  It's been a long time since I've had this.  I hope you had a great Friday and stay safe and well!

Happy Trails!!!


Leftycrafter said...

I am chuckling over the organizing books. Your fall colors are beautiful. The view of the lake is fabulous. Too bad a house is going to go in and block your view. Your nachos look yummy but your bread is the real winner. I love the smell homemade bread produces.

Ashlee Walker said...
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Becki said...

Ooooh boy. Those nachos look good. And clearing 21 books is great! They are sometimes my hardest thing to decide on.

Far Side of Fifty said...

The nachos look great,,,I should make them some night! You are making progress on your de cluttering!!

Miss Merry said...

You are doing a terrific job at decluttering!!

Betsy said...

Those nachos and the bread both look yummy. So do your fall colors. We didn't get to enjoy ours as everything is white! A little over 7 inches of snow at 9:00 and still snowing.
Great job on the decluttering. Is Amy feeling any better?

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