Thursday, October 22, 2020

Trying to catch up!

 Okay, now I'm behind a day in the are the 21 items from yesterday.  BTW, thank you all for your prayers for Amy and her obviously worked along with all the prayers from her church and her fellow teachers and co-workers!  I'm feeling more energized today and slept really well last night!

Okay, there is bird netting, a car window brush, a car grocery holder (the red thing), a license plate holder, 2 audio tapes, 3 books, an umbrella, a funnel, 5 ashtrays, a key board, a mouse, a hand carved armadillo I got in I live with them here in AR and I don't like them!  An air pump hose, and a cat toy.  Ta Da!

I did some laundry, cleaned Miss Peeps litter box.  Took some bags of de-cluttered items to the basement and took a bath and did my nails.  That was about it.  Tomorrow it's supposed to rain/storm so I'll be cooking and tonight is the last debate at  7:00 p.m. so I'll probably be staying up past my bedtime.  I hope you are all doing well and staying safe! 

Happy Trails!!!


Becki said...

So glad you're feeling better too, Sam! Some interesting stuff here. And I'm reminded to go through bags in my car. I know I have too many bags...

Betsy said...

Glad things are looking up at your house. I would take that umbrella off of your hands if we were closer. Mine is plumb worn out and since I'm walking Chloe several times a day now, (since we no longer have a doggy door/yard,) rain or shine, I could use a new one! However, tomorrow 6 inches of snow is forecast so maybe I'm too late this season for a "bumbershoot" as my Mom called umbrellas!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

We keep small umbrellas in every door of the truck. That way when it is raining, we have one right where we need it. They came in handy one year we vacationed in TN.