Monday, October 26, 2020

Day #26 of de-cluttering

 This is starting to get a bit hard.  I know I still have things but the amount takes more time and I have other things to get done.....hopefully I can make it to the end of October!

Today there were 16 books, some paper plates, plastic utensils, 2 packages of holiday napkins, 2 badges, a carbiner, a Christmas towel, some adhesive tape on a roll, and a cosmetic bag.  TaDa!!!

I got the grands packages off in the mail today.  My mailman, Phil, picks them up for nice!  I also froze the rest of the taco meat and make Fat Flushing Soup which is tasty and healthy.  I just put the spinach in to wilt.  It was a great day for it since it is cold and rainy and cozy!

I's off to get my jammies on and eat supper and watch some t.v.  The Bears are playing tonight but I can't watch it as I don't have satellite.  It wasn't worth $25 a month to watch a few games.  I miss watching football  though.  I hope you are warm and safe and cozy!

Happy Trails!!!


Leftycrafter said...

It is getting harder to find items. You are doing quite well though. Glad you got the grand kids package off too.

Becki said...

You know... While you were spending some days early on catching up, Marsha and I were probably finding ourselves ahead of the game. It has definitely felt harder on the days when I've started from scratch (as opposed to having a pile of things already pulled out to create a post with). I think I only have two days this week (Thursday & Friday) I haven't a clue what I'm going to get rid of. I'll probably spend a little time tomorrow and Wednesday going through some areas I haven't tackled.

Far Side of Fifty said...

You can do it...but there is a number of big days left! I saw on the weather map that you will get real may even snow...:)

Leigh said...

You have definitely been a busy beaver with the de-cluttering project! I know you'll feel wonderful when it's over. :)

Hill Top Post said...

It was a cold, rainy day here too. But, I love that kind of day. I only got out to take my walk. I will have to read back to find the rules for your decluttering project. I may have to start my own!

Susan said...

Not much longer! Just think of how nice it will be to have so many less things. Oh, those lucky grands! We are facing a real drop in temperature on Friday night, so I am getting the first fire in the fireplace ready to light. I love cozy!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I just got your book recommendation! Thanks! I'll check out that series. Hope you're having a good day! Oh...I made nachos last night and thought of you! heehee! Hugs!

Betsy said...

Are you going to continue the decluttering into November? I can understand how these big days are getting harder. I admire you though in keeping at it.

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