Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Day 27 of de-cluttering!!!

 I made it!  27 items and actually found more...it's amazing all the stuff that takes up real estate in our homes and has no use or value!  Astounding!  I think I just woke up from a coma or something!  Why have I been hanging on to all this junk?

Day #27 - 10 books, a pedometer, 2 hotpads(parents), a heating pad (parents), some bug netting, 12 audio tapes

I finished a few books too but I am still way behind in my Good Reads book challenge and I'm sure I won't make it again  this year.  I have too many projects and interests plus maintenance jobs around here!  I need an assistant or a maid and a butler and a gardener.  

I finished  this non-fiction about a woman who raises sheep out east.  The photography was beautiful and the book was so well written it read like  a novel.  There were also patterns and some yarn dyeing instructions.  5 stars!!!  If you like fiber arts or animals or farming, I highly recommend it!

 I also read 2 Southern Sister's murder mysteries and these are a hoot!  They make me laugh out loud!

This is the first book............

and this is the 7th book.....I know!  I can't believe I read them out of order!  That is so not like me!  What's the world coming to?
 Murder Carries a Torch....sorry they're so blurry...........

Right now I'm reading Cider with Rosie which I  had started and then put down.  It's my non-fiction and then Cane River which is historical fiction  that I've  had for years.  It was an Oprah pick which I have since given up on as usually her books are very depressing and include some kind of abuse.  But I am trying to read what I have.  I may have to order some more Anne George books though as they are so fun!

I hope you had a good day.....cold and rainy here and cozy!!!  

Happy Trails !!!


Leftycrafter said...

The Anne George books are fantastic reads. Just enough mystery with lots of laughs.

I agree, the declutter has shown me how much "stuff" I have that I do not need. It us shameful the $$$ I spent in some of the items I am getting rid of. I should have started this project about 32 years ago when we moved from PA to AZ.

Far Side of Fifty said...

You are still finding stuff!! Amazing! Stay safe!

Miss Merry said...

I love the Anne George "Southern Sisters" books. So sorry that Anne has passed and there won't be any more adventures.

Becki said...

You're gonna laugh (or at least I hope so)... in the middle of all this purging of stuff, after reading this post, I immediately went to Amazon and bought the Adventures in Yarn Farming book - what a pretty cover and yours, and others' reviews convinced me I'd enjoy it. I found it Used-Like New for about 6.50 with free shipping. At that price I figure I can purge it as soon as I read it - unless I consider it a keeper. In which case, I'm blaming you. lol

Betsy said...

Good for you in finding more things to say goodbye too. I can't believe that I haven't missed one single thing that I gave away when we sold the house. 27 FULL carloads to the thrift store. What a weight off of my shoulders. That 27 carloads doesn't count almost every stick of furniture except 1 bed and my Grandma's antiques. We gave tons of things away too, including the furniture. It's really very freeing.
I'm going to go put Adventures in Yarn Farming in my Amazon cart. I would love to get the mysteries too but there in no room here in the trailer.

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