Thursday, October 15, 2020

Throwing Out Thursday!

 Moving right along!  I have 3 garbage bags full as of this post!  This is Day 15 and this is what is leaving my house..........Here we have 1 pair of jeans, 3 blouses, 1 sweater, a dog harness, a dishcloth, a pan scrubber, 2 books on tape, a duffle bag, a plant pot, a hair squigee(?), a plastic file, and another glasses case.

The more items per day does take longer but it is such a good feeling to get these bags corraled in my basement so at least I can see some progress and when I can once again go to Good Will I will be ready!!!

Here is the wonderful mulch I have been talking about.  I went outside and took a picture of it......

It rained this morning but I took my walk after it stopped.  It's cooled down, no hummers and the leaves are really starting to change color and drop.  No more 80 degree days either....more like 60's now which is just what I like!

Happy Trails!!!



Far Side of Fifty said...

Pretty colored mulch! That will keep you busy! :) S flakes in the air today:(

Miss Merry said...

That's going to be a project! We are in the 50's and rainy the next few days, but by next week will be in the 70's.

Leigh said...

Those colored mulches are really pretty.

Becki said...

Another fine day of decluttering, Sam. :)

Leftycrafter said...

A great bunch of "stuff " to remove from your home. Love the color of your mulch. I am envious of your cool weather.

Betsy said...

Great job on the garbage full of donations. Whoo-hoo! You're on a roll Sam.
Answering your question regarding the skirting on the RV. It is attached to the trailer with grommets on the bottom to drive stakes through to hold it down. Since we're on concrete we can't do that so we have put 4 sandbags in each corner and patio bricks around the perimeter inside weighing it down so it won't blow. It has a zippered doorway in one place where we can get access to the underside of the trailer. We have all of our patio furniture stored under there. We had 60 mph winds on Tuesday and it didn't blow at all! We're still thinking about putting some cheap styrofoam around the inside of the skirt to provided even more insulation for when it gets below zero. I am a bit nervous about wintering in here but I'm trying to look on it as an adventure.
Take care my friend.

Between Me and You said...

Well done you. Your breaking the back of your decluttering. Think of all that extra space you're creating!Have a good and restful weekend.

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