Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Day #28 of De-Cluttering!!!

 I did  it again!  I can't believe I am letting go of so much!  It feels so good and I'm sure my children will appreciate it when the time comes! LOL!  

Day #28 - 16 audio tapes, 2 bandanas and 10 picnic table napkins............tada! 

In putting up my Halloween decorations I found the last Halloween card Jim sent me.....I am so grateful I did not get rid of that!

This sign I got last year at the Dollar guessed it.....for $ the vintageness!              

Here are some things I've been looking at and thinking about besides the usual craft and candle supplies...this is the IRobot vacuum and wash robot and it can even get behind toilets! PTL!  It's about $200....I hope Santa is listening!

Then there are lightweight miniature tools made just for me!!!  A cute little circular saw.........there are several that run between $70 and on up...........there's miniature chain saws too!  All cordless, of course.

Then there's this budget friendly and very highly rated Shark Vacmop for $78!  This would make  a great Christmas present for...let's see.....EVERYONE!!!  It vacuums first and then it mops....oh, you have to operate it but all the reviews I read raved about it!  I have a Shark vacuum and I love that thing! 

So, I guess I'm starting to think about Christmas and also anything that will make my life easier!

It's rainy and cold again....I think the sun returns Friday but I did manage to get my walk in this morning in between showers.  

I gathered up some yarn and a crochet hook....I watched some Lori Holt You Tube tutorials and now I have the crochet bug....uh oh!  I hope you are cozy wherever you are and enjoying life!  Stay safe and stay well!

Happy Trails!!!


Leftycrafter said...

How nice to have the card from your son. And the dollar store sign is so cool. Very vintage looking. Good job on the declutter today. You have found some great gift ideas. Hopefully Santa is listening to you.

Becki said...

Oh Sam, I'm so glad you uncovered the card from your son. And a fun one, too. Did he draw the pumpkin and flying birds inside? Good going on the decluttering challenge. You have done great!

Betsy said...

Oh, I'm SO glad you still have the card. I'll bet you were so happy to see it again. What a cute sign too.
I have a shark vacuum cleaner, in fact two of them. I have one in the trailer and one is in storage from the house. I just love them. I also have a shark mop similar to the one you show. I used it on our tile floors. I kept it too for someday when I have a house again.
That robot vacuum/mopping thing would be wonderful to have in a house too.
Have a great evening Sam.

Far Side of Fifty said...

We have the robot vacuum it does a great job. I have a stem mop for the floor when I don't feel like getting down an on hands and knees to wash floors. You could make masks out of those bandanas:) said...

Yes, he was quite the artist!

Rain said...

Hi Sam :)) I love Jim's card! :) Halloween, the best of the year for me...I hope you have a fun one and eat lots of goodies! :) Congrats on the decluttering!