Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Amy's test was negative!!!

 I'm too tired to de-clutter today.  I went and did my grocery pickup at Walmart, unloaded, disinfected, and put them all away.  Amy called last night and was going to work today but is still very tired and her muscles ache.  I'm wondering if she has fibromyalgia.  I'm not a doctor but I play one on t.v. 

I changed my sheets and I am toast.  Emotions can be exhausting.  I still don't know how Sam is feeling today.  I'm sure she'll call me tonight.  I felt terrible that she had to go to work when she doesn't feel any better.  This is just an update and hopefully tomorrow I will catch up with you all again and my de-cluttering.

Happy Trails!!!  


Leftycrafter said...

PTL. So glad she does not have it.

Cousin Kay said...

Good news on the negative covid.

Miss Merry said...

Whew. A little good news! Hopefully everyone feels better tomorrow. Stress is not good either.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Good news, I am so happy she doesn't have it. What a relief for you!

Betsy said...

Hallelujah! I'm so glad to see this news. I've been praying for her and Sam. I hope she's feeling much better by tomorrow and you get some rest tonight.
Blessings and a big hug,

Between Me and You said...

Relief all round on negative results. You played a doctor on tv??Intrigued. Sleepless nights and stress can be a real setback so no wonder you were 'toast' after the night you had. I'm finding the supermarket shopping to be such a chore nowadays. This morning, our National Clinical Director has been on the radio telling us to prepare for a 'digital Christmas'! I don't even want to think about the connotations of that one!!Happy Thursday to you. xx

Becki said...

So glad Amy tested negative! I can imagine the relief that is for all of you.

Rain said...

Hi Sam :) I agree that emotions can be exhausting, hope you can rest well. I'm happy to hear that your friend's test is negative. How scary!

Susan said...

What a relief! Covid is such a scary thing and teachers are on the front line. I'm so glad she is okay. said...

That was a joke....I have never played a doctor anywhere! LOL!

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