Tuesday, October 6, 2020

The most wonderful time of the year!

 I have been trying to get "all the things done" while the weather is nice but I know I won't get it all done.  My mulch has not arrived and it was supposed to arrive Friday.  There's no tracking for some reason and I can't seem to contact anyone....woe is me!  The tomatoes are coming in.....all 10 of them...lol!  But I will enjoy them and have some BLT's for sure!  I have Roma's and I'm not sure what the big one is.

I went to mail something the other day and there was a stick bug on the flag!  They are so amazing.

Monday we had a near freeze.....35 F............but now it's going back into the high 70's low 80's during the day and 40's at night..........so no REAL freeze yet......I did bring in my house plants and the herbs except the basil.........the houseplants did really well outside this summer.

I brought in my rosemary, thyme and cilantro too.  It's been chilly in the morning so after I make the bed Miss Peeps climbs  under the covers..........LOL!

I joined Becki's (Field Lilies) minimalist de-cluttering where you start October 1st and every day you get rid of that number of things.  After I joined I realized you couldn't count things you were throwing out...well, bummer because that is a big part of mine.  So, I'm just doing it my way....lol!  For October 1st I got rid of the doorknob that broke and all the pieces...........

Today was the twice yearly "junk day" where the garbage people will pick up anything so I got rid of an old T.V. box (huge) and an old sump pump.  I have no pictures of those but that's October 2nd.  I'm behind so I will have to catch up but that's a start anyway. 

Monday was Book Date and I'm behind on that too but here's my status on my reading..........I have read 36 of 75 books and I am 21 books behind schedule.  I did finish a book.......a non-fiction book on Samplers and I learned some things!

I'm still reading Nancy Drew's Mysterious Letter but I'm almost done.........unfortunately Thrift Books had no more Nancy Drew books available.........I may have to order new ones

 For my non-fiction I am reading Adventures in Yarn Farming and it is very good and there are beautiful photographs too

Since I couldn't get anymore Nancy Drew books I got the 2nd book in the Kopp Sister's mystery series which is really historical fiction as it is based on a real person and events.  I'll start it after I finish Nancy Drew's Mysterious Letter.

Yesterday I made my menu and grocery list and ordered groceries.  I picked them up this morning and they are all disinfected and put away except produce which still needs to be done and is out in the garage.

Here's my menu for the next couple weeks or more........

For breakfast's I rotate among the following:

coco wheats

egg mcmuffin (homemade)

sourdough pancakes

and this week I'll be making an old recipe; Swedish Puff Pastry 

and a new recipe; chocolate orange over-night oats

plus I got some non-dairy yogurt

I don't always eat "lunch" per se but I do like an afternoon snack or something so here they are

egg salad on my homemade bread toasted

tuna salad on an English muffin with cheese and tomato open faced and put under the broiler

basil and tomato salad with mozarella


homemade crackers

falafel and dip 

cheese straws

apple slices with peanut butter

For suppers I'm making

Far Side of 50's Rigatoni Hotdish....she posted about it and it sounded so good!

Linguini, broccoli and pasta with pinenuts and feta cheese

Mditerranean roasted vegetables

For desserts...again, trying to eat healthier except for the Fall items

apple cider doughnuts (homemade)

caramel apples (homemade)

Bliss Balls

I think that's about it.....you're all caught up for the most part!

Happy Trails!!!


Becki said...

Seeing Miss Peeps under the afghan is so cute. Sometimes I wish I had a kitty - for the company and the entertainment.

Say... I just want to say, there is no rule that you can't count stuff you throw away. I simple decided that I wouldn't count stuff I throw away as a matter of course - like empty bread wrappers, or burnt out light bulbs... any number of things like that. OTOH, if (just for example) I had been saving empty bread wrappers and decided it was time to toss them, you bet I'd count them. This challenge is as much about having a shift in one's thinking about things (and why we hang onto them) as it about decluttering itself. Honestly, I think the brain-change is the best thing about doing a challenge like this. For me, anyway. :)

Becki said...

And to be especially clear - I have most definitely thrown some things away that I've shown in my daily posts. I just don't always mention what happens to the stuff that leaves my house. If I think it's helpful to mention it, I do - like today. But most of the time I just quietly either toss or donate (or in an upcoming case, I'm mailing some items off to someone) and publish my post.

Leftycrafter said...

Those tomatoes look so good. They will be wonderful on a BLT. Your houseplants look quite healthy. They really liked all that fresh air they got this summer. I see Becki already told you about the non-existent rules for this challenge. I too, am finding plenty of items to donate or give away at this point. It might get to the point towards the end of the month there will be trash treasures. Then again, maybe not. I am trying to not get to that point. I KNOW there are plenty of other items in my house that others could use.

Betsy said...

Miss Peeps reminds me of our sweet kittie George who's been gone for over 10 years. He loved to do that, especially when I was trying to change the sheets!
The tomatoes look delicous and I'm really proud of you in getting rid of things. I haven't missed one thing that we got rid of when we moved, (so far). :-)
Your menu sounds delicious. I think it's great that you cook so well for yourself. I think I would tend to eat junk if it were just me.
Take care my friend.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Your challenge sounds like a good one...good luck with it. You will like the Rigatoni Hotdish...we sure did.
Imagine my surprise today when I got a very special package in the mail...you are ever so sweet and I will wear it this winter!!! Thank you!
Your tomatoes look great ours froze:( But we enjoyed them:)

Mama Pea said...

You deserve boat loads of credit for being so good about preparing good, nutritious meals for yourself. I fear that if I were cooking for myself alone . . . well, let's just say I'd be very tempted to live (not well) on potato chips and ice cream!

www.self-sufficientsam.blogspot.com said...

Thank you for your blessing because to be honest,,,even throwing things out is a test for me. Like that sump pump that has been sitting in the basement for years and the T.V. box when the t.v. is long gone! LOL!

www.self-sufficientsam.blogspot.com said...

You and Becki are so good about de-cluttering!

www.self-sufficientsam.blogspot.com said...

Well, there;s no one to take care of me if I get sick so I need to take good care of myself and stay as healthy as possible plus, I love fruits and vegetables and I've not crazy about meat except bacon. LOL!

www.self-sufficientsam.blogspot.com said...

I'm already behind on the challenge! LOL! I'm sorry I was so late for your birthday but this way it was a surprise! I figured you need that warm stuff more than I do down here. It is acrylic so it's washable and dryable.

www.self-sufficientsam.blogspot.com said...

Oh, don't get me wrong....on holidays that is exactly what I do! Bring on the chips and dip and ice cream etc. Just holidays though.

Rain said...

OMG Sam I've never seen a stick bug, how neat!!! Enjoy those precious tomatoes! :) Good for you for decluttering. I'm going to be going through that myself this month, but I can't follow a schedule. We're still living in boxes and I can't wait to get rid of stuff!