Sunday, October 11, 2020

YOP Week #15


I missed last week.  I have been extremely tired and not sure why but I'm thinking it is the change of seasons and trying to get so much done outside.  I do have some finishes though as I had to put some projects aside in order to do the 2020 Collectible Halloween ornaments for the grands!  They still have to be final finished but they turned out good........I put the year and their initials on them......

The Brill shawl is coming along although I usually only get 2 rows done in an evening.  I'm also wondering if there is enough's not looking like it................we shall see!

I worked on my Blackbird Design's project yesterday............

and of course When Witches Go main Halloween project for this year........which I love and love working on.........

No treasures this week but I'm not sure if I shared these treasures when they came in........this a Blackbird Designs quilt book and there is also some wool applique in it..........I love all their designs......

This is my non-fiction book that I am reading right now and truly enjoying.  The pictures are wonderful and the documenting of the seasons on her "yarn farm" are inspiring and informative.  I highly recommend.  There's also some patterns in it too!

This last book is a book on samplers that Kitten Stitcher recommended and it was very interesting and I learned about the different types of samplers.  I am really obsessed with samplers lately...a giant rabbit hole! LOL!  BTW all these books were purchased from Thrift Books.

That's all for this week.  I did join in Becki's Minimalist Challenge but I am way behind!  Today I will be catching up so tune in tomorrow to see ALL the stuff I am getting rid of!  

Happy Trails!!!


Lucy Bowen said...

I missed last week too! Maybe it is the changing season together with an exceptional year? Your projects as always are splendid and I can see why you are enjoying the witches cross stitch.

Leftycrafter said...

I love those little ornaments for your grandsons. How large is the Brill shawl supposed to be? Is it more of a shawlette? I hope you have enough yarn for it. Your witches sampler is working up quickly. I love samplers too. Once I get the cross stitch done I have right now, I want to do some samplers.

Becki said...

The stitches on your Brill Shawl are perfect looking. I looked up the pattern - what a sweet wrap that is. Your books look really good. I don't know if I've told you this before, but I often find myself wanting to order the books you're reading. Today is no exception. ;^)

Far Side of Fifty said...

Yes Fall work is exhausting. Your Halloween finish for your Grands is great! The flu shot has me tired...did you get yours yet? :) Maybe you said and I forgot since I am old!

Betsy said...

That Brill shawl is a LOT of stitches per row so two rows is doing very well in my opinion Sam.
I love the ornaments you've made for the boys. I know they'll appreciate the love and hard work you put into them.
My arm finally stopped hurting yesterday from the flu shot I got last Tuesday! It was a doozy this year. I think maybe I got the big dose one based on how lousy I felt.

Maureen D said...

Your books are beautiful. I'm bad about buying knitting books and then never opening them. Fortunately I buy most from our library's used book sales. But I have my new Cocoknits book sitting on my coffee table so hopefully I'll actually read it!!

lovestoSwatch said...

really cute stitching! What fabric do you use as background? It seems different across projects (you can tell I know nothing about embroidery!)

Breathing Life said...

For someone who is tired you are certainly getting lots of stitching done. I am going to look into reading that book - it sounds wonderful.

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