Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Willpower Wednesday!!!

 It's been a busy day and there's still more to do.  My mulch arrived last night at 8:00 p.m. and Ken, the truck driver called when he was about 15 minutes away.  I went out this morning and it was 10 bags of mulch in 2 huge boxes, wrapped in black plastic and  on a wooden pallet.  I was going to take a walk this morning but getting the mulch all unpacked was major excercise especially lifting those 10 bags! I stored the pallet and boxes in the garage until garbage day.  The pallet I'll keep.  It will be perfect for repairing my shed door.  I did get rid of 12, 13, and 14 items today so I am all caught up!

Day #12 October 12th - 5 National Geographic magazines, 5 books, a plant pot and a dishcloth

Day #13 - October 13th - 5 books, salt & pepper shakers, a fancy dog collar/scarf, a purse, a pair of socks, a hoodie, a pair of shoes, some fencing and 2 little jars.

Day #14 October 14th - at the top left are my great old canoeing pants; they dry in a flash and the legs zip off as it gets hotter during the day and you're left with shorts on!  I loved those pants and I loved canoeing!  There are 2 tank tops, a book, a National Geographic magazine, an audio tape, a metal holder of some kind, an odd plate, a dog collar another pair of socks. an apple pillow, a dream catcher, a disposable camera and a horse picture (collage) in a frame. 

This is really awesome as I am having no trouble finding lots of  things to get rid of....I may do this next month too! LOL!  I could probably do it for a year and still not run out of things!

I think my hummers are finally gone...the last time I saw them was on the 12th.  I have to wait a few more days and then register the date with the hummingbird organization that keeps track of when they leave and when they come back all over the U.S.

I did get more tomatoes and beans......not bad for container gardening

I also paid bills today and had to report a scam to my propane company.  I got a bill from a collection agency for over $500 with my propane account number on it and I don't owe them any money!  They are looking into it.  Scammers!  They're everywhere!

I hope you are enjoying these Fall is just gorgeous here except it's been windy and there are now fire danger warnings.  Stay safe and stay well!

Happy Trails!!!


Leftycrafter said...

Those tomatoes look scrumptious. More BLTs, yes? Good job on catching up on the declutter. I know I could do this every month for over a year and still find things to remove from the house. It's what happens when a person lives somewhere for over 30 years.

Miss Merry said...

I bought a potted tomato plant in late May just for fun. We have been getting several tomatoes a week since mid-June and still have some on the vine. Best $12 I ever spent! Gosh, I hate those scammers.

Far Side of Fifty said...

You are making great progress! I should try it! :)

Becki said...

Wow, your tomatoes looks wonderful, Sam. I've never been successful at growing tomatoes in a container. I don't know if it's our climate, or the soil, or just me not knowing how to do it. I am so impressed that you got all caught up with the 30 Day Minimalism Challenge!

Betsy said...

You're doing a great job getting rid of things. I'm amazed at what you've grown in containers. Maybe I should try it next year.

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Diana said...

Those tomatoes and beans look amazing! Great job on those!! I keep watching for you to find the partridge in the pear tree to declutter lol! (KIDDING LOL)